Love at a distance Is it possible that it works? – Practical tips

Do you have a long distance love and would you like it to work? You have come to the right place. Next, we will tell you everything you need to know about it and we will provide you with some tips and tools so that you can put into practice.

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings we can experience. But what happens when there is a great distance that separates us from our soul mate? Not all couples can survive for long in this way . However, if this is the case for you, you can make it work.

Surely you are wondering how this can be possible, because you cannot hug, kiss or touch that person you love so much. Well, then, we will reveal some tricks and secrets to make that love at a distance work.

First of all, you should keep in mind that there are many types of relationships: formal and informal, open and closed relationships, monogamous, polygamous, swinger, etc … And there are long distance relationships. Surely you are familiar with them since it is a very shared concept in the world.

However, many still have doubts about whether a long distance love actually works. How can you maintain a relationship with someone you don’t see often? Find out here.

What is love at a distance and how does it work?

Long-distance love encompasses all those relationships where those involved are many miles apart . Also, they don’t see each other very often or not at all, and the only means of communication is through technology. It may sound strange, but today many people have long distance relationships from the most remote parts of the world.

Despite the fact that a long distance relationship is increasingly common, it is not very well regarded. It is that there is always the question of whether they can be happy and above all faithful despite little or no physical contact, moments of intimacy, kisses, caresses, etc. Therefore, it is normal for them to wonder how to strengthen a relationship with a person who is hundreds of miles away.

As a consequence, so many doubts and few answers and certainties make jealousy frequent in a distant love. Because what assures you that your partner is not cheating on you? How can I know if he is really committed to me and only to me?

These doubts are mostly the main reasons why they do not usually last long. They are almost always short loves. Especially if they immediately start out being a long-distance love and never actually had time together.

Relationships that were born through social networks and the Internet do not usually work. At first, everything seems like a romance movie, but as the days go by, both of you will need physical stimuli, moments of intimacy, complicity and carnal desire to be able to advance in the relationship.

How to cope with a stable long-distance relationship

Now comes the great unknown, how do we cope with a stable relationship with a partner and at a distance? It’s healthy? Is it true that love can do everything? Obviously, if it is possible to have a love at a distance. The question would really be how to best manage it.

Well, first of all, we must clarify that a distant love works in the same way as any other stable relationship. Therefore, it is normal for there to be conflicts, arguments and even momentary insecurities or jealousy.

A love at a distance is not for everyone, as it is necessary that both be mature, emotionally stable, self-confident and resilient people. Otherwise, the distance that separates them and the little time they spend together will be two factors that will influence negatively.

In this way, for any relationship to work, the first thing they must do is commit . It is important that both of you are committed to being romantically involved with someone hundreds of miles away.

The honesty, respect and good communication are the three pillars keys of any relationship, even at a distance love. They will also need to talk about it before starting to make things clear. In this way, they can avoid many conflicts, jealousy and insecurities in the future.

For example, they can establish clear guidelines about exclusivity with the partner due to remoteness. Or they may agree that it is not necessary for them to close down to meet other people.

You also both need to commit and strive to see each other as often as possible. Even something that is extremely important is to make it clear whether or not there is the possibility of shortening the distance at some point and permanently.

Once you have both spoken clearly and honestly about what you want and what you expect from the other person, you can decide whether or not to continue. Analyze carefully what are the reasons for the distancing (work, academic, economic, etc.) to be able to think clearly how they will continue in the future.

Is long distance love lasting?

As we told you in the previous section, like any other type of love , long distance relationships can work. It will only depend on whether they both commit themselves to ensuring that everything runs smoothly and smoothly or not . Despite the fact that this requires maximum effort and daily dedication.

For example, if in a conventional relationship the couple has to be given a certain amount of attention per day, when you are in a long distance relationship this time doubles or even triples. In addition, respect and trust must come first of all, since if one of the two fails and betrays the trust of the other, the whole relationship will end.

It is worth mentioning that a long distance love is more likely to work if that love started in a traditional way. And then, for different reasons, they both had to part ways. Be it a move, some job or unforeseen trip.

They have already had some time to share moments of intimacy and complicity, both physically and emotionally. Therefore, they are already clear if they are compatible enough to try a long-distance relationship and see if “love can do everything.”

As said before, maturity and good emotional stability will be key for this to work. Because if we are not prepared to endure this type of relationship, they will fail sooner than they had planned. You have to be aware that for some time:

  • You will not feel the caresses, hugs or physical love.
  • You will continue to be alone throughout the day and night.
  • Messages and calls will be limited to times when both are idle. 
  • Not every day it will be possible to talk, even for a moment.
  • You may feel jealous when you see him dating a group of friends that includes girls.
  • You will never be 100% certain if everything he tells you is always true or false and you have no choice but to take his word for it.

Advantages and disadvantages of long-distance love

All the experiences that we live are good and they help us to learn and to grow. Even the bad experiences or those that are not so pleasant. Do you think there is nothing good in a long distance love? Well, you might find out that it does.

Next, we will show you what are the main advantages and disadvantages of having a long distance love.

Advantages of a long distance relationship

  • They learn to improve respect and trust.
  • They know each other much better than in person , either talking on Skype or WhatsApp and they are not distracted by trifles.
  • They become more confident about what they want in their relationship.
  • They come to a conclusion about whether or not they really want to be together.
  • Caring and love are reinforced by respecting each other.
  • Create a good foundation for a happy and long-lasting future marriage.
  • Since you can’t see him often, the desire to spend time with him will grow as the days go by.
  • There is no monotony or feeling of routine, because every day is different.
  • You have much more time to dedicate to yourself and do everything that you love.
  • The time you spend together, be it with a call or a visit, you will make the most of it as if it were the last minute.
  • Passion remains almost intact , as emotions are running high.

Disadvantages of a long-distance relationship

  • They will not have any type of physical contact, something that is undoubtedly one of the most negative aspects of all.
  • They will only speak very little, as communication channels are limited.
  • Jealousy and many conflicts can arise due to the uncertainty of not knowing if the other person really loves you.
  • Sometimes it causes stress by being aware of the calendar all the time planning the next meeting.
  • It gives rise to infidelities , which is why they tend to be more recurrent than in another type of relationship.
  • It is difficult to always miss the person you love and is hundreds of miles away.

Tips for making long-distance love work

We have already told you about what it is, how to cope in the best way and what are the advantages and disadvantages of a long-distance love. If you want your long-distance relationship to work and have a happy ending, then follow these tips .

Have good communication

As we told you at the beginning, good communication is key to any type of relationship. It forms one of the most important pillars along with respect.

In this case, it will be very important to know what are the schedules that each one has free and the changes that arise. In this way, they can be organized to coincide at some point of the day .

In a long distance love, calls, video calls and messages are the only possible means to communicate. Therefore, it will be necessary for them to keep in touch whenever possible.

A good idea may be to organize with your partner to watch a movie or have dinner together through a video call. You can even go for a walk in a park and show him everything you see while talking.

Be very careful with this so as not to fall into excessive communication, not recommended at all. You don’t need to communicate 12 hours a day for a long distance love to work. The truth is that you will only get both of them to end up getting tired and not wanting to continue.

Control emotions

If you want a long distance love to succeed, you must learn to control emotions. It is best if you have a positive attitude whenever possible. Yes, we already know, many times this will not be possible, because you miss too much.

However, make sure that all those lows don’t last too long. Otherwise, you will start to see everything in a negative way , that there is no future, that it is best to finish, etc.

Remember that this bitter feeling of loneliness has a much greater reward and that it is at the end. When you feel sad, think that you have someone to love and that someone is a reciprocated love. You have someone who cares about you despite the distance that separates you.

Value the loved one

That there are several kilometers of distance that are separating them is not a reason to value the person you love less. One way to do this is by avoiding all those situations that can generate doubts and insecurities.

Do not take lightly those times when your partner tells you that they are jealous or insecure. Remember that you are both in a situation where you do not have absolute control and there is no certainty of anything.

Evaluate all the situations that can lead to infidelity and avoid them at all costs. Think that you would not like to feel insecure and that your partner does nothing about it to give you some security and confidence.

Trust more and control jealousy, if you have

In order to control jealousy and trust your partner more, three things will be necessary: ​​respect, good communication and honesty above all things.

Speak honestly and clearly about your feelings, doubts, insecurities, fears, etc. It will be useless to keep everything that is happening to you and you will only get it to chase you wherever you go. Also, empathy in your partner is important and you don’t need to deal with all that weight on your own.

In fact, most long- distance failures happen because neither of you knew how to deal with the problem at the time. Almost all of them, they waited until it was too late, where the only possible solution was to put an end to it.

Plan meetings as often as possible

Something that will always happen is that it is impossible to have a love at a distance for life. If you want to have a happy ending, you must consider the idea that at some point you will establish a conventional relationship.

As long as they have to stay apart, they can plan meetings as often as possible . This will help you release all the tension of not being together every day.

As the relationship progresses over time and you get to know each other more, talk about what do you want in the medium and short term? Is there any possibility of definitively closing that distance at some point? Is there a future together for you?

Don’t let the spark of love go out

The truth is that technology currently helps us to be closer to the people we love and to shorten the distance, at least for a little while. So let’s use this tool to our advantage.

To keep that spark of love and passion burning , use all possible means of communication to send erotic and risque messages. Even if you are one of the most daring, you can send him a photo or video.

Only the imagination of each of you will be enough to release a little (or a lot) of tension until your next meeting.

So far we come with this super complete guide on how to make a long distance love work . We hope that it has been useful to you and that you can put into practice all the tips that we have shared with you.