What are the signs that your ex wants to get back with you?

Today we are going to talk once more about love and relationships. More precisely, about all the signs that your ex wants to get back with you.

Who has not fallen deeply in love with someone with whom in the end it did not work out? If it has ever happened to you, surely you ask yourself questions like does that boy miss me or does he still miss me? How do I know if my ex still thinks of me and wants to get back with me?

Well, it is completely normal to have this type of doubt after a time of separation and estrangement. Especially when with that person you had everything . And by this I mean a unique love and a unique connection. So the breakup undoubtedly had to be painful for both of them thus leaving a deep mark on their hearts.

If you are noticing very suspicious attitudes and you want to find out, keep reading to identify these signs. We tell you how to know if that boy misses you, or if that couple really misses you to return with you.

How to be sure if your ex still loves you

To know if that love that was not misses you , you will have to pay attention to the signs that your ex wants to get back with you. It should be noted that there are some clear, direct and blunt indications that they can give us.

The first thing we will have to look at to know if your ex wants to get back with you will be the attitude he has. This undoubtedly shows a lot about a person’s intentions. In how he runs and how he behaves when he is with you or not.

For example, it may happen to you that by chance you will be anywhere and he will be there . Also, they may show off their life on social media or in front of friends they have in common and make sure you know it. Another clear sign that your ex wants to get back with you and misses you is that he is still single, even after a long time after his breakup.

You can also do small actions that prove it both directly and indirectly. For example, start talking to you by little excuses. He will tell you something like you help him download music through Telegram or something else without much sense.

Basically what you have to look at will be their attitudes, gestures and actions . In order to be able to identify the signs that your ex wants to get back with you.

These are the main signs that your ex wants to be with you again

Regardless of the fact that there are attitudes and actions that show us that an ex wants to return, there are more specific signs that will help you identify this fact in a more precise way. Among them, we can mention the following:

Find excuses to talk to you

As we told you in the previous section, any excuse is valid to talk to you. Whether he has something important to say to you or not, he will not pass up any opportunity to see you.

It is that his objective is to be able to continue being in contact with you, in the way that is possible. Whenever he can, he will find an excuse to write to you, call you, or simply visit you. Even if it is the most ridiculous and insignificant pretext.

If you notice that he always wants to talk to you, even if the conversation is not deep or important enough, it is simply to “cut” you that he is still there . Well, he does not want you to forget and pass on him.

It speaks to you in the present of your relationship

Another clear sign that your ex wants to get back with you is that when he can see you or write to you, he talks to you in the present of your relationship.

“Seize the moment” to remind you of all those beautiful episodes of their relationship. This can be discreet or without any complexes, as it will depend on the personality of your ex.

For example, he can say something like “today I went to the cafeteria that we always went to”, “Do you remember when we went on an adventure and we ended up getting lost? What an adventure, don’t you think?

Try to see you always

Following the first point, another of the signs that your ex wants to get back with you is that he is looking for any excuse to see you. He talks to you to meet you or mentions that he wants to see you and hear from you. Like, for example, he wants to take you some insignificant thing that you have forgotten.

Or, he can ask you out on a date and it takes you somewhere that was significant in your relationship or important to you. For example, they can take you to the restaurant where they had their first date, your favorite beach, etc.

He tells you all the time that he misses you

If your ex’s personality is rather outgoing or has almost always let you see their feelings for you, they are likely to be more direct with their intentions.

In this case , he will tell you all the time that he misses you without any detour. If he tells you that he misses you and all the moments by your side, it is a clear sign that your ex wants to get back with you.

If instead, your ex is a little more introverted, he may not be directly encouraged to tell you that he misses you. In this case, you can show your state of mind through your social networks .

Assume your mistakes

If he has made any mistakes in the past, he will tell you that he is sorry. Those things that bothered him so much about the other, have already disappeared. Like, for example, some argument that ended in a fight and that in the end was something insignificant or that in reality did not carry enough weight to end their relationship.

If you have accepted your mistakes, perhaps, with time and distance, you have been able to think cold and have realized the mistake they have made. Perhaps, both of them have been allowed to win by pride and instead of having negotiated certain aspects of the relationship, they prioritized anger and “winning a fight.”

By assuming your mistakes , you are proving yourself wrong and taking responsibility for your part. As a consequence, he has decided to change and wants you to know it.

He usually writes you a lot

One of the clear signs that your ex wants to get back with you is that he usually writes to you very often to find out about you and how you are. Here you must always keep in mind how their relationship ended and what were the agreements they had reached.

For example, they had decided to end the relationship and have no more contact, but they still write to you. This may be a sign that your ex wants to get back with you, because the decision you have made is not what he really wanted and he wants to resume the relationship.

He is very detailed

If your ex wants to get back with you, one of the signs that will indicate it will be that he is attentive and detailed. Well, he is making an effort to show his “beautiful” part again and thus conquer you once more.

It is the small details that show the true feelings and intentions that a person has. If, for example, when you have met, he gives you your favorite chocolate bar, it is a way of saying “I still remember that they are your favorites, because I still care about you” without words.

He usually talks about you to his friends

If he usually talks about you to his friends and family, it is one of the signs that your ex wants to get back with you. It may even happen that the people with whom he lives or those closest to him have not found out about his separation.

Surely, if you have spent a lot of time together, you have some mutual friends. If so, I may talk about you with one goal: A “little bird” told me that your ex-boyfriend talks about you all the time and it shows that he still misses you.

Also, you may talk with mutual friends you have or with one of your relatives to find out how you are, what is in your life or if you already have a new relationship. In these cases, you will notice that these people want to know a little more about your life and are investigating to bring the information to your ex.

He sends you a lot of messages at dawn

If you woke up one morning and you had a message that arrived at dawn and said that I missed you, it may be one of the signs that your ex wants to get back with you.

Surely in these cases, it may have been the product of alcohol or the effect of the night that have revealed their hidden feelings. Well, unconsciously, the first person he thinks of is you.

In these cases, it is best to analyze the feedback from the conversations they have. He may consider you one more friend in his life. However, if he puts a lot of emphasis on remarking that he likes talking to you, that you feel comfortable, and that he misses you, he definitely wants to get back with you.

It should be noted that any of these signs may be the one that highlights that your ex still loves you and wants to get back with you.

Should I go back to my partner if he misses me?

Now that we have seen what are the signs that your ex wants to get back with you, we are at an essential stage. This is where This is where we wonder if I should get back with my ex or not . That is why we leave you some guidelines that you should take into account before making this decision.

  1. Think about why the relationship ended . If it was your idea, his or both. This influences a lot, since, if it was something that hurt you, regardless of how things started, we have to focus on why did it end? And what kind of problem was it influenced in the relationship.
  1. Do you want to go through the same thing again? Remember that if your relationship was toxic and your partner insulted you when they got angry or humiliated you. Do you really want to go back? Whether you felt sure of yourself with him or not.
  1. Observe his behaviors to see if he is fit to be with you again or if not. Think about his past relationship and if many times he promised to change, but did not, maybe you should not go back to him.
  2. Think about why you have doubts. If you have doubts just because your partner calls you constantly and begs you to come back or it is only because you feel guilty that he is suffering for you. In either case, it is best not to get back with your ex.
  3. How much do you love and miss your ex? How was the time you’ve been away from him? If you feel that you love him and that you cannot live without him think if he is really worth it or not. Think if he gave you the place you deserved, but the end of the relationship was not so serious, maybe you can think about going back.

If you want, you can make a list of all the good and bad things that your ex had and the relationship they had. Seeing it written and expressed may help you to better visualize everything and thus make the best decision.

So far we come with this guide on what are the signs that your ex wants to get back with you . We hope that it has been useful to you and that you can put into practice all these tips that we have given you.