How to know if you feel true love for your partner in a few steps

Many people feel the sensations of love and wonder what is love? What is true love? How to recognize the love of your life? If any of these questions have crossed your mind, then you’ve come to the right place .

When you have an idea of ​​what true love is, it is easier to identify it when it appears and make a difference within a relationship where there is only one physical attraction.

Next we will explain the meaning, How to know if love is mutual and How to know if what I feel is love. Find out all you need to know about the love of truth!

What is true love?

True love or true love is a totally authentic and beautiful one that many people seek and others have been fortunate to experience. But first you have to explain some key points such as:

True love is built , not made from nothing, and it develops when you get to know the other person completely. It is very easy to fall in love only with the benefits and virtues of a person when sharing their good days, or to fall in love with the idea of ​​a great person that you do not know.

But true love is achieved when you fully know that person, both their strengths and weaknesses, by sharing good days and bad days. When you feel free to be yourself, to show yourself as you are and know that that person will be there for you no matter what , without condition.

If we want to explain what true love is phrases, the best is Melody Lee’s “When you find your soul mate you also find your freedom. There is nothing more exciting, wild and liberating than the absolute love of the soul ”.

How to go about recognizing true love? Discover it here

If you want to recognize true love or the love of your life, you must pay attention to details and the feeling of love . You will discover that the other person is the love of your life when you feel comfortable in front of him, trust him fully and know that he will support you unconditionally.

True love is manifested when both people know each other totally , both the good and the bad things and in the same way they continue to love each other. It is a love that does not seek to control, possess or is based on idealization, but is a pure and authentic love that unites two souls.

A very important point is that true love will make you feel calm and at peace within the relationship, at first the butterflies and adrenaline that causes anxiety disappears and not because you are not in love, but because it is no longer necessary to feel the excitement of emotions when love is dominating everything.

Peace and calm is the most important thing to recognize true love and we must bear in mind that it must first be born of ourselves so that it can then be felt on the outside.

Does true love really exist?

Have you ever wondered if it really exists? Most likely, yes, because when we hear or read about something so beautiful and wonderful we question it. Especially when we have had bad experiences or love failures .

However we have good news, true love does exist and you can get it if you look for the right person to be by your side. Once you have that person you must pay attention to the details and see if they have characteristics of true love. As they are:

  • You can be yourself with full confidence.
  • He will support you unconditionally, on good days and bad days.
  • He knows you deeply and loves you just the same.
  • Both enjoy and seek to share the most time together
  • You love spending time with him because he gives you peace, comfort and always makes you laugh.
  • It does not control you or seek to possess you , but rather gives you the freedom and space you need.
  • He does not try to change you , but rather loves the way you are and that is why he wants you by his side.
  • He is always honest with you, he does not cheat on you .
  • It is a love that was built little by little , it is not something that appeared overnight.

It is a love that has problems, but they manage to solve everything together, as a stable and unconditional couple.

How do you know if what you have is true love?

The doubts that arise about love within a relationship are very important because they help to identify what is happening within you , within your partner and within the relationship as such.

You have to know that if you are in a relationship where you wonder whether or not it is your true love , it may not be , since true love when it is in our lives leaves no room for doubt.

You may feel that there are things that if improved will work completely, but the emptiness that makes you wonder if it is love or not you will not feel it.

On the other hand, you will feel that you have true love when you are not afraid of the relationship and your partner. There is a very fine line between true love and attachment that causes them to become confused.

Remember, fear and love are opposite emotions and where there is fear there is no love. If you are afraid of your partner, that he leaves you, that you cannot continue without him, that he does not like something about you and you want to change it, then there is no true love, but attachment.

How to know if he is the love of my life?

Any of these signs will help you answer the question, is he the love of my life? Just pay close attention to the signs below.

  • You feel good : This is the most important thing, feeling calm, full of peace, in confidence lets you know that the relationship you are in is the right one.
  • You are not afraid : Fear makes you feel anxious and calm disappears. Love frees you from fear and if this does not happen then it is not the love of your life.
  • Respects you: Respect is an important characteristic that the love of your life must have, respect and admiration create an esteem towards the couple that makes them want to become a team to continue growing together.
  • It fills you with laughter and happiness: Something that true love has is the happiness it causes, the meaningless jokes that make you laugh or cause grace for no reason, the joy of waking up and seeing him or knowing that he is by your side and feeling happy They are things that help you identify who is the love of your life.
  • The problems do not cause too much pain or anger: Within the couple there will always be disagreements and this is normal, what you have to pay attention to is the way in which these problems or differences are solved. When, despite stress and tension, it is possible to remain calm and neither of them is hurt, it can be said that they are working under true love.

Remember that these things are not only felt by you but by him, it is a reciprocal love that is born from both, because what makes you know the most that it is the love of your life is the fact that everything beautiful you feel is reciprocated.

Love or affection?

Although it may seem incredible, this doubt can torment many, however, it is not something that should actually generate so much conflict.

Within a relationship there is both love and affection, they go hand in hand and can even get lost together in the concept. Now, if you want to know if you only feel affection and not love for someone, it is simple, in affection there is no chemistry and no matter how hard you try, there will not be something else that leads you to want to join that person.

Faced with a relationship in which there is no chemistry but if you feel something that makes you feel good then it is love that binds you to that person.

Tricks to discover the love of your life 100% Effective

Discovering the love of your life can be a difficult task at first, but after you prepare yourself and manage to get rid of the problems, you will see that things will be easier.

It is necessary to know that love has to begin with oneself so that it can later be materialized abroad. This requires time since it is necessary that in solitude you meet yourself again, accepting who you really are whether you like it or not.

After making peace with yourself and fully accepting yourself, you can improve the characteristics that you consider are not so strong . You will start to work on yourself and as you get better the people outside will be able to notice it and the love will start to arrive.

However, this task is multidisciplinary . As you study, understand and accept yourself, you also have to relate to society, meet new people, practice positivism and avoid looking for the negative in every individual you meet.

These tricks will help you to know the love of your life but also to know yourself and realize that after loving yourself, you will find love in the air.

Everything you need to know to find true love

There is something important that you have to take into account when it comes to finding true love, the first thing is that it has to be born from you , if you cannot love yourself, the less you will be able to love someone else and this is important because the way you seek the love of your life, that person is also looking for his love.

It is necessary that you have the ability to offer everything that you are asking for from a partner. If you want someone who loves you unconditionally then you must also be someone willing to love another person unconditionally.

Another thing you should pay attention to is what lives within you and the treatment you give yourself. That is, you cannot expect someone to respect you if you have not learned to respect yourself , everything you give to your being you will receive from the people around you and even more from that person with whom you want to establish A relationship