My ex wants us to be friends – does that mean he wants to get me back?

Like everything in life, it has a dependency. All this will depend on the particular case. This is a difficult question to answer, and you will be surprised if your ex partner asks you if you can be friends, especially when the relationship ended on bad terms . Stay and I will show you the different reasons why this event happens.

Why does my ex want us to be friends again?

Everything will depend on the situation and the terms for which they could end. It also highlights, which was the party that decided to end the relationship , if you or the other person, this is also something that is very important. Usually a relationship that ends on good terms, there is a possibility that there will be a friendship after you get over the breakup.

Feel guilt

This situation happens when the couple ends us. Everything will depend on the way we react to the breakup, if we imply that it affected us a lot, we take the initiative to block that person from all social networks and we talk a lot about it with other people.

When this happens, your ex may notice that the breakup has affected you negatively and may believe that linking their lives again, but with a friendship can help your mood. Personally, it seems to me that being friends with the ex, having ended in these terms, is something that can negatively affect the most vulnerable person.

For some interest

At this point, we just think that the interest can be money . But the truth is that interest can be anything. For example, if your partner knows and has knowledge that you have influence with someone or something that she needs or if you have an acquaintance in a certain place, she wanted to have a friendship with you to gain some benefit.

At this point it is very complicated and to my knowledge, it is negative to have a friendship with the ex, because if you still love that person, it can affect you negatively. The best thing is that you can evaluate this area, well and you will know if that person is a little interested.

Wants to get the relationship back

This point happens a lot. When the ex is the one who makes the decision to end the relationship, the situation may happen that later in time, he feels that he is making a deliberate decision. This means that it was a meeting of emotions and now that he no longer has you, he wants to regain the relationship, because he still loves you and all he did was let himself be carried away by the moment and circumstantial emotions.

The counter part of this is, if you were the one who ended the relationship, because you were no longer comfortable, you no longer wanted that person or you simply saw that it no longer worked . If your ex was in love, this situation could have affected him a lot and even as time passes, he wants to get you back. He tries to propose a friendship, but little by little he gains confidence, until he reveals what he feels.

To avoid feeling lonely or lonely

Many people, it happens to them that when they are in a relationship, they completely forget about other people and only their partner is the person who is always there . When this happens it is normal that when everything is over, the person feels alone and wants to have your company again.

Another option is that your ex-partner cannot bear to be sentimentally alone , this happens to many people and in general, they are the people who are always changing relationships. Simply because of the fact that they are not firm in the relationship and they are always looking to fill emotional voids. If they don’t like the person a little or suddenly stop liking them, they just drop everything.

What to do if my ex-partner asks me to be friends?

When faced with this type of situation, there are several important things to consider. These aspects will help you make a good decision and in a certain way do things correctly. As a first step, think very well what you are going to do, whether or not you are going to accept your ex’s proposal. Don’t make an impulsive decision, guided by emotions. Think very well how it can benefit you to have a friendship with that person, also how it makes you feel and if in a certain way that person brings something positive to your life.

In the same way, remember to evaluate the negative aspects, if you have any resentment or anger towards that person. Another important aspect is to evaluate if that person has a space for you in their life. We must remember that a friend is that person in whom we can give confidence, be ourselves, have a good time, share hobbies, tastes or interests. Also keep in mind, that being friends, that person will look for a new partner, possibly present it to you. You must ask yourself if you will feel comfortable with it, if it does not affect you emotionally.

On the other hand, having already agreed to be friends, you must agree with the other person, to leave the past in the past. You should avoid remembering those good moments that they lived when they were a couple, because this can cause some of the parties to be affected. Make sure that this new friendship is a blur in their lives.

If you feel that your ex begins to remember a lot the past and talk frequently about this or if you go through this yourself, where you remember those events a lot, you should be careful. Possibly, the feelings are still active and it takes a little more time to fully get over what happened.

You must bear in mind, not treat each other in the same way, as they did in the past. Those nicknames or ways of referring to each other, should be put aside, remember that they have a new bond and the past is in the past. In the same way, be very careful with physical contact, since this can activate memories in a very powerful way.

Is it possible to be friends with my ex? – Tips and recommendations

Something extremely important to keep in mind is the fact that when we end a relationship, that person takes on a lot of emotional importance in our lives. This means that despite having finished, that person still wants to continue seeing you or spend a little time with you. Deciding to have a friendship can be a healthy decision for two mature people, where this can help them heal that situation, without leaving grudges. But if it is not, it may be a decision that emotionally affects one of the parties.

Of course, you may be friends with your ex. But you must take into account each of these aspects that we have mentioned. If you plan to have a friendship with your ex, try to make evaluations of the situation , trying to be very honest with yourself and seeing if it is really beneficial to have that friendship or it can be emotionally damaging.