Why do my relationships fail and my partners leave me?

We generally associate this problem with bad luck in love. When a couple breakup occurs, we always wonder why this event happened and why my relationships are failing. Confusion is created in our lives by the failure that has been experienced and after a long experience in relationships that have ended in failure, we wonder. It will be that we will not have the possibility of being lucky in love and finding someone who values ​​me.

I have seen that one of the main reasons why relationships fail and this happens, is because we do not look beyond the prototype of men, which means by this, we do not stop choosing the same type of person. We must evaluate if a pattern of events has been created and if this has resulted in very similar breakdowns in love.

Signs that a man stops loving a woman

There are several clear signs when a man stops feeling something for his partner . One of the first signs is that the man stops being detail-oriented and adorable . Even the most detailed man can get a great disinterest. He no longer makes an effort to do things for you, he does not surprise you as he did before, nor does he make you a priority in his life, this is a clear sign that something is not going very well.

Another type of situation, your partner, starts to get angry about everything with you, he responds in a bad way. You feel he is no longer your confidant , nor your best friend, when you ask him about something or how he has done, he answers things like; That’s not your problem. It’s basically based on the fact that he doesn’t want you to worry about him anymore. In the same way, try to end privacy, what I mean by this, there is no way out for the two of you, if not on the contrary, always try to bring someone else to avoid being the two of you alone.

One of the most pleasant things in a relationship is good humor, simply spending a moment of laughter or fun with your partner is something that can fill us a lot. When your partner stops having fun with you, no longer funny, does not laugh at your jokes, it can mean a bad sign. In the same way, he stops accompanying you or looking for you to your work or university. Previously we saw that they always went out together or he would go to look for you at work, suddenly that type of concern changes, this is a very clear sign that things are not going very well.

A very common sign of men when they no longer want to be with their partner, they are to blame for everything, even if she has done absolutely nothing. It is not enough just to get angry with you, but also, the things that can happen to him in other places he pays for you and he constantly blames you for the bad situations he goes through. Also, there is the tendency to ignore you on the phone , you write him he does not answer, you call him he does not answer. At this point you are no longer their priority, so since you are no longer important, stop putting yourself first.

What happens when a man lets go of a good woman?

One of the reasons this happens is because man sees that everything is going to the next level. What I mean by this, that it is no longer a relationship to experience, but that he is feeling real things for that woman. Many in this situation, prefer to throw everything overboard and leave everything that has been built, simply for the fact that they do not want anything serious. For this reason many relationships fail today.

For a lady, this can be devastating, since the vast majority of women do want a serious and lasting relationship. But if this has happened to you, let me tell you that it is something a bit positive. That person decided to leave you because of their fear of commitment, that means they were not sure they wanted to take the relationship to the next level and ending it like that can be painful. But this gives you the chance to find someone who does want to give everything for you and put you first.

What is the psychological profile of a man who abandons women?

For me, a person who decides to put everything aside, abandon what they have built for some time and that the words and actions they did in the past have been blown away by the wind. These types of people tend to be selfish, they only think about themselves. They don’t care about others, they don’t even care how their partner feels.

A person who leaves his partner, without any excuse, is someone who is emotionally empty. He himself does not allow himself to love, nor to be loved, he does not care about the consequences that this type of action brings. This means that he does not stop to think things clearly, he simply acts without thinking and on impulse. For this reason, many of the relationships you have fail.

Reasons why couples fail and break up

Now, there are many reasons why a relationship fails, these can be from one party as well as the other. Although in many situations, it can even be the fault of both parties. We bring you some of the most common reasons why a love relationship can end.

Being selfish and not looking out for the good of the other

Something that many people do not understand is that when we decide to start a romantic relationship with someone, we must stop thinking only about ourselves. For the success of a relationship, there must be a balance between what you give and what you receive. We must look after the interests of our partner, understand that their needs are now also ours and if they have a project or goal to fulfill, we can help them as much as we can.

If you don’t have the correct balance in this regard, a problem can occur. If we receive more than we give, there will come a time when our partner gets tired and frustrated. This can lead to it seeking refuge in other people. In the same way it can happen to us.

You have an idealized concept of men

When we idealize someone, we create a concept that that person is perfect. This can become very negative because we create an expectation of our partner, but there comes a time, where we become disappointed and this leads us to make negative decisions in the relationship and these fail.

Feeling bored when you are alone

When this happens, it seems to me that it is the responsibility of both parties to be able to feel good when they are together. If this happens, as a couple you can choose to do fun activities , where you can de-stress and get to know each other a little more. You can also get a hobby where you can participate together. We must not allow boredom to come into the relationship because it can end in very bad circumstances.

No character compatibility

We must be clear that when we decide to have a relationship, we must try to understand and understand the other person, this means that we should not only think about ourselves, but also think about the partner. I have seen that one of the reasons many relationships end is because they let pride be the foundation of the relationship.

When we let this happen, we stop giving importance to what the other feels or thinks. We do not mind tolerating the character of another, and we do not try to talk about the things we do not like . Sincerity must fully exist in a relationship, in this way we can know what the couple thinks and how they feel from the attitude we have.

Little intimate connection

This is something extremely important, when we stop having that intimacy as a couple, problems begin to appear and it is one of the reasons why many relationships fail. In many cases, one of the parties seeks satisfaction in that area in other places, this causes the relationship to go in an unwanted direction. We must ensure that the intimate flame of the relationship does not disappear, because this can bring negative consequences.

There’s no respect

As in any social setting, respect is the main foundation of a relationship. We must respect our partner, but also demand respect . I have seen that in many relationships they fail, since both parties insult each other, fight each other and even do it in public. If your relationship goes through something like that, believe me this is a serious problem.

At this point, any relationship is already a burden and usually one of the parties wants to disengage from said relationship. As we have already commented previously, we must try to be very sincere, have confidence as a couple and not let negative attitudes of any of the parties want to ruin the relationship.

Personalities collide

We must understand that all people are totally different. We will never find someone who thinks like us, so we must have a balance in this . Again I highlight this, and it is to have confidence in the relationship and be very sincere, talk about the things that we do not like, Try to understand the personality of the other, but in the same way demand that they understand ours, we do not close to change, but try to fix everything that can damage the relationship.