How to forget my ex if I still have feelings for him – Turn the page

Today we are going to talk about relationships and the breakup process. More precisely, how to forget your ex if you still have feelings for him. Believe it or not, many of us have had to be in the same situation and being able to turn the page is not easy at all.

Is that feelings and emotions are often very complicated at times. Especially when it comes to getting over a breakup in a relationship that lasted a long time or was very significant. Being alone again and getting used to this new reality can be a daunting task.

We are almost always going to need the support of someone else , such as our friends, family or other loved ones. Despite this, we are constantly wondering how to deal with those inner feelings? Find out here with us.

Why can’t I forget and stop thinking about my ex even though I want to?

Both men and women suffer when a relationship ends. This does not repair age or gender, since it is difficult for all of us to overcome a breakup, especially when it was very difficult. So the main reason why you can’t get over and forget your ex is because deep down you still have feelings for him.

Don’t feel bad, as feelings don’t go away overnight. And you will always need time to heal your wounds and trust and have faith in love again. So don’t despair.

Since, if you incite unfavorable situations, you will never be able to overcome that stage and find something better. So, if a test to find out if I’m in love with my ex has already passed for a while, it won’t help, because you don’t allow yourself to do it.

Remember that the relationship ended for a reason. And what is happening is that you are getting too involved in reliving and remembering the good times that you had as a couple.

Feeling all those emotions that you experienced when you were happy with him by your side. Although it hurts, you must accept that those moments are in the past. And for whatever reason, your old boyfriend is no longer the same person you had fallen in love with. 

Love is like a kind of drug and it is not that we say it to say it. In fact, several studies have been carried out in this regard and the results yielded the following data:

When a person ends a relationship they go through a process that has many negative consequences on our behavior. Among them we can mention depressive and obsessive behaviors.

This is so because addictions use the same neural circuitry. In addition, it is normal that we have relapses and try to get back with our ex.

Reasons why I can’t forget my ex

There are several reasons why you can’t forget your ex. Next, we will tell you the five main reasons :

  • Projects: have plans and projects for the future or you simply hoped it would last many more years, such as having children, buying a house, etc. The breakup made all those long-term expectations not possible. Now you are forced to change your life plan.
  • Boredom: Believe it or not, many people cannot forget their ex because they are simply bored. Therefore, when you do not have other priorities or do not do activities to get out of the routine, you will probably end up obsessing with their memories.
  • Idealization: If you have focused too much on his strengths, you will not be able to forget your ex. It is that you have forgotten their defects, defects that we all have. Right now you feel like you’ve lost the best person in the world and you feel guilty.
  • Ego: if your ex was the one who decided to end the relationship, you keep holding on to her because you don’t want to accept that she has left you. The ego makes us see others as our property and if we do not abandon them, we cannot let go.
  • Fear of being alone: people with low self-esteem and emotional dependence are afraid of being alone. Now that their partner is gone, they feel unprotected and without a north.

Can you forget an ex easily?

Regardless of how your relationship has been, separations are always a painful process . Many refuse and say they feel better now. This may be true, but easily forgetting your ex is not possible.

Obviously, it will depend on the time you have spent together, the plans and projects you had and the love that was between you. Generally, the person who suffers the most is not always the one who wants the most.

The person who has been abandoned is the one who refuses to accept their reality, even if the relationship no longer works. So if you’re wondering if it’s easy to olive your ex, you’re probably resisting accepting it.

Also, those people who are afraid of being alone are the ones who take the first step to get back together with their ex.

Currently, social networks play against us when it comes to forgetting an ex. He constantly encourages us to be looking at his photos and comments to know what is his life now that we are not by his side.

Is it normal to miss my ex partner or is that emotional dependency?

As we told you before, missing your ex is completely normal . This does not indicate that you are emotionally dependent on him or anything like that.

Suddenly, from one day to the next, you are no longer with your partner and the relationship is over. All those moments together and shared will no longer return. Also, you will have to get used to your new reality without him by your side.

When we have decided to end a relationship, regardless of the reasons and we decide to distance ourselves , we miss . It is that when we move away from our former partner in time and in distance we begin to remember only the happiest moments.

Without realizing it, all the ugly memories, the fights, the reason for the separation and so on seem to have disappeared. Unconsciously, we leave the reasons that led us to the break in the background.

It may even have been several months and relapse, causing pain that you already thought you had overcome. For example, you feel that you miss him when you listen to a song, watch a television program you watched together, or visit his favorite coffee shop.

Every time we go through a breakup, we need to step out of our comfort zone . Remember why your relationship ended in order to move on and get over it once and for all.

How can I get over my ex partner if I’m still in love with him

Forgetting your ex and turning the page does not mean that you will stop believing in love. In doing so, you should try to overcome past experiences, learn from them, and allow new things to come. But to forget your ex boyfriend if you still love him , it will be something that you will have to work on and get out of your comfort zone.

Forgetting it will not be an easy task, as it is a process that can take a long time at times. If you don’t know where to start, follow these tips:

Keep distance

If you really want to get over falling in love and stop loving someone , the first thing you should establish is a safe distance. Keep your mind healthy and mature, but let it know that you need time to be alone and focus on yourself.

Don’t let your ex harass you or desperately try to find you, as this will make you even more confused and make things worse. Get rid of all the things he gave you. That shirt that smells like him, the photos they have together, the letters or the stuffed animals that he gave you. If you already know that your relationship is hopeless, it is best to leave it all in the past.

Accept reality

You need to accept reality in order to forget your ex. Embrace that pain and that sadness that you feel. Stay with her and stop resisting, soon you will meet new people and you will have new experiences.

After you cry, and take your time to suffer the loss of the relationship, touch the light again. In a symbolic sense, it will be letting your heart cry and bleed until it is ready to rise up and be reborn again . Since all emotions need to be felt, don’t hold back anything!

One way to forget your ex is by thinking about him . Yes, it sounds a little weird at first, but it really works. Every day force yourself to think about him, even if sometimes you don’t feel like it. If you force yourself to do it, you will soon start to get bored and without realizing it you will start thinking about other things.

Meet new people

Look for new horizons and surround yourself with the people who love you . Your loved ones and those closest to you will support you and help you to be better.

Do not close in on yourself and go out and meet new people. By this we do not mean that you go out quickly to find a new partner. Instead, you should be more open to receiving new experiences, increasing your social circle, and making new friends.

Focus on personal plans and goals

Another tip that we can give you if you want to forget your ex is to renew your personal goals and objectives . Surely, before you had plans that involved him, but now he is not present.

Therefore, instead of thinking about those expectations and the plans you had together, it is time to think about yourself . Create individual plans and renew. Give yourself the importance you deserve and do everything you like.

Give yourself a lot of self-love, surround yourself with your good friends, think about your new goals, about your new objectives. And if you wish, travel and meet new horizons . Doing the things you like the most is the best way to stop thinking about your ex. Since you realize that there are actually more important things in life that can make you happy.

Enjoy everyday

Surely, now you feel an emptiness inside you, because the time you shared with your partner is no longer there. To be able to forget the ex test by changing your routine and cover that time that you used to dedicate to him.

Do new activities that have nothing to do with your ex. If, for example, they had a cafeteria that they always went to, try not to return there.

Use the time wisely to enjoy it with your friends and family. At the end of the day, think about all the beautiful things you have experienced. In this way, you will stop seeing everything so gray.

Friends are the best medicine! which is why we can never leave them aside for a partner , since they are the ones who will be there to get us out of the emotional hole in which we always sink when ending a relationship. Love yourself and take care of yourself!

How to stop thinking about someone who doesn’t love you?

If you are wondering how to stop thinking about someone who does not love you, the process is very similar. It is an impossible love, unrequited.

There are those who say that “there are no impossible loves, but cowardly lovers.” There are many loves that are not worth fighting for or expending too much energy. Like when it is not reciprocal and the other person does not feel the same as you.

How to forget the love of your life  is not an easy thing, because we are excited and we must leave our dream behind. When you are filled with illusions that do not materialize, we end up doing a lot of damage.

However, stop thinking about someone who does not love you is not impossible. What you should do is not think of anyone but yourself. Because the time has come for you to focus on yourself and be able to be yourself again.

The first thing you must do is make the decision to forget it and have the necessary strength not to relapse. When you feel that you can no longer think about reality and your happiness. Understand that you are only hurting yourself by not turning the page.

So far we come with this super complete guide on how to forget my ex if I still have feelings for him. We hope that it has been useful to you and that you can put into practice all the tips that we have shared with you.