Why doesn’t my partner write to me and ignore me? – Causes and solutions

Having a dating relationship is sometimes not easy . Hence, many of us constantly wonder why my boyfriend does not write to me or my boyfriend no longer writes to me as before.

Many things may be going through a man’s head when he behaves in this way, but what you have to be clear from the beginning is that none of this has to do with you. Each person is living an experience individually and acting will depend on these experiences.

It is normal that we tend to think about the matter thousands of times in our minds, when the truth is that the situation is not as serious as it seems . If you want to get an idea of ​​why this happens, read this post.

Why does my partner only write to me if I write to him?

When we are in a dating relationship, especially at an early age, emotions are always on the surface. And whatever happens is the spark that lights a huge fire. So one of the most common scenarios is the selfish boyfriend ignoring a girlfriend deeply in love. We cannot allow that to happen! So pluck up your courage and end that situation.

This does not mean that you should rush to end the relationship because your boyfriend is a bad person or does not love you. No, calm down and breathe! The best thing right now will be to know the reasons why that may be happening .

Do not think that everything is your fault, because most of the time we have nothing to do with it. So breathe, relax, and think of the best way to communicate your discomfort to your boy. If you do not stop thinking about my boyfriend, he is online and he does not write to me, then you go and write. Tell him you need to talk urgently about something that is bothering you! There you can evaluate your first answer.

Before getting into chaos you have to evaluate the following situations.

You have internet connection problems

This is something very common that can happen, depending on where your partner is, they may not have a good internet connection and therefore get used to forgetting the phone.

Perhaps if he is waiting to write to you but he leaves it for a specific moment in which he can go out to hunt some signal and this time within your perspective is very long and therefore you fall into despair.

Is busy or busy

We all have responsibilities and it is something that must be understood. There are people who in the midst of responsibilities do not worry about writing messages or having a conversation, when they are busy, time passes very quickly .

Something common that can happen is that the free time from work is quite short and before starting a conversation your partner prefers to check the phone and leave it without writing to you so as not to leave a conversation half-way .

As you understand or accept these things, you will see that it is easier to assimilate the absence of your partner on the phone.

Has no initiative

Nobody but you knows your partner and you know whether or not they have initiative. If you do not have it then you already know that it is you who should start a conversation and this does not have to bother you, take it as a process of adaptation to the personality of your boyfriend.

Now, it’s always good for him to have a bit of initiative, so you can talk to him about it and tell him that you like to feel that kind of attention from him.

The best way to know what is happening is to speak it without much thought and wait to see what the answer is that he has for you. Perhaps it is his personality or he is simply distracted but if after talking and explaining how you feel the situation continues the same, it is obvious that something else is happening and he does not want to continue contact with you.

Why doesn’t my boyfriend write to me every day?

To answer this question, it is necessary to carry out a relationship analysis , since constant text messages are often not necessary when the couple’s relationship has good communication with deep issues.

Relationships that have good communication by message get along much better, this is clear, however when everything is limited to this medium it becomes a problem. So, talking about the subject is necessary and more if you consider that the messages are important to you.

Now, if you are a couple who do not see each other constantly and apart from that the communication via the web begins to wane then something is not going quite right. You have to choose to be clear and ask your partner directly what is the reason for his absence.

If the relationship is just beginning, he may think that going easy is the best and more in this era where everything is considered a toxic attitude . If instead the relationship has time then your interest is directed towards something else.

What can I do if my partner does not write to me continuously?

The fact that your partner does not write to you frequently can be due to many factors, but if the situation within the relationship is going well and the only problem is the messages, take these tips into account to make everything go better.

Analyze the behavior of both

Analyzing the attitude of each one will help you better understand what is happening, in many people it is normal not to constantly write messages and even to be ignorant of the phone.

On the other hand, there are those who like to maintain that contact and the telephone is the main thing in everything , if you can identify these behaviors in yourself and in your partner you will be able to have peace because you will know that it is a matter of personality.

Understand your situation and have more empathy

When you have knowledge of what is happening and you know that everything is fine, it is time you gave your arm to twist and be more empathetic with the situation. Nobody likes to be in constant trouble and that you become a type of person who always wants to argue does not help the relationship at all.

Think a bit more calmly, put away your fears and insecurities and understand the situation. Develop empathy that brings peace to your partner and you and if you cannot achieve this then look for activities that keep you busy and do not allow you to think so much about what is tormenting you.

Improve communication

And no, we are not talking about message communication, we are talking about direct person-to-person communication . Being able to tell each other the things that you really feel and that both of you can handle it in a good way.

That when they meet they can talk a variety of topics and many profound things, so that when they are far away the messages do not have to be absolutely necessary and that both can use it to be aware of each other during the day and fill each other with moments of love .

Let go of mind games

The mind is a self-destructing machine if you don’t learn to operate it. That is why it is important that you master it and give it a stop when you feel that it is driving you crazy. Do not allow thoughts that make you feel bad and even worse that put you in a plan of wanting to calculate if your partner is doing bad things or not.

These plans of wanting to discover something are only going to consume your energy and prevent you from being happy , so try to manage them as much as possible.

Don’t make hasty decisions

Do not become temperamental , everything has an explanation and a fix time. Sometimes people have so many things on their minds that they turn an eight and neglect even what they shouldn’t, this is what may be happening with your partner.

Although it seems difficult, being able to dominate yourself will be much better for you and the relationship. Of course, this does not mean that you are going to accept things you do not want or keep feelings and words to yourself, at all. If you need to do and say things you should do it but in the best possible way avoiding chaos.

Causes why a guy starts to ignore you and ignores you

There are many reasons why your boyfriend may start to ignore you or treat you differently. But here are one of the most common:

  • You don’t have enough time. If you have a job, study or play sports.
  • He is mad at you. One of the most common reasons. Boys tend to be very spiteful.
  • He is not a very communicative person. Most guys have a hard time showing their feelings, especially at the beginning of a relationship.
  • He is more interested in hanging out with his friends than with you . This can be a bit annoying as long as your outings with your friends overshadow all your outings with you.
  • He’s hiding something from you.
  • He no longer feels the same way about you, as he did before. And at worst, he may be cheating on you with someone else.

Regardless of the cause, you’d better stop speculating and try to have an open conversation with him. Save your relationship more healthy and loving way!

How do I get my boyfriend to stop ignoring me?

If you are already in a desperate situation, and you can no longer bear that your boyfriend does not give you the same attention as before, you must act immediately.

Find a way for him to pay attention to you and be 100% sure that he is listening to you. Avoid conversations on social networks or by message. Either it is face to face or it is nothing.

Talk about what is bothering you. Not in a demanding way, since love is not demanded. But tell him about your insecurities and how he’s making you feel.

You must bear in mind that this must be a sincere communication. So if he starts giving you reasons for his behavior, try to stay calm. Especially if he blames you for it.

In that case, put your pride aside and take responsibility for the matter and ask for forgiveness. Otherwise, it will show that your boy is not the one for you since he would be lying.

It is not about fighting or arguing, but about arriving at the reason why your boyfriend is ignoring you and thus overcome this relationship crisis .

Pay attention to the things he says, so you can tell if he is lying to you or not. And the main thing will be to get to the reason for your indifference. After the conversation is over, everything should have been resolved.

After having argued

When the reason he is ignoring you is because they have argued and he is upset, what you have to do is wait a couple of hours for the annoyance to subside . After that, it is best that you talk or write to him and let him know that you have to talk to him.

Behave in a calm manner, regardless of who was at fault for the discussion, remember that it is not about looking to blame but about each person taking responsibility for what they did and did not do.

When the time comes to speak, start talking about yourself , how bad you feel when he ignores you and more for an argument, remind him that you like to feel him close to receive his love and fill it with yours.

Then acknowledge each of the things you did wrong, but it is important that you do it without justifying yourself. Just accept them and go, then offer an apology if necessary.

This is the principle of reconciliation, have a calm and passive attitude so that he can imitate it and things are better solved and he stops ignoring you. If, on the other hand, he is still annoyed then you will have in your favor that you have already tried to solve things, now everything is on his part and it will be fixed giving him a little more time.