How to recognize if I am a priority for my partner? – Am I important to him?

Within a relationship there will always be ups and downs . Especially when they are in the stage where they truly get to know each other, and the demons of both are showing little by little. It is at this time, where couples begin to change for the better, or for the worse.

Faced with this new panorama, many things can happen within the relationship and the decisions to be made for the good of each begin to vary, this stage works as a filter to know if the relationship becomes durable or not.

One of the most common scenarios results in one of the two of you significantly losing interest in your partner. It is almost always the man, who seeks to be distracted by external things that continue to focus on the relationship. However, it is not fair to generalize since women are also full of errors. So, you don’t know if you are a priority for your partner? Find out here.

How your partner acts when you are not his priority and he is only using you

Human beings are experts in detecting emotions, women especially have an innate gift for it. Therefore, you will be able to notice the slightest change in your partner’s attitude and dealings. The meaning of priority in love goes far beyond simply always being with someone.

It is worth noting that it is to be someone’s priority,  you must be before everything else. This means that your partner must value you , must pay special attention to your needs, seek to do you good, and will always have you first before anyone else.

Therefore, what it means to be someone’s priority will fall into even the smallest details. How to reply to a message quickly even when they are busy. Remember what your needs, tastes, desires, dreams, goals are, among others. In essence, always having you present no matter where and with whom you are.

Likewise, if you have noticed that your partner ignores you or does not pay enough attention to you , it can be a clear sign that at the moment, you are no longer a priority in his life. So you have to get to the bottom of the matter, and find out if this is due to some passing discussion you had, or if in fact the flame between you has started to go out.

Show disinterest in plans with you

If when talking with your partner about future plans, he does not feel the proper interest or does not pay attention or excitement about the plans, something may be happening.

You have to be sure that it is not a bad moment or that your partner is going through some stressful situation as this will affect their attention. Therefore, before drawing conclusions, it is best to do several tests.

Limit your displays of affection

Disinterest is very obvious when displays of affection begin to wane. During the relationship, you do not always have the same spirit to give love, however it is always present.

But if from one moment to another your partner simply eliminates the displays of affection for no reason and this attitude lasts over time, it is because he no longer has the same interest as at the beginning.

Does not include you in their activities

When you are simply an accompaniment for your partner and he is not interested in you for something serious or lasting, he does not connect you with his social circle . The activities are planned and carried out alone and you are not the first thing he thinks about when doing it.

There are couples who are normally like this, they have an individual life and they can understand each other while each one is on their own; But if you are not one of this type of person and your partner does not pay the slightest interest in making you participate in their activities , it is clear that you do not have a good degree of importance in their life.

Doesn’t take your opinion into account

In a healthy relationship, the opinion of the couple is always important because each trusts in the love of the other and knows that the advice is not to cause him any harm. If your partner does not take your opinion into account, not only is he disinterested, but for him, such advice will not be helpful.

He does not respect you with his comments

When the couple loves, they think about the well-being of their beloved , hurting her with comments or attitudes is not part of their plans and they take care of causing that evil. But things change when disinterest is present.

His comments are cutting and hurtful and if despite talking to him and letting him know your discomfort does not change them then it is more than obvious that things are not going well in the relationship.

How to detect if someone cares about me

Among the  priorities in love is also the vision towards the future. Therefore, if you have noticed that your boyfriend or your partner has no plans for the future with you, or is not trying to keep the relationship on safe ground thanks to shared goals and dreams, it may be that they do not care as much as you thought. .

In the same way, uncommunicative bed companions tend to leave their partners aside a lot. Always keep in mind that a relationship is a union by choice , not by obligation. This means that most of your decisions will be based on both.

But if this is not your case, and you notice that your partner plans many goals without taking you into account, it is because simply and simply, the priority in his life is not you . So this goes beyond just ignoring you.

In these cases, the relationship tends to become a bit forced, as both realize that there will come a point where their paths will irreparably separate. For the simple fact that they do not share the same future.

So if you have doubts about whether someone really matters to you, you can verify it with the simple fact that he is there for you, constantly let you know that he wants you by his side , and especially in his future. He is aware of your emotions or your feelings, and does not do anything that might hurt you or make you feel bad on purpose.

How to know when someone is not for you

The crudest truth of all is the one in front of us but we refuse to see . Since almost always, the entire universe tells us that this person is not for us, but our whim does not allow us to realize it.

So, if your relationship is very forced, the arguments and fights do not stop, there is no longer the need to be together, or you want to be apart most of the time, it is a clear sign that your relationship, sadly, has reached its end.

What to do when you stop being important to your partner?

If you have already talked with your partner about what you feel and how you see the relationship deteriorating and he does not pay attention to your comments or feelings then there is not much to do within the relationship.

However, everything that happens in our life is to learn and so that we can come out of the problem with a higher degree of consciousness, so it is recommended that you take the opportunity to think about the following points:

  • What are the things that make you feel bad : When you realize what hurts you, you can identify the wound that touches within you to begin to heal it, analyze what you feel and what you feel it for and allow this pain to run through your body and Go away.
  • Increase your self-esteem : Learn with this situation to give yourself the place you deserve, work on your self-esteem and do not allow the mistreatment of your partner to make you feel less. Learn to set a limit and make yourself respected because whoever is not willing to give you happiness, it is better not to be near you.

Make decisions : Many times making painful decisions is a bit difficult, but it is always necessary in order to grow. With this situation you can learn to make decisions that favor your life over others.