How to regain the love of your partner and save the relationship? – Have hope

The pressures of the work, family and social world are reflected on us daily. And these repercussions also affect our love life.

Therefore, on many occasions countless couples see their love lost due to external causes that forced them to move away. Or perhaps because of discussions or cases of immaturity on the part of someone, the relationship came to an end.

If this is your case, you consider that things can still be fixed, you want to try again and you want to save your relationship before it is too late. Stay with us!

Is it possible to win back your partner when all is lost?

The vision that everything is lost can be given from the emotional point of view, maintaining pain, sadness, anger. However, this does not really mean that everything is lost and one of the things that must be trusted when wanting to reconquer the couple is in the love that once united them.

Love never stops being and if you really have a desire to act under love and selflessly to recover your relationship, not looking for your own benefit, it is quite likely that with dedication it will be achieved.

How to win back your partner, man or woman?

Many men and women make the mistake of taking a relationship or a partner for granted. When the truth is, if you stop paying enough attention to it, things will gradually cool down.

If you are reading this it is because you probably feel that your relationship has already grown cold, and you want to rekindle the love. But how to recover a worn relationship?

It begins by remembering. Remembering is the best way to live past experiences . And the best way to start is by remembering all the things that made you fall in love with your partner.

The percentage of couples that return, just doing this is very large. So start by thinking. What were the qualities of your partner that made you fall in love with her? His smile, his way of being, the way he looked at you?

This step is incredibly important because, in order for you to regain an impossible love , you will have to fall in love all over again. And if you really want to rekindle love , start by doing everything you did in the beginning.

The beginning of relationships is the moment that will mark the rest of it. So, text, give flowers, ask out, focus on the little details. All those things that initially made both of them fall in love.

In addition, it is crucial that they put problems aside. Stop focusing all your attention on financial, family or social problems. Focus, and take all the time you need to save your relationship.

How to get your ex back when all is lost?

When we feel that all is lost, how to rekindle the love of a couple becomes a little more complicated. Since it will not only be to fall in love again, but to resolve any discussion that they have left unfinished.

When a relationship is completely over , and then you want to know how to win back your partner, you have already taken the first step. The second will be to get in touch, and find out if the other party is willing to make an arrangement and overcome that relationship crisis.

If your partner accepts, the first thing they should do is sit down and solve that problem that led them to separate. They must leave the pride of the couple aside since it is not about finding a culprit, but about forgiving and accepting.

They should take as long as it takes to let go of all the pain they feel. Drain all the frustration, resentment and negative thoughts that you have inside. Since they cannot start a relationship from scratch, if they still have a grudge for past situations.

Once they have cleared up all the issues, and have come to mutual forgiveness. They will be able to lay the foundation for their new improved relationship. Starting from scratch, as if it were the first time they met.

In the same way, it will be crucial that they avoid making the same mistakes again . And also, avoid remembering the bad times of the past at all costs. Since all this had to be overcome, and therefore it will not be healthy for the new relationship to emerge once more.

Tips and tricks to rekindle your partner’s love

Rekindling love in the couple implies a commitment and a lot of dedication, depending on the problem for which they have separated, the degree of difficulty can be defined more or less. However, when you really want to, everything impossible becomes possible . That is why we present you some tips that you can put into practice to regain the love of your partner.

Write love phrases

Words of love penetrate our interior and even more so when they arrive with a strong energy. Write love phrases for your partner that translate the love you feel and the desire to regain the relationship they had.

You can tell him about the things you think about when you are not with him or her, how different the world looks in solitude, the changes that you have proposed to have after thinking about it, etc.

Also keep in touch persistently , that is, if you want to write a good morning message to her every day, do it constantly so that your partner can see how much you want to fix things and how many times you think about her.

But remember that these phrases and words must be accompanied by actions, it will not make sense that you write phrases of love and that on the other hand you are doing things that do not help the relationship.

Be more detailed

Details are a tangible manifestation of love and care. And when we talk about being a retailer, we are not referring only to material things, being a retailer implies having good and pleasant gestures, being attentive, giving calls and good times, remembering things that are pleasing to your partner, etc.

Being a retailer is something that little by little will awaken in your partner the love that had been hidden . But yes, it can only work if you are sincere and you do everything vibrating in love, without selfishness.

Take into account their feelings

This is very important because even though we sometimes try to fix mistakes to get back into the relationship, we don’t stop for a moment to think about what the other person feels or wants. So, it is prudent and very positive that you can listen to what your partner feels .

Taking her feelings into account will not only make her feel good but it will help you to attack the real problem that prevents you from being together again and you can work towards eliminating the bad feelings and enhancing the good ones.

Be more interested in their things

Remember that in a relationship there are two. They both have responsibilities and things happen in their lives every day that they both would like to tell or share. You can then be more interested in their things.

How was work? Did you eat? How was the meeting the day before? Did you manage to solve the car problem? Being able to pay attention to the things that surround you will make you look more human and aware of your life, which undoubtedly adds a grain of sand to the cause of being together again.

Be sincere

This is very important, first you have to be honest and sincere with yourself and then bring that honesty and sincerity to your partner. What do you really want and seek? What are the plans you have in mind for the future? Why do you want to return to that relationship?

Answering these questions yourself and telling them to your partner will allow everything to be clear and they can walk on the truth and handle a single concept.

Do not fall into monotony

Things may get tedious over time, but don’t allow yourself to be embraced by monotony . Stay active, looking for ways to live your love and share it with the world, you have shared with your partner all the ideas that come to mind.

Go out from time to time, do things that you have never done together or maybe but not so constantly. Learn to discover yourself and to discover your partner again.

Plan romantic getaways

You can make all the ideas a fun adventure, escape with your partner to a place they have never visited. It does not have to be a giant or distant trip , there are places within the city itself that can be visited or are a nice place to sit down and chat about love and forget about the monotony of the day.

Simplicity often makes things better and stronger roots of love can emerge.

The best phrases to get a love back

In case you don’t know how to start, you can help yourself with certain phrases. Since they will give you an idea, and will make you put that fear aside.

  • “I cannot measure how long I want to be with you. So let’s say it’s forever “
  • Forgiveness is earned by repentance. And the only regret I have is letting you go “
  • “When I met you I realized that I had been asleep all my life. You opened my eyes to a totally new world “
  • “The greatest love I have ever had, you have given me. And that’s why I want to give you the purest I have. My heart”

What to do if my partner does not want to be reconquered?

This is a really important point since you may really want to do everything possible to resume the relationship, but if your partner is not able to receive that desire or is using a language other than yours, things may not work out. as you expect.

Perhaps you can try to be present to see their reaction little by little and decide whether or not to stay trying, but if your partner is really reluctant, it is best that you accept reality and mark your distance.

Given the problems that have arisen, it may simply be that your partner needs more time to think or drain the discomfort he feels (if he is upset). Then the best thing is that both of you take the time necessary for the waters to calm down, after this time you could try again and if your partner is still negative you already have to be clear that it is time to withdraw, move away and start redoing your life on the other hand.