How to have a happy, healthy and lasting relationship in marriage

Many people go in search of a happy and lasting relationship, not really knowing what it takes to get it. In order for a marriage to function and become forever, both of you will have to make compromises, sacrifices, and efforts for the good of the relationship.

Always keep in mind that things should come from the heart and never out of obligation. If you want to improve your marriage, learn with us the characteristics of true, healthy, and lasting love!

Characteristics of a happy and lasting relationship

Have you ever run into a couple on the street who look amazing together? That they are so happy and at ease that they radiate an emotion of joy and happiness wherever they pass? Well, that way they will look at your husband and you if they meet the characteristics of a happy relationship :

  1. They know how to communicate: They do not need fights or fights, because they have a very good practice of communication and conversation to reach different agreements.
  2. They are sincere to each other:  The more sincere they are, the stronger the relationship will become.
  3. They enjoy each other’s company:  A happy and long-lasting marriage should be made up of two people who love being together, and are not bored with each other.
  4. They are the pillar that supports the other:  The greatest and most sincere support they can have is towards each other. So in any inconvenience or emotional downturn, your partner will be there.
  5. They accept and respect their differences:  It is not about being the same but making their differences complement each other. You have what he needs, and he has what you need. They do not seek to change each other.
  6. They take time for themselves:  Reiterating the importance of private time as a couple is essential to always reinforce and maintain intimacy.
  7. They value gestures of love: Appreciate all the details and efforts of the couple to make us feel loved, respected, and valued.
  8. They focus on the needs and tastes of both:  Both men and women must be able to offer the other their tastes when they want and can. Neither of them puts themselves above the other because they both have the right.
  9. They have joint plans: All future plans are built and molded with ideas and contributions from both, a life project that includes both of them at all times.

How to keep a happy marriage?

Now, what is most difficult for couples is to maintain all the efforts that they commit to making when the marriage begins. However, you have to have certain considerations before you get married so that you can have a healthy, happy, and lasting marriage :

  • Do not marry a man with whom you are not yet intimate.
  • Take the time to really get to know each other.
  • Be willing to make sacrifices for the good of the relationship.
  • Make a commitment not to get carried away by lawsuits.
  • Never let monotony invade your home.
  • Do not get caught up in work or children.
  • A partner always requires time and attention.
  • Hold hands wherever you go.
  • Identify yourselves as a unit.
  • Every decision you make must be together.
  • Do not belittle each other’s efforts. 
  • Relax and always keep in mind what it was that brought you together and made you fall in love in the first place.
  • Do not have children so quickly, take the time you need to enjoy your relationship first.

Benefits of a healthy and lasting relationship

When you flood your life with good things, you will realize all the benefits that will come to it. That includes an ideal relationship, of which you can have many good things for the rest of their lives:

  • They become an ideal example for your children. Thus they have a good idea and concept of love and will avoid harmful relationships.
  • They will never be alone. 
  • The adversities will not be so serious.
  • Any emotional pain is much more bearable. 
  • Goals and dreams are fulfilled faster.
  • The upbringing of children is more favorable.
  • They enjoy a full life.