How to have and demonstrate trust as a couple How is this trust built, what happens when it is lost?

It is common for us to have doubts about the fidelity or sincerity of our partner at the beginning of the relationship. Since trust is gained little by little , and is built as the relationship progresses. If you and your partner are at a time like this, and want to build trust between you, you’ve come to the right place!

How to build trust as a couple?

Lack of sincerity  is one of the main reasons why trust between couples is affected. And it is the first step to take to improve it, to be 100% honest at all times. Building trust is a day-to-day issue. It is not about being honest every other day, because we would be making things worse.

On the other hand, trust and respect in the couple go in the same package. Because you can’t hope to gain someone’s trust if you don’t respect their decisions, wishes or opinions. The best thing will be to integrate little by little, and to unite more and more as a team than as individuals.

Visualize your partner as someone essential. Someone who will be there no matter what. In this way, your feelings towards him are synchronized on the same frequency. And therefore, thanks to the actions that they develop (being aware of their needs, supporting each other, providing comfort, knowing how to listen and communicate), trust grows more and more.

One of the biggest fears of couples: The cell phone. Many see this electronic device as the perfect weapon for deception. Full of keys and encodings that hide everything inside. This is a critical point in any couple, because it is not about invading their privacy by going through their phone, but trusting that they have nothing to hide.

And how is this accomplished? Proving it. For example, someone who has nothing to hide on their phone will have no qualms about lending you their phone and telling you the password. Or also, when a text message or a call arrives, at any time it can tell you to answer the cell phone yourself.

Trust is earned with the smallest actions. And in the same way, we have to take that leap of faith, and trust that everything is going according to plan.

How to regain confidence in yourself or in your partner

Otherwise, something has already happened that has fractured the trust between the two, it will be a little more difficult to recover it. But, if it wasn’t outright infidelity, you can work together to improve trust and restore faith in your relationship.

  • Be honest all the time:  You can’t keep telling lies or keep hiding things if you want to heal your relationship. Take the first step yourself and wait to see how your partner reacts.
  • Leave jealousy aside:  Do not allow what happened before to continue damaging the relationship. And although it seems impossible, you will have to give your vote of confidence again and avoid being filled with sick jealousy that will only make the situation worse.
  • Show that you have nothing to hide:  Remember that the little things are what matter. So forget about hiding conversations, sneaking off to answer a call or read a message. Try to integrate each other in your individual groups of friends.
  • Maintain constant sincere communication: This is not the time to keep anything to yourself, not the inconveniences, not the thoughts, not the desires. To improve each aspect of the relationship, you will have to support each other in meditation and communication.

Confidence exercises to improve the relationship as a couple

Psychology has helped many couples with exercises to improve and strengthen trust between them. Therefore, you and your partner can lean on the following:

  • Make their words reflect your actions.
  • Learn to apologize.
  • Remember each of your past experiences and remember why you fell in love in the first place.
  • Maintain direct eye contact whenever you have a heart-to-heart conversation.
  • Practice more new activities together. Explore the world!
  • Ask each other what you can do to build each other’s trust.