How to know if I am a toxic or jealous woman? Is it my partner? How to get out of a toxic relationship

There are many scenarios in relationships. However, one of the most traumatic and difficult is finding ourselves trapped in a toxic relationship . Since this can present many levels, and be established in different ways. A toxic relationship goes far beyond just prohibiting things from your partner, it is a delicate situation that requires immediate attention.

How to get out of a toxic relationship and be happy again

If you have arrived with the intention of learning to let go of that tortuous relationship, you have already taken the most important step. How to get out of a toxic relationship is never an easy thing. So the second thing you will have to do is communicate your situation to your closest friends. It can be a relative, your best friend or your best friend.

Leaning on them, you can see a light at the end of the road. As long as you keep your mind set on ending the relationship. How can I get out of a toxic relationship? Begin to clear your mind.

  • Realize the situation . It’s not just that your partner is proud , it’s that he or she is drowning you in a relationship that is all about him or her. Your needs and practically your whole being remain obscured. And the most delicate thing is that toxic couples make you believe that being in that state of inferiority is okay.
  • Don’t trust “I will change”. Very sorry, when a partner is toxic, there is no going back, since that selfish and arrogant attitude will only get worse and worse. And you better get the hell out of there, before he gets aggressive.
  • Work and improve your self-love. In a toxic relationship, regardless of whether the victim is a man or a woman, their self-esteem is seriously affected. Especially given the fact that their partner constantly makes them feel inferior. Therefore, take the time you need to trust yourself again.
  • Stand by your decision to end. That person will probably try their best to improve your attitude at critical moments. But this is just the calm before the storm.

How do I know if I am toxic to my partner?

The most characteristic thing about a toxic person is that they will never accept that they are toxic. However, before continuing to aggravate the situation and avoid being an  unbearable woman , keep in mind the following points:

  • You present episodes of sick jealousy for no reason . These situations can become aggressive at certain times. You can even constantly check your partner’s phone and ban them from talking to certain people.
  • You don’t care about or pay attention to your partner’s wishes. You get into a constant “me, me, me.”
  • You get angry over the smallest things, and especially when your partner does not pay attention to you at all times even when he is busy.
  • You try or have succeeded in prohibiting him from meeting friends, and you have severely limited his social group.
  • When you have an argument or fight, you blame him for everything, you use many insults and constantly put him down.
  • You prohibit him from acting or expressing himself freely. You can even change the way you talk, walk or dress.

If you feel that the above points represent you, change immediately! And the best way to do that is to talk to your partner and this time let him say exactly how he feels. You’re in no position to fight! Since being a toxic couple, the one who must change is you.

How to identify if my partner or boyfriend is toxic and I am in a toxic relationship

There are many  types of toxic relationships,  therefore a person may not realize that they are immersed in a relationship of this type. Learn to identify them to assess if you are in a toxic relationship.

  • Blackmail:  The couple is forced to act in a certain way by threats.
  • Fear:  Fear that the partner will react in a certain way. One of the most common forms of control.
  • Power difference: Establishing that one of the two is the boss of the relationship and therefore diminishes the voice and opinions of the other.
  • Relationship based on lies:  Many deceptions are used in order to have a submissive and keep a person by his side.