How to know if my boyfriend is jealous Why are men so jealous? How is the behavior of a jealous man?

In a love relationship there will always be jealousy . It is something normal that couples feel, thanks to the feeling of belonging that is generated in a love relationship.

However, there are times when jealousy becomes very obsessive. And men who are especially jealous behave in a way that can be irritating most of the time. Is your boyfriend very jealous and you don’t know how to handle it? Stay with us.

Jealousy or Celopathy – Differences between being jealous and possessive

When you are in a relationship, it is impossible not to feel jealousy. This is because we seek to protect what we love and we are afraid of losing. It is something natural and common in both humans and animals.

However, we tend to think that there is only one type of jealousy. When in reality, a person can have many levels of jealousy.

For example, a possessive man will always want to control everything his partner does . From the way you act, to the way you dress and the people you live with.

These behaviors can arise due to great insecurities. For example, as a consequence of retrospective jealousy , or from suffering from an extremely possessive personality.

The compulsion to control everything leads a man to generate unhealthy jealous behaviors. Which in the long run, can have a negative impact on the relationship itself.

Therefore, it is normal for a person, both male and female, to feel jealous. As long as this isn’t wanton jealousy, and maintains a solid foundation of facts.

Why is a person jealous? – Body language of a jealous man

An extremely jealous person , it is mainly because it hides many insecurities inside. Since a person who enjoys good self-esteem, and is always sure of himself, will not need to touch the limits of jealousy.

It is clear that you should not judge your boyfriend right off the bat . So the main thing will be to assess if there is a reason behind this excessive jealousy.

For example, if you had a past relationship that ended on very bad terms. He has probably lost faith and trust in love, and therefore you will have to help him little by little to trust you more.

You must be prepared for all defensive behaviors. Since a man who develops possessiveness, it will be very difficult to get him out of it. So make him understand that you will never be able to hurt him.

In the same way, don’t let their attitudes and demands outweigh your own desires. Since you will only be feeding the symptoms of the possessive man. And you will never get positive results.

Another characteristic of a jealous man is that he will always want you to stay by his side no matter what. Going out with friends will be prohibited, dancing freely, dressing as you wish, expressing yourself as you wish, and many other things will be off limits.

Therefore, you must establish the guidelines in which you will lead the relationship. Since otherwise you will remain locked in a jail in your own love relationship.

How can I know if my boyfriend or partner is jealous and possessive?

A woman can realize that her partner is jealous and possessive from the first few months of the relationship. Since they are behaviors that are very difficult to hide and sooner or later they will surface.

Knowing if your boyfriend is jealous and possessive will be a piece of cake. Since he will be in charge of letting you know daily. Mainly, by invading your privacy as aggressively as rummaging through your belongings, or deliberately going through your phone or social media.

From there, if you allow this type of behavior, then everything will escalate. Soon it will start banning you things . Like going out with friends, having male friends, dressing in a certain way, among other things.

Keep in mind that this type of behavior must be eradicated from its first appearances. Because otherwise, you will sink into a toxic relationship that sooner or later can become very dangerous.

Do not allow anyone to take control over your decisions or over your body. Since relationships should be based on trust and not on threats.