What to do if you fell in love with the wrong person? How to forget a man who does not suit you?

In daily life, we ​​can hardly ever deduce what will happen in the future. We only have a small deduction thanks to our intuition that warns us of many things. And also as a type of filter through which we pass certain decisions to make.

But when it comes to unrequited love. In which we fell completely in love with that person who in the end turned out to be the wrong one. We ran into a big disappointment. And it is that perhaps we could not know or deduce it in time. So we only have the suffering and pain of something that started being so beautiful.

So why do we look at the wrong people? Over and over again we realize that in the end, it did not work out. This happens because we do not give reality a chance and we get caught up in falling in love which blinds us completely.

Why do we look at the wrong person?

There are several reasons why we choose or look at the wrong person. Basically, this answer is quite easy, but sometimes it is difficult to realize it in time.

First the infatuation. We tend to confuse it with what really is a couple’s love. Then this feeling clouds us completely so that we ignore the signals and deductions that we have about that person.

We engage in all the good things we like about the person. We fall in love with an idealization that we ourselves have about her. So at the moment that this stage ends we run into the cruel reality. What we don’t like and that’s where we start to wonder why I always fall in love with the wrong person?

This also happens because we don’t know what we want and think that everything is based on chemistry. Without being aware of attitudes or treatment that clearly indicate that it is not appropriate.

In other circumstances, it is because you do not have good self-esteem. So your standards stay well below and you accept the minimum of a person, without looking beyond.

That is why before starting any relationship it will always be good that when we meet the person, we are aware of any sign that may upset us. And not put it aside because we feel in love or attracted. You must think more coldly, and how she will suit you, taking everything little by little so as not to get hurt.

What to do if I fell in love with the wrong person?

Knowing that you fell in love with the wrong person hurts a lot. However, you must learn from it and not continue with that relationship because you know very well that it does not suit you.

You must start listening to your intuition or the inner voice. What you feel in your stomach that somehow tells you what you should do, that warns you not to go that way, etc. Well, without a doubt, it is the one that is right, and in turn, it is like listening to yourself.

Ask for advice from people who do care about you and truly love you. Surely they see something from a point of view that you cannot see. And at the same time, they will help and guide you.

You will have to leave that relationship of course. Think that whoever loves you cares about you, about what happens to you, and that you are well. And if it is simply you who does not feel comfortable, it will also be necessary to leave her and talk about it with that person. The healthiest way to continue is that.

How to forget the wrong person or an unrequited love

To forget yourself and stop loving the wrong person, you must start working on various things and aspects of your life.

Assess the situation. Recognize that it really didn’t suit you and you don’t need it to be okay. Well, you didn’t feel completely comfortable being by his side.

Work on improving your self-esteem and self-love. In this way, you will not have the need to depend on the love of another person.

Leave that person completely. Don’t write to him anymore so you don’t always remember him. Take some time for yourself, do new activities that are to your liking, and reorganize your life.