What to do if my partner insults, humiliates or hits me when he gets angry?

In a couple’s relationship, there will always be difficulties. And it is something completely normal because of the differences between the two. However, there is a line that should never be crossed. And it is the respect that exists in the couple,  if they insult me, humiliate me, or hit me, they have crossed it completely.

If in the relationship you are in you ask yourself questions like these: Why does my partner blame me for everything? Why does my husband always make me bitter? o Why does my husband or boyfriend physically/verbally treat me badly but tell me he loves me at the same time? You are suffering from physical or/and psychological abuse .

It is important to detect this type of abuse in time to stop it. But remember that it is never too late to do it. Always taking the greatest possible care, everything will be possible.

Next, we will talk a little more about what to do when your partner humiliates you or physically attacks you.

How to identify that my partner humiliates me and takes advantage of me

When your partner makes you feel less, bitter, always blaming you for everything or treating you badly, and then hides behind an “I love you”  identifies a humiliating and abusive person. These types of people behave this way for the following reasons:

  • Lack of security and self-esteem.
  • He doesn’t control his impulses.
  • For not feeling any empathy.
  • Family dysfunction in childhood.
  • Next, we will give you the symptoms with which you will identify this type of person. To then find a solution and not allow this abuse anymore.
  • Give orders instead of asking nicely.
  • He treats you very badly, and you are worth nothing to him.
  • It doesn’t let you leave or go where you want. It has even limited you from being with your family.
  • He constantly criticizes and teases you.
  • Hides important things or from himself.
  • He blames you for everything constantly.
  • He is highly controlling of your life.
  • Assault in any way: physically, verbally, or psychologically.
  • Manipulator, aggressive and rigid.
  • Publicly humiliates you.
  • He makes comparisons to other women.
  • Focuses only on the bad.

What to do if my partner humiliates me, hits me, and blames me for everything?

If you have identified your partner with any of these behaviors and you don’t know what to do. Follow the steps below to know how to act when a man humiliates you in any way.

Take action and be aware of this. Put yourself in a position to know that something is happening and you have to make the decision to stop it. Either ending the relationship or otherwise.

Go with friends or family who support you with this and know how to guide you. Also, go to professionals in the field such as psychologists or mediators. This is undoubtedly very important, we must know that we cannot do it alone. Help will always be necessary, do not hesitate to tell someone you trust.

Work and renew your self-esteem, security, mentality, and spirituality. Start again to take care of yourself and love yourself as a person. This will empower you a lot and you will know that you are worth much more than you imagine. And you will no longer allow anyone to humiliate you.

What do I do to stand up to my partner and not take advantage of me?

To put a stop to and not let yourself be humiliated by a man this is what you should do:

  • Avoid thoughts of how to humiliate that man. Don’t let yourself be clouded by pain.
  • Take the situation seriously. Study the aggressor, and think about how you will confront him, and what is the best way.
  • Practice before you do it. If you are very submissive, start changing those insecure attitudes for safe and firm ones.
  • Tell people close to you so they can help you.
  • Planet the place and day. So that he doesn’t feel comfortable or confident to take advantage of you again.
  • Have very confident and assertive verbal and body language.
  • Make a decision from the beginning that you start confronting him and don’t let anything he says change your mind. Stay in what you have decided and that’s it.
  • If he insists, go kindly and firmly with your decision.
  • Always recognize your value because you are worth a lot and no one can take that away from you.