How to know if your twin flame thinks of you: 15 irrefutable signs

A while ago you have met your twin flame.

This made it all make sense and transformed your whole life, perspective, and energy.

But after a few months or maybe years, they have not seen each other again, due to certain life circumstances.

Then you realize that you cannot stop thinking about him and you find yourself wondering if your twin flame thinks about you.

That is why I have put together this list of 15 undeniable signs that your twin flame has you in mind.

15 Big Signs Your Twin Flame Still Thinks About You And Misses You

1) He always remembers the good times you lived in the past

Your twin flame will constantly have memories of the good times you had when you met.

The memories that are always on your mind are also on his mind and in his heart.

When your twin flame misses you, they think of all the best times together and ask if you remember them too. 

Another important thing about this kind of special relationship is that talking about the amazing times you’ve had together never gets boring.

2) They interact with you frequently on social media

Another great sign that your twin flame thinks of you is that they interact with you frequently on social media. This can be in the form of comments, likes, shares, retweets, etc.

In these days of modern technology, even twin flames spend a lot of time online.

So if your special guy or girl is following you, clicking and engaging in all sorts of social ways on your platforms, that’s definitely a good sign.

They are using their time online to navigate to your corner of the web and say hello. They clearly want to relate to you, miss you, and care about you.

If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be trying to engage with you and show their digital appreciation.

The downside to this is that it can eventually become a social media stalker. 

3) Share music with you through which you connect

Music is one of the most powerful and beautiful things in life. If you and your twin flame share some similar music interests, that may be one way he thinks of you in your absence.

They share the music you can both bond with deep lyrics, enchanting melodies, and energy that lifts you both up and reminds you of the connection you have.

A big part of having a twin flame is having a connection that goes beyond words. Things like music or even a simple look can say a lot, more than a thousand words.

4) A real psychic can confirm if your twin flame thinks of you

The signs in this article will give you a good idea if your twin flame is still thinking about you.

Still, talking to a real psychic will give you more clarity and much more information.

But how can you find a psychic you trust? Nowadays, it is very important to stay away from fakers.

I recently tried “Tu Psiquico” after going through a bad breakup. They provided me with a unique insight into where my life was going, including who I was meant to be with. 

In fact, I was impressed by how caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable my advisor was.

A genuine psychic will not only tell you how much your twin flame thinks of you but can also reveal all your possibilities for love.

5) Ask about mutual friends and your social group

You and your twin flame probably share mutual friends or a social group. So your twin flame may ask about them as a way of communicating with you.

It’s your way of checking in and getting updates on the friends and connections you share. Also, he can ask you how you are, without being nosy.

Your twin flame misses you when they care about those close to you, including your family and mutual friends.

In addition to the twin flame, I believe we have “twin flame groups” or social circles that reflect and intensify who we are and who we can become.

6) They want to help you and take care of your health

A twin flame is not just something spiritual and romantic. Your twin flame wants to see you survive and thrive in your life, health, career, and much more.

If he thinks of you, he will ask about your mental and physical health. He wants to make sure that you really are okay. 

In addition, he will do everything possible for you to overcome and process the challenges that you may have shared together.

Twin flames are often deeply in sync with each other. That is why they can sense when something is wrong.

Your twin flame will not accept half-answers. If you pretend to be okay, you won’t be very successful. He will find out the truth and help you no matter what.

7) They are curious to know what is new in your life

When your twin flame remembers you, they want to know about everything new that is happening in your life.

But he won’t do it in a nosy or weird way. He will have a natural and abundant curiosity because his connection with you is genuine and strong.

It is as if he is an extension of you and vice versa, and therefore what you do matters deeply to him.

They want to know everything about you because they miss spending time with you and they want to be close to you sharing your life.

“While a twin flame is not a soul split in two since we are a whole on our own, twin flames act as a reflection,” writes Sophie Saint Thomas, adding that “it is like looking in a mirror, and not It is not only your unprocessed trauma reflecting back on you, but it is also your past life or ancestral work.”

8) He introduces you to his loved ones and wants to include you

Another important sign that your twin flame remembers you is that they want to include you in their life, whenever possible.

If he has new friends and colleagues, he will introduce you and tell you about them. He wants you to be a part of his social world.

He will share funny and touching stories, explaining to the new people in his life, what you mean to him. In this way, he will show you how he constantly has you in mind.

He does because even if you’re not together right now, you’re still a key part of his life. Your new friendships or relationships will do nothing to overshadow or change that.

9) He wants to see your face and chat with you on a video call

Twin flames miss their partner when they are not together. 

It is not that your twin flame feels dependent on you. When she is alone she feels happy and enough, but she feels even more joy when she is together with her twin flame.

For this reason, seeing your face and video chatting with you brings a lot of joy to your twin flame. 

He loves to see your reactions and responses. Seeing your face light up with a smile or knowing when you are sad and comforting yourself because they miss you so much.

10) Ask about your beliefs and interests

Your twin flame relationship is based on a deep connection and it is also a dynamic connection.

The point is that no matter how much you change, transform or evolve, you will always feel that old bond that unites you. It’s something in the heart and on a deep, visceral level like they’re meant to be together or connected by karma from past lives, like a belief.

One of the signs that your twin flame is thinking of you is that they will question you about your evolving beliefs and interests. She will also share hers with you.

Even if you are changing drastically, he will still be interested and supportive. He will be fascinated to see how the other half of him is evolving and changing.

11) He texts and calls often despite having a busy schedule

When your twin flame misses you, time is made for you, no matter what. It’s that easy.

Even if it’s just a couple of times a week, he’ll make sure to call or text you to be present in your life.

They’ll forward that hilarious joke they heard in email or on social media, and they’ll ask if you’re okay.

Your twin flame is different from a non-twin flame because they will never fake it.

He’s not going to smile and say that everything is fine when it’s not. He’s not going to tell you he has all the time in the world when he doesn’t.

In fact, brutal honesty is one of the hallmark signs of a true twin flame relationship.

But when he thinks of you, your twin flame will take steps to bridge that gap, even if you are drifting away.

12) Share with you their deepest emotions and struggles

When your twin flame thinks of you, they let you into their deepest feelings and fights.

You are not “just another person.” You are their main person.

And that will come through loud and clear in the way he talks to you and opens up to you.

Even if what he is dealing with is controversial, difficult, confusing or strange, he will open the doors of his heart and tell you everything.

And they will invite you to do the same with your pain.

This is a process of mutual healing and support, not codependency. Neither of them is looking for pity or simply complaining and unloading a trauma. It will open you up more to yourself in a truly vulnerable and authentic way.

13) It’s not always easy, but it’s real

Your twin flame relationship is not always a walk in the park. As two intense people, with a strong spiritual connection, your interactions can become intense and even combative.

You may passionately argue or disagree on a topic or issue between the two of you. This clash may be the opportunity for patience and love to develop further. Instead of a reason to part.

It may be a wobble in the relationship, leading to healing and love, rather than a breakup.

14) They want to try to reconnect or meet up as soon as possible

No matter what the reason for your current separation is, if your twin flame thinks of you, they will want to meet you again in the future.

Even if this is possible in a couple of months, you will enjoy planning the details. He’ll make sure to think about all the things you’ll do together, once you’re back in the same place.

15) They want to know your future plans and dreams

Having a twin flame is extremely special, and knowing that they miss you makes it that much more wonderful. It makes the eventual reunion even sweeter.

Your twin flame wants to know about your future plans and dreams. Additionally, she will tell you hers, because their destinies are intertwined.

They want to do everything possible to plan a future with you and walk hand in hand along the path of life.

The special thing about the relationship with your twin flame

No matter how long you have been apart, your twin flame will not die out if he is truly meant to be with you.

Just because you have met your twin flame you are tremendously lucky. Not only for all of the above but also because, without a doubt, he will always be thinking of you.