When a man gives you hints: what are his real motives?

There are several women who are not good at knowing if a man is interested in us.

Sometimes the signs are obvious to some, but we are too innocent to take the hint. 

On other occasions, we have our suspicions, but we do not dare to take a step forward for fear of being wrong.

Not to mention asking him directly if he likes us. Imagine, if he tells us no! We just want the earth to swallow us.

So how can you tell if a man is interested in you?

Next, I will tell you 21 ways you can detect when a man is giving you hints and insinuating that he likes you.

21 Ways Guys Hint They Like You Instead Of Just Telling You

1) He affectionately teases you

This man usually makes playful jokes with a double meaning of love. So, he wants to show you that he has feelings for you.

He doesn’t tell you directly that he likes you, he does it with words, but in an indirect way.

For example, she might make fun of your teddy bear socks, but tell you they look sweet. Maybe he makes fun of a comment you always make but asks you to never stop doing it.

With this tease, he tries to show you that he likes you and makes you smile at the same time.

2) He cares about your life

Is this guy constantly asking you questions? Does he want to know everything about you and your life?

He wants to know what your interests and motivations are in order to connect with you. 

Through the things you have in common, think that you can get your attention. This way he thinks you will realize that he wants to be with you.

3) Has open communication with you

If you ask him anything, and he immediately responds to your request at length, that’s a sure sign that he likes you.

He also texts you constantly to chat. Additionally, he sends you information that he thinks may be important to you or may help you in some way.

He calls you regularly to check on you or just hang out. Also, if you share the same group of friends, they’ll probably ask you if you’re going out with them anytime soon.

Life can get so busy that communicating is something we reserve for our nearest and dearest. You are one of them for him.

4) He is always around you

If a guy is really interested in you, he’s probably doing things to get your attention. He still can’t bring himself to tell you directly that he likes you, but he tries to make you understand with his constant presence.

Likewise, if this guy really has feelings for you, he will want to be with you every minute of every day. 

He might even invite you out for coffee, a drink, go bowling, go for a walk, and maybe even do some shopping. 

Wanting to spend time with you is an effective way for a guy to send you hints.

5) He is very punctual

I don’t like to generalize, but I don’t have a single friend who is punctual. Guys show up on time when he really likes you and wants to spend time with you.

With this, he also wants to show you that he will always be there when you need him because he loves you.

He wants you to know that he is available to you, whenever you need him.

6) He compliments you subtly

If you notice that this guy often compliments you, it’s because he has feelings for you.

He doesn’t dare to tell you directly. Then, resort to some phrases so that you find out. 

For example, he could tell you that you give him tenderness when you make a gesture with someone. Or maybe he tells you that he really enjoys the time you spend together. It may also be that he notices how good those new sneakers look on you or the haircut you’re wearing today.

Start paying attention to the compliments he gives you. This is a great way for guys to indirectly tell you that they like you.

7) He gets nervous every time he sees you

Have you noticed that every time you look at this man he gets restless and looks away?

This is an unconscious way of insinuating that he wants something to happen with you in the love plane.

Body language cannot be controlled and gives people away when they like someone. 

It is one of the most sincere signs with which you can detect that someone has feelings for you, but has not mentioned it to you yet.

8) He buys you a drink

Whether it’s a coffee or a vodka lime soda, a man who buys you a drink is a guy trying to win your heart. 

He wants to show that he can keep his lady and pamper you from time to time. Give you the treats you deserve.

9) Try to make you laugh

This is a very common way guys show they like you without saying it. 

We know that boys can sometimes be silly. But if you often see him making the effort to hear your laugh, it’s because he wants to see you happy. He likes you and loves you, but for some reason, he hasn’t told you.

He can even do some things that make him look ridiculous, exposing himself just to get a giggle out of you.

Laughing and having fun together is an amazing way to build a connection with the person you like.

10) He fixes his hair when he sees you

You can tell a guy is sending you hints that he likes you when you walk into the room and he straightens his hair.

It may also be that he fixes his shirt and looks in the mirror to see himself well for you. 

Or maybe he puts his hand behind his hair and laughs as he looks at you. 

He wants to impress you with his appearance and draw you to him, without saying so in words. Women are not the only ones who play with our hair to flirt with someone we like.

11) He tries really hard to be cool

This can sometimes be confused with arrogance. But if a guy is interested in you, he will often try to act cooler than he really is. 

Maybe he’s pretending he thinks he is more than he really thinks he is, to attract you. 

Either way, if he’s trying to act cool, he’s probably trying to impress you.

12) Try all the time to have physical contact with you 

This guy is looking for reasons to constantly touch you. This is one of the main ways guys indirectly show you that they like you. 

His hands can brush against yours, as you grab some popcorn. Perhaps he can absentmindedly put his hand on your shoulder. He can also put an arm around your waist to gently move you out of his way. 

All these are excuses to be able, even if it is to touch you if he does not dare to tell you what he really feels.

Pay attention to the way he touches you because it is a clear indication that he may be in love with you.

13) You make him blush

His cheeks turn red when he stumbles over his words or maybe when he makes a bad joke. 

This is another sign that he is really trying to impress you. 

His face gives him away and he may go to great lengths to hide it with words. But he won’t be able to hide how he feels when he blushes.

14) He gives you his full attention

If there is a hint that can show you that he is interested in you, it is his cell phone. 

If you’re at a bar and his phone starts ringing, only for him to ignore it, he’s showing you that you’re the most important thing to him.

He is fascinated by your eyes and your ability to converse. 

Try to reciprocate by doing the same for him and you can see how the conversation flows between you.

15) Makes eye contact with you

But not just any eye contact.

He looks you straight in the eye. He longs for you to interpret his desire for you and he does so by losing his gaze into yours. 

You will realize that his look is of love when you feel that the seconds pass and he does not take his eyes off you. He wants you to realize that he likes you.

He has realized that the eyes are the window to the soul and he is showing them to you.

16) He laughs at all your jokes 

Especially the bad ones…

I know what you think: you’re funny, so all your jokes are worth laughing at, right? 

We all have our days, and sometimes the jokes don’t go as planned. If he laughs at your jokes, even the ones you know aren’t funny, you can be sure this guy has feelings for you.

17) He likes all your posts

Nowadays social networks say a lot.

If this guy is liking your Instagram content as soon as you post it, he’s sending you hints that he likes you. 

The first time might have seemed like just a fluke. But if he is seeing all your stories, this could be a sign that he is trying to interact with you.

He wants you to know that he is looking at you. So go ahead and jump into romance, if you agree with it.

18) His hugs extend more than necessary

We all embrace among dear friends and family. 

But what I mean in this case is something else with respect to the hug of a boy who wants to give you a hint.

Hugs from a man you’re attracted to, but won’t tell you about, last a few seconds longer than normal. 

You will realize it. It will even make you feel a little uncomfortable, but of that discomfort that makes you feel good.

Perhaps he is crazy in love and needs to vent his feelings by performing indirect actions so that you somehow notice.

19) He smiles at you every time you look at him

This guy wants to dazzle you with his charm because he can’t believe how lucky he is and he’s really happy to spend time with you. 

He smiles at you at every opportunity he thinks can create a positive impression on you. 

In short, the mere act of smiling releases endorphins in your brain. These are hormones of happiness, which will make you associate it with something good.

20) Use suggestive emojis in his messages

This is one of the quintessential ways guys drop hints at you. 

Of course, every boy is different. But I did a survey of my friends, and most of them responded that messaging with emojis is almost exclusively reserved for people they’re romantically interested in. 

If he makes a flirtatious winking face, heart eyes, or blows a kiss, he could be hinting that he really likes you.

21) He remembers the little details

A man who is in love is one who remembers even the smallest detail of what you say. 

For example: remember how you like your coffee, your favorite restaurant and that you visit your family every weekend. This boy is very interested.

He probably also wants to brainstorm ideas for wacky gifts or cute dates. Even inside jokes to make you laugh.

He wants to be noticed, to see if indirectly, you find out that he likes you.

4 reasons why a man does not tell you directly that he likes you

Now is the time to understand why this guy is not telling you that he has feelings for you upfront. This will surely help you decide if you want to make the first move and start having a romantic relationship with him.

1) He is shy

Yes, this is the most common reason why a man does not dare to tell you directly that he loves you. 

Maybe he has tried a thousand times, but your personality or beauty has intimidated him. He doesn’t know how to approach you so you’ll be really impressed and accept a date with him.

2) He is afraid of rejection

When one person likes another, the fear of rejection and the pressure to do things right can prevent them from telling you how they feel. 

He may feel paralyzed, due to the scenarios he imagines in his mind, of what can happen, if he asks you out.

But this happens to him because he really has strong feelings for you and he doesn’t want to ruin anything between you two.

3) He doesn’t feel sure of yourself

Another classic reason why a man won’t tell you directly that he likes you is that he’s insecure. 

In some cases, it may happen that you believe the opposite. He seems like a confident guy, maybe even arrogant. 

The reality is that you are hiding your lack of security behind a facade. He internally doesn’t believe in himself and his social skills to approach a woman he has a strong attraction for. He only manages to drop hints to see if she realizes that he likes her.

4) He doesn’t know how to express what he feels

It may surprise you to know that there are many men who do not know how to express their feelings. And not only this, in some cases they do not know what emotions they are feeling. 

They understand that something is happening to him, but they don’t know exactly what. So they try to get closer to that person who causes them these sensations, but in an indirect way, due to the doubts that all this causes them.

You may also feel like you don’t know how to express your feelings appropriately. So not having the courage to do it, she tries to get closer with hints, to see how you react.

What to do when he doesn’t want to make the first move?

If you like him there are two options to see how they continue their relationship. 

  • One is that you take the first step.

Surely you agree that the man is the one who has to take the initiative for everything is in the past.

Today women have another position in the world.

We are independent, confident, we know how to stand up for ourselves and we go in search of what interests us.

That is why approaching him and asking him if he wants to go out for a drink with you alone can be a fantastic idea.

In that exit you can start by being honest and tell him that you are feeling something for him, to see how he reacts to it.

Most likely, this will give him confidence and he will end up telling you everything that happens to him.

This is how they will begin that relationship that both of them were longing for.

  • The other alternative is to wait.

If you are patient you can choose to see when he gets up enough courage to tell you how he feels.

To help him, you can pay attention to all the hints he sends you and react subtly to them so that he sees that you are really interested in him. 

But be careful not to get lost in endless waiting.

You have a life to live and if he doesn’t step up for you, then you better move on.

Perhaps this man is not for you after all and by making him understand that the time to conquer you has passed, it will not only be good for you, but also for him.