How does the proud man show his love?

Many are the men too proud to openly show their love. Most have a lot of trouble expressing their emotions. Their pride has become a real hindrance for them.

There are also several women who have to deal with them. Sometimes, they doubt if they really are loved. If you are one of them, do not worry, it is most likely that he does love you. To realize it, he keeps reading and knows the signs to discover it. In addition, we tell you how to conquer it.

How to know if a proud man is in love with you?

1) He shows his affection for you in public

A proud man is definitely in love with you when he kisses or hugs you in front of other people. 

Love is a sign of weakness for him and expressing affection is a clear sign that he loves you. 

Even if they meet friends and family who know you well, they might be surprised. Perhaps they will come to you and ask what you have done with that proud and cold man.

2) Listen carefully to what you have to say

It is very difficult for a proud boy to listen. If he does it is because he has strong feelings for you.

Proud men do not listen to reason, they always believe that they are right. They may not even look at you when you talk to them and walk out of the room. Even if it amazes you, that’s how rude they can be.

Therefore, if he gives you the opportunity to speak and, in addition, listen to what you say, it is an unmistakable sign of love.

And no way, if he accepts what you say and acts accordingly. This is a sincere expression that he is serious about you.

3) Recognize your achievements

A proud man will definitely show his love for you if he congratulates you on achieving the things you pursue.

It is common for men who have the pride to compete with their co-workers, their brothers, and even their partner. So the fact that he shows you admiration for having achieved an achievement is, without a doubt, a gesture of love.

It could be that you have been promoted at your job or you have won a competition in your favorite sports activity. Probably, he also wants to be the best in these fields. So if he recognizes you it’s because he truly loves you.

4) He is vulnerable

For a boy who has pride, being weak is one of the things he won’t want to do.

But if he is really connected to you, he may start talking about personal matters. You may even express your emotions about it. This is an unmistakable sign that he is showing you how important you are to him.

You probably feel that he does it very discreetly and without too much detail. But it is very difficult for a proud man to be vulnerable.

So if you want to encourage him to open up to you, even more, talk about your feelings and personal life too. You will see how this will make them feel more comfortable talking about their intimacy and thereby strengthen the bond they are building.

5) He agrees with you

If your man is proud, it’s probably really weird that he agrees with you. That is why, if he does it on occasion, this is a great demonstration of love.

This is particularly true if they argue. When a proud man fights, he goes blind and all he wants is to get his way.

It is very unlikely that they will agree with you on something that they do not think the same. Doing this means giving in and for him, this is equal to being weak.

If he agrees with you, it is because his feelings of love for you outweigh his pride.

6) Accepts you as you are

Human beings are not perfect. We have really good days and other days that we don’t even want to get up in the morning.

On first dates, we do everything we can to show our best side and avoid our flaws. We make every effort to appear attractive to that person we care about, because “the first impression is the one that counts”.

But if after having passed that first stage your proud boy is still with you, it is because he loves you.

The reality is that proud man not only need to be an example of manhood themselves, but they also want to be proud of the woman next to them. Some do not tolerate seeing their partner messy or talking loudly. They are very demanding with the personality they want the person they have as a partner to have.

So if he loves you even after getting to know you deeply flaws and all, then you can be sure of his love.

7) He is afraid of losing you

Perhaps they have been together for some time, perhaps years.

We all know that long-term couple relationships go through very good times, but there are also bad ones.

If you are fighting more than usual, this does not necessarily mean that the relationship is going to end. We all change over time and many times adjustments are needed in the couple to be able to continue.

It may be then that you notice that he is afraid of losing you. You will realize this, if after having a terrible fight, he, for example, comes up to you and talks to you. Remember that he is a proud man and if he makes this gesture with you, it is because he does not want you to separate.

Also being so proud, you can show your fear with smaller gestures. Maybe he’ll start talking to you about something else, as long as you don’t stay mad. He can mention other problems that need to be solved, to divert your attention from his fight with his partner. In this way, he establishes contact with you again, in the hope of putting the disagreement behind him.

8) He introduces you to his family and friends

A proud man is also proud of the woman he has chosen to have by his side.

He can’t just be proud because he has a certain beauty. He will also value if you are an honest worker, an excellent mother, or a wonderful partner.

He will always make you feel good, highlighting your virtues with others.

So if he is proud of you he will want to show you off to his family and friends. If he gets along with them, he is also proud of them. This makes both parties very important to him, and that is why he wants them to meet.

This importance is a key signal to recognize the love of a proud man.

9) Manifest your love through actions

Saying “I love you” to a proud man can be one of the hardest things he has to do in life.


Because saying these two words means that you will do anything for the happiness of that special person in your life. By putting your well-being before his, he will feel vulnerable and this is something that his pride does not allow him.

And how does he show you that he loves you?

Having gestures with you. It will let you choose the movie that you are going to see at the cinema. What food will you have for your anniversary? Celebrate New Year’s at your parents’ house, instead of theirs. If you live together, he will let you decorate the apartment to your liking.

He is giving you priority over decisions that concern both of you, this is a great demonstration of love.

10) He defends you

A man who is proud of his wife will defend her by all means.

Otherwise, I’d leave her to fix herself. Even, he may also join in some negative comments about her.

For a conceited boy, his wife is part of his perfect world and that is why, if someone attacks her, he will feel that they are directly messing with him.

Also, this is a clear sign that he loves you and will want to protect you. If he feels committed to you, he will do anything to see you happy. Then you will attribute this happiness to yourself and feel proud to have been the provider of it.

11) You are proud of your family and friends

A proud person feels this emotion not only for himself but also for his partner and his origin. It is a feeling that he will extend to all areas of his life, including the family of origin of his partner.

Also about the friends with whom you associate, since, if they are really close, they are a great influence in your life.

If he respects and admires your family and friends, he wants them to be part of his world. And he will love you more for it since you are the connection to this that makes him proud.

If you think about it, being the partner chosen by a proud man is quite a merit. It’s not just about you, but what you do, the family you have, and the friends with whom you share your way of seeing things. He has evaluated all of this to meet his standards.

12) He is faithful

Proud guys are usually faithful to their partners.

What is this about?

They have chosen their girlfriend or wife carefully, to do justice to their beliefs about how things should be.

If he cheats on you then he would be admitting that their relationship is not right and he is too proud to allow this.

He needs to surround himself with things that are right so that they validate his pride in them.

How to conquer a proud man

1) Let him make the first move

The proud need to be in control of things.

If you’ve just started getting to know each other, let him take the lead on everything.

He won’t like it if you want to get ahead of yourself or do things your way so that he follows behind.

Surely, you will have to contain yourself for a while to choose what you prefer, but be patient. A person cannot live forever having to decide absolutely everything. For something, we choose to share life with someone. To make it lighter for us.

You will see how later he will give you your space so that you can do things the way you like best. He will even like to see your determination and the way you know how to handle certain situations.

Remember that he is also proud of you and loves you for it and for how you are.

2) You have to be a confident and independent woman

To attract his attention, you must be a girl who can handle life on her own. Know how to handle yourself in the face of adversity that comes your way.

You may be surprised that I tell you this since many times these types of women intimidate men.

But it is not the case of a proud man.

On the contrary, he will value this, because it is the way he conducts himself. He wants a partner who can keep up with him. He needs someone who is up to him and sees the world the same way he sees it. A woman who has confidence in herself.

Also, you should avoid being needy or demanding. Do not beg for his attention either, because then he will see you as a weak person and you will stop attracting him.

3) Take care of your appearance

Something that will definitely conquer him will be that you take care of the way you look.

It is important that you look nice. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars or have extravagant clothes. You just have to look good and if it is with some detail that stands out better. It can be a nice necklace or a fragrance that reminds her of you.

Also, your personal hygiene is elementary. Maybe you are not dressed in a stunning way. But the scent of soap blooming on your skin can melt this kind of guy.

Definitely, if you go to the gym you will earn extra points. There is nothing more attractive to him than a woman who is not only beautiful but who strives for it.

4) Mark the distance

Ignore it from time to time, to give yourself a touch of mystery. He will want your attention to always be on him and if you walk away he will look for you. This is interesting and attractive to him, as he is bored by women who are open books.

But be careful not to overdo it too much. Otherwise, you may tire him out and he doesn’t want to have to work too hard either. Remember that he is proud and does not like to chase anyone.

What you do have to achieve is that he has to beat you. These kinds of guys don’t like easy things.

They need to feel like conquerors, in order to then show off their victory.

5) Show your character

Nothing to be a submissive woman. Defend yourself every time, even from himself. There are proud men who enjoy being challenged.

This does not mean that you are stubborn and do not listen to reasons. He will not bear that you contradict him.

Be firm with your beliefs, argue intelligently, and validate your convictions.

Do not let him dominate you, but do let him take the reins. A strong woman will become irresistible to him.

Additionally, show him your skills, always staying confident.

Don’t be intimidated by him.

Approve when he does something admirable and be distant when he doesn’t behave very well with you.

6) Show your admiration, but without exaggerating

Of course, a proud man loves to be admired, especially if it’s a woman he likes.

Let him know that you love him because he is a man with great intelligence and all the attractions he possesses.

Highlight their great achievements every time you hear about them.

But you have to be careful not to get clingy, or look fake.

Don’t do it constantly either, as it will lose meaning for him.

Give him just the right amount of praise so he doesn’t stop trying to win you over. He needs constant challenges in his life.

7) You must earn their trust

I’m going, to be honest, it won’t be an easy task for him to trust you. He is a boy who manages alone and does not need anyone.

But you can try to make him trust you by opening up to him first. She is honest and authentic with what you trust her. He is detailed with what you tell him about your private life.

Also, when he begins to tell you sensitive issues, you must be all ears. I don’t mean just silently staring at him. You have to pay real attention to it and remember every word.

If he’s comfortable confiding in you what’s important to him once, he’ll do it again later. The thing is, if you later don’t remember what he has entrusted to you, then you may miss the opportunity to strengthen your connection with him.

8) Remember to be discreet

When you go out to social events let him steal the show.

Don’t start talking endlessly to everyone. Don’t go ahead of him or make a grand entrance on your own. He wants an independent woman, but not one who downplays him.

Better accompany him. Let him be the center of attention and help him with the occasional comment in his interesting conversations.

Make him proud with a clever side note you can do and how attractive you look, but be careful not to overdo it.

9) Understand their emotions

The proud are deep down very sensitive. That is why he needs a woman who understands his feelings in depth.

If you really want him to fall at your feet, the best thing you can do is listen to him. Especially in difficult times. Analyze the entire situation that he is sharing with you and, after it is over, provide valuable solutions.

At all times be careful. He is very proud and being vulnerable is a touchy subject for this man.

Also, if you constantly support him, you can build an excellent relationship.

What is behind a proud person?

To better understand this guy you are relating to, it will help you a lot to know what the main characteristics of a proud man are.

1) They find it difficult to apologize

Asking for forgiveness is not an option for proud men, because if they do, they are acknowledging that they were wrong. If you admit this, then the image you want to give will be affected.

In addition, this leads to great discomfort in the proud person, due to the decrease in their image. What is called in psychology appears: a cognitive dissonance. This happens when the proud person has to admit a mistake, which collides with the idea of ​​her sublimated self-image.

2) They don’t ask for help

He has a very strong idea of ​​self-sufficiency. After all, he has to be perfect. So, asking for help makes you lose sense of this.

Everything you have to achieve must be solely on your own merit. It is not allowed to resort to another person for it.

Also, if someone wants to help you, you feel like they’re questioning your ability to solve problems or get ahead.

3) They should always have the last word

A proud man can never agree with you and leave the discussion without saying something else that validates his argument.

In addition, they have an overwhelming need to win every fight, because it shows that they are better.

Finally, when he is victorious, he will show his pride in having disarmed his opponent.

However, you can’t always win. This is something that equally cannot accept. Then he will force his victory by setting up an illusory scene.

And how do you make this happen?

Having the last word. As long as they are right, they can spend hours in the discussion, until they tire the other person.

4) They need to be in control of everything

His need extends to all areas of his life.

Not only will he constantly try to direct what happens in his life, but he will want to control the lives of those who are part of it. From her romantic relationships, to whatever social circle she is a part of.

And if he sees his control threatened, then he will go head-to-head with anyone who gets in the way and try to get them out of the picture.

5) They are not entirely authentic

For a proud person to reflect the perfect image he wants to give, he must invent a little of it.

He will create illusions about what he represents to certain people, exaggerating his story. He will do it haughtily and without hesitation, showing security, to the point of deceiving himself.

But this can have a very high risk when they must give demonstrations of it.

For example, a proud person could say that he has an influence on important people. Perhaps those people can provide work and a friend asks you to help him with it. The proud one can tell you that he can get his friend jobs with these people without batting an eyelid. But then the reality can be different.

6) They are constantly on the defensive

I mean, if he finds a person who begins to excel in a quality that he wants to excel in, he will begin to display his own gifts and abilities.

He cannot see his image, which costs him so much effort to maintain, threatened.

He is constantly on the lookout for rivals who can take the podium from him. This is something he cannot allow.

It may even happen that there is not even a real threat and you make all this up in your head.

7) They stand out for their achievements in the past

To maintain their great self-image, proud guys must constantly justify this with their past successes. In their accounts of what they have achieved, they show off their special talents without hesitation.

In conclusion

If you pay attention to all the little details in the first part of the article, you will realize that it is through them that your proud boy is showing you his deep love for you. 

Appreciating all these little things will give you enormous satisfaction for the man you have by your side. 

Apply the tips on how to conquer him and in this way it is possible that they find a balance in what they need in the relationship.

A proud partner may have some flaws, but they also have great qualities. He will always want to be the best or continually try to have the strength to face the adversities of life. 

He may be demanding with you, but he will be more so with himself. 

Likewise, he will always be working to provide you with everything you need and that they never lack anything. He will always strive for you to have the best life together.