When a man doesn’t love you, how does he behave? 15 signals tested

When we are attracted to someone it can be for various reasons. But, at the end of the day, if there is no love, that relationship has no future. 

For some, love is instant and intense. For others, it grows over time as you get to know the person.

There are times when that love was never there at all or may even disappear over time. 

People change and with them their feelings. It is natural. 

The problem is that some men can get into a relationship with a woman for whom they have no feelings. Or there are simply people who, due to their life experiences, have not learned to love healthily. 

It can be heartbreaking to find out, but it’s best to be clear about it so you can move on with your life.

One of the greatest dangers in relationships is resignation and denial. Many couples stay together simply out of comfort or habit. 

But from my own experience I can tell you that if they are not good together, it is almost certain that both of them will be better apart. 

If you are wondering if your partner loves you or not, then it is time to review the signs below

1) He never says

It may seem a bit obvious, but women often forget to see this as a red flag. 

The simple fact is that if your guy loves you, he will have no problem telling you so .

If he hasn’t uttered these words yet, then take it as a sign. 

Especially if you did tell him. This shows that you are at that stage of the relationship, but the feelings are not reciprocated.

2) It’s never in the details

Has he ever ordered your coffee before, knowing exactly how you like it?

Does he text you randomly during the day, just because he remembers you?

Does he notice the little things you share with him, like your favorite color, your best dessert, or even your childhood dog?

Remembering the little things is a strong sign that he loves you and cares about you.

On the other hand, if he can’t even remember your birthday, the love is clearly not there.

If your man has never been one to notice these little details, it’s safe to say it’s not love.

3) He never shows it

While it is true that not all men are hopeless romantics, if he is in love with you, he will find a way to show it to you. Even if it’s his way.

Forget big gestures like a surprise weekend getaway, and think about the smaller things.

Will he sit next to you at the end of the day and rub your back?

Does he ever offer to cook your favorite meal?

Does he go out to buy you ice cream?

These are the little things he does to show you how much he cares about you. It’s his way of being romantic.

If you cannot think of any gesture he has made for you, no matter how small, it is a sign that he does not love you.

4) You feel like his mother more than his girlfriend

There are some men who just need to be taken care of.

These are the men who are moving house, away from their mother, and need a woman to fill that place.

They are basically incapable of living alone and taking care of themselves.

They enter a relationship to fill that void. They’re not looking for love, they’re just hiring help.

Think about your own relationship…

Do you cook, clean, wash, shop… all for him? Does he want you to?

Is he sitting around playing video games while you frantically clean around him?

This is not a relationship based on love.

Get out while you can, you’re worth much more than this.

5) They fight a lot, sometimes it’s as if they can’t stand each other

I’m sure this is not strange to you. Because you have lived it or because you have seen it.

There are couples who just can’t seem to stand each other.

They are irritable even when other people are around. And they have no problem claiming and criticizing each other in public. 

If this happens to you with your partner, you should know that it is not healthy and it is a clear sign that he does not love you. 

6) He is not interested in your life

In a love relationship, both of you support each other in what you want from life.

Whether you’re thinking of making a career change or having an argument with your mom, your partner should be there to hold you, comfort you, and help you through.

  • Does your partner ask about your day?
  • Do you want to know how your work is going?
  • Will he listen to you when you’re in trouble?

If you still find yourself running to your best friend or friend for this help and not receiving anything from your partner, that’s clear.

You are simply not a priority in his life.

He does not love you. 

7) Doesn’t make any effort

Does your boyfriend ever go out of his way to set up a date? Does he make compromises for you and does he give you priority?

Does he call you to make plans (besides sleeping together)?

If your relationship feels very one-sided and you’re the only one putting any effort into it, then that’s a good sign that he doesn’t like you. 

A man who does not love you will not compromise anything, nor will he worry about being the one to give in from time to time. 

He simply uses you for his convenience. He has you at hand when he has time and nothing else.

8) No communication

Communication is one of the basic pillars in any relationship.

If you don’t share your personal problems, dreams, passions, then the relationship doesn’t have much of a chance.

If you feel like you’re competing with television or play to exchange a word with him, then it’s clear that he doesn’t love you.

A boy in love will want to share everything with his other half. He will tell you about his day and his plans for the week, he will want to share everything with you.

At the same time, he will want to hear everything about your day and week.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I feel comfortable sharing my problems with him (and him with me)?
  • Do you listen me?
  • Do I know what is going on in his life (and he in mine)?
  • Do we ever have meaningful conversations about the future?

If the communication is not there, it is very likely that he does not love you enough. 

Do you want to give this relationship one last chance? After all, if you’ve shared a lot with this man, you probably care. 

It always seems good to me to give everything to know that we have exhausted our circle of action and if in the end it should not be to accept it calmly.

9) You never met his friends 

Meeting the family is a big step in a relationship and it’s normal for it to take time. But meeting friends is something that should happen at the beginning.

Knowing who his friends are gives you a clearer idea of ​​who this guy is and what he is like.

If you don’t know his friends yet, then there’s a reason for that.

He doesn’t want you for anything serious, which means if you’re looking for something different, it’s not worth the effort for him. 

When a man is in love, he wants to show off his girl and introduce her to all his friends.

If you feel that he has you hidden, then it is time to rethink what you want. 

10) Your friends warn you

Our friends are, apart from our family, those who care about us the most. 

If your friends warn you about this guy and his behavior towards you, it’s time you listen to them. 

Sometimes when you are inside the problem you cannot see the facts clearly.

That is why it is important that you trust the people who love you, if they tell you that your partner does not treat you with love, it is probably true.

He doesn’t love you and your friends can see it. 

11) He verbally assaults you and constantly criticizes you

Verbal aggression shouldn’t happen, but it does.

Some men are simply not emotionally mature or   have never overcome serious conflict in their life. These men could be rude or verbally abusive. 

Others just can’t stop criticizing you. Everything you do seems wrong to them. 

There are no excuses for this behavior, and it is not something you should ever put up with.

Don’t be fooled when he tries to apologize after the fact and promise it won’t happen again; you know it’s a lie

If your man verbally abuses you, it is because there is no respect. He doesn’t see you as his equal in love. He just doesn’t love you in a healthy way. 

It is better that you move away because it does not suit you. 

12) Breakups are a constant 

Couples fight, it’s part of being in a relationship and working through your differences together. 

How those fights happen is what will tell you whether or not there is love and respect in a relationship.

Breaking up shouldn’t be the solution to your problems. 

If your man leaves you every time you fight (or vice versa), then you don’t really love each other. 

They are trying to hurt each other, instead of getting to the bottom of the problem. 

You know this is not something that will ever change.

He makes it very clear how he feels through his actions. Even if you end up getting back together a few months later, it’s not because he loves you.

A boy in love will always seek to solve problems with you.

He will respect you, even when you fight, and will never ignore your feelings. Because he really cares about you.

13) Try to make you jealous

If your boyfriend has fun flirting with other women in your face just to make you jealous, you know how he feels about you.

If I was in love with you , I would never treat you this way, and it’s time you stop ignoring the signs.

It’s clear that he doesn’t love you, and he also disrespects you.

If you’re at this point, it’s time to call it quits and move on. 

Find someone who really cares about you like you deserve.

14) He never talks about a future together

When you are in a relationship, the most normal thing would be for both of you to see a future together.

That’s what relationships are about. Sure, it doesn’t always happen, but at that moment, they see each other together and start planning that life.

If your boyfriend has never talked to you about the future, then that is a huge red flag that he has never even thought about a future for the two of you. 

A man who does not love you will never think about whether the two of you could end up together on the road.

15) You have never felt truly loved

If there is any clearer sign that he has never loved you, it is if you ever felt that he truly loved you. 

Love is a feeling that invades you and makes you feel cared for.

If you have never experienced this in your relationship, it is because it never existed.

You have probably felt alone, ignored, unappreciated, and a host of other negative feelings, brought on by his lack of love for you.

Don’t sit around waiting for it to change.

You deserve much more than that. And believe it or not, you are the owner and responsible for your own happiness, you just have to decide to go for it. 

How do you feel about yourself around him?

At the end of the day, you will be able to evaluate all his attitudes and it will be quite obvious if he loves you or not . But sometimes even though the signs are in front of our eyes, we don’t want to see reality. 

The final point to assess here is, how do you feel about yourself when you’re with him?

Do you feel valued, loved, beautiful, at ease, happy? 

It’s time to listen to your feelings and prioritize them. 

We all deserve to be happy and valued. If you’ve come across a person who doesn’t make you feel that way, just learn your lessons and move on.

Life is too beautiful to spend our precious time on someone who doesn’t appreciate it. 

If this guy doesn’t love you right now, you don’t have to hang around and wait for this to change, it probably won’t. 

There is a man willing to love you as you deserve. You simply need to find it.

There are signs, but you still know there is hope. What can you do?

It may be that you have reviewed all the points of this article and you have felt somewhat identified. However, it could be that your relationship shows certain signs of wear and tear but you know that you still love each other. Then you can definitely work on the relationship to bring back the passion you used to share. 

One of the most difficult moments in life is when you walk a path that seems to go in fifth gear towards the breakup. Suddenly you feel that the other person no longer wants to continue. Although they haven’t talked about it yet.

At that moment everything seems to collapse. And the more you try to fix things, the further away you get from him. 

This is the point where turning to experts will probably help. You could contact professionals in the field or advise yourself in private to find out what are the keys that will help your relationship resurface renewed and stronger. 

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