How To Prove You Love Him – 15 Beautiful And Smart Ideas

Sometimes you can be deeply in love with your boyfriend, but if you never do anything to show your love, how will he know?

Here’s how to prove you love him.

Sometimes, even if you’re completely and madly in love with your boyfriend, just saying “I love you” isn’t enough.

Sometimes you need to show him that you love him, instead of just saying you do.

After all, what they say is true; actions speak louder than words.

Saying you need to prove you love him is completely normal, but what kind of things do you need to do?

Well, gestures can be big and exaggerated, or they can be small and subtle.

You decide.

The key to proving that you love someone is to think outside the box and make the person you love feel special.

Here are 15 simple and fun ways that will clear all your doubts about how to prove you love him!

1. Say I Love You Often

I know, I know, I just said that actions speak louder than words, so why the hell am I starting the list with this?

Listen to me!

If you don’t say I love you sometimes, he might start wondering why you’re doing all these nice things for him, but never actually saying the words.

Saying “I love you” is a good starting point when proving that you love someone.

2. Hear Their Stories

Don’t just listen indifferently, with the phone in one hand, or when you’re trying to watch TV at the same time.

Take the time to sit down and talk to him and really listen to what he is saying.

Repeat things for him, add incentives and thoughtful responses so he really knows you were paying attention.

This will make him feel cared for and loved by you.

3. Cook Your Favorite Foods

Cook him his favorite meal one night when it’s not his birthday or other special occasions.

Set the table and light some candles to create a romantic atmosphere.

Not only will he love that you did this, but he’ll actually feel that you listen to him because you know what food he loves.

4. Take Him To A Good Restaurant

This is a great idea if you’re not much of a cook.

Surprise him with a meal at one of his favorite restaurants.

When he asks what the special occasion is, just say there doesn’t have to be one; you are treating him because you love him.

5. Surprise Him For No Apparent Reason

Similar to the one about taking him to a nice restaurant above, but surprises can be anything.

The best thing about surprising someone is that the surprise can be something huge, like taking them on a weekend trip, or a small gesture, like buying them one of their favorite sweets.

6. Take Care Of Him When He’s Not Feeling Well

Whether he’s sick or upset about something, being there to take care of him is a good way to prove that you love him.

Wrap him in a blanket, bring him hot drinks and a snack, and offer hugs.

He will feel better in no time.

7. Tell Him What You Love About Him 

Bonus points if you do this when he’s sad and doesn’t seem to be on his best days.

He may be relaxing in a robe watching TV, or he may have just woken up, so he won’t be expecting to be complimented.

8. Tell Him You Love The Things He Doesn’t Like About Himself 

Everyone has things they don’t like about themselves, and chances are your man is no different.

This is a good way to prove to him that you love him and also to make him feel good about himself.

9. Have A Movie/TV Night And Let Him Choose What You’ll Watch

Nothing says I love you more than saying that you’ll watch whatever he wants, without complaining, no matter how horrible you find it.

10. Write A Letter Telling Him Why You Love Him

Yes, a handwritten letter is pretty old-fashioned these days, but I think there’s something lovely and personal about picking up a pen and writing your feelings down on a piece of paper.

It will make your boyfriend feel more special and loved when he is reading as it is handwritten instead of typed font.

11. Make Him A Gift On His Birthday Or Holidays

Sometimes a handmade gift is a great idea if you want to give them something, but you may not be able to buy anything you think they would like.

It’s also great if you can buy something but want to make it a little more personal.

There are so many ideas for what you can do.

You can make an old-fashioned CD or mix playlist, a romantic coupon book, or something edible.

Handmade gifts can be anything and are a great way to prove that you love them.

When someone gives you a gift, you know that person is thinking of you and really cares about making you happy.

12. Show Him Affection

Give him a loving hug when he gets home or kiss his forehead when he wakes up.

He’ll think of it as a sweet little gesture and he’ll definitely know you love him when you show him some unexpected affection.

13. Tell Him A Personal Story

Telling your boyfriend a personal story about you that you don’t usually tell people is a great way to prove that you love him.

That’s because by opening up and showing him that you trust him, you are saying that your feelings for him are real and that you will have this relationship for a long time.

14. Send Occasional Love Text Messages When You’re Not Together

When you’re not with the person you love, it’s good to send occasional text messages to show that you miss them and are thinking about them.

Not every text needs to be a long, romantic declaration of love – just a simple ‘I hope you’re having a good day’ is fine.

It proves you love him because you can’t waste time in your busy day to text!

15. Encourage Him When He Goes After His Dreams

Supporting him and encouraging him to pursue his goals shows that you love him and don’t consider his dreams an inconvenience.

When you love someone, you want them to be successful and do things that make them happy, don’t you?

So there’s no better way to do this than to encourage him a lot.

Obviously, these are good ways to prove to him that you love him, but these are by no means the only ways to do this.

You just need to be creative!

But don’t do anything you don’t want to do, or buy anything you can afford him – proving that you love someone should also be fun for you.

Also, remember that relationships are a two-way street and it’s up to him to prove to you that he loves you too (so keep this list open on your laptop as a hint!).

You never know, you might have some nice surprises for yourself.