I Have Nothing In Common With My Boyfriend – What To Do?

People may say opposites attract, but is that really true?

If you have nothing in common with your boyfriend, read on to find out how to deal with it.

Do the opposites really attract?

Maybe you believe this, maybe you don’t, but the fact is, people tend to say that the more different you are from your partner, the better your relationship will be.

You must balance yourself and keep things interesting.

The idea is that if you and your boyfriend are a lot alike, you’ll get bored quickly and things won’t be exciting.

But on the other hand, what if you have nothing in common with your boyfriend and it is really ruining your relationship?

What do you do when you really love each other, but it doesn’t seem like those strong feelings and your bond are enough to save you?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to finish.

You can make your relationship work.

Read on to find out how to cope when you have nothing in common with your boyfriend.

1 . Learn The Art Of Commitment

What do you do when you love romantic comedies and your boyfriend doesn’t see anything but an action movie?

Of course, you can go to the movies separately and see your beloved romantic meals with your best friend.

And he can take his brother to the movies.

But that’s not a good way to go as you guys really want to spend time together as you’re a couple.

If you want to know what to do when you have nothing in common with your boyfriend, you need to learn the art of compromise.

That means sometimes each of you goes to see the latest Jennifer Aniston comedy, and another Friday night, you go to the movies to see the latest James Bond movie.

Neither of you needs to be entirely happy about it – you can’t exactly pretend to be someone you’re not or like something you just don’t like – but at least you’ll spend time together.

This is honestly the most important thing right now.

2 . Taking An Interest In Each Other’s Hobbies

You don’t have to do Crossfit just because your boyfriend does, and he might not share your passion for being creative in the kitchen.

But it hardly matters.

If you’re wondering what to do when you have nothing in common with your boyfriend, consider becoming interested in each other’s hobbies.

This doesn’t mean you have to completely change who you are or what you like to do in your spare time.

And he doesn’t have to either.

That’s not the point here.

You just want to prove to the other person that you love each other, care about each other, and are fully committed to making the relationship work.

That means caring about what the other person cares about.

Think about what that means for you.

Maybe you want to accompany your boyfriend to a workout on Sunday mornings (even if you hate it, you don’t have to tell him this – it could totally be your little secret).

And maybe he can cook up a new recipe with you once a week, even if he’s worried about burning something all the time.

Once you can focus on hanging out together instead of how different the two of you are, you’ll have fun and forget about what worried you in the first place.

3 . Make New Memories

Just because you two have nothing in common doesn’t mean you have to break up.

That doesn’t mean you won’t share new experiences together and make new memories.

Go ahead and plan some weekend trips to a fun city and a longer trip to Europe or some other fabulous place you both have always dreamed of visiting.

You’ll make new memories and discover new things, you both love.

Perhaps each of you has a love of wine, food, or art that you’ve never known.

And then you’ll finally have something in common and you can share that passion going forward.

You never know.

The fact is, you can’t complain that you and your partner have absolutely nothing in common if you don’t try new things and have new experiences.

4 . Live In The Past

Okay, don’t actually live in the past, but you want to take a trip down memory lane regularly if you’re wondering what to do when you and your boyfriend have nothing in common.

You are together for a reason, right?

So what brought them together in the first place?

Do you share a common bond of meeting at school or work?

It would mean that you had something in common at one point in your relationship.

If that’s the case, then you might want to reignite that spark and try to form the bond again.

If you met working at the college newspaper, for example, maybe the two of you want to discuss politics and journalism more often.

5 . Do Some Digs

If you’re together because of explosive chemistry and real physical attraction, then that’s fine too.

It just means it’s time for the two of you to discover what else you have in common, other than the fact that you were definitely made for each other.

Sure, the physical stuff is great, but you need to do some research and try to figure out another reason the two of you are a couple.

It can’t just be dating.

You definitely want to talk to your boyfriend and find out how he feels about the whole situation.

Maybe you’re making something out of nothing and he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong.

Or maybe he feels a lack of connection too and the two of you can work together to make things better.

6 . Think About What Is Really Important

What’s more important to you: having a boyfriend who agrees with everything you say and do and who watches all the same TV shows like you and reads the same books?

Or having a boyfriend who is different from you, of course, but who you definitely love and respect?

You would probably agree that the latter is a better life partner.

And since you can’t change people, especially men (but you probably already knew that), you might as well come to terms with who he is and who you are too.

If you find that the two of you get along well, can still have regular, fun conversations, and have enough to do together, maybe the fact that you don’t have much in common doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that you can relate and talk about the things that are important to you.

The truth is, just because you don’t have a lot in common and don’t share the same interests and hobbies, doesn’t mean you can’t get along.

Of course, if that’s what’s going on, then you’re probably going to want to break up because no one deserves it and no one needs it in your life or your relationship.

But luckily, you feel like you really have compassion for each other.

7 . Create A Routine

Why not create a new routine with your boyfriend?

If you’re wondering what to do when you have nothing in common with your boyfriend, this is a great way to go.

Each of you can read your own favorite genre of book in a coffee shop on a Saturday afternoon.

You can cook up a fun brunch on a Sunday morning while he goes to work out, if that’s what he loves to do (and there’s definitely no shame in admitting you don’t love the gym, especially on the weekend).

You can still spend time together and feel like you’re having quality time as a couple, each doing what you want.

Or maybe your routine is going out to dinner with friends every Monday night to start the week on the right foot or having dinner with your family on Thursday nights.

This will help bring you together as a couple and help you have something fun and positive to look forward to.

Relationships are always complicated and sometimes there is a lot of work involved to make the whole thing work.

But if you and your boyfriend have nothing in common, but really love each other, you don’t have to go their separate ways.

That would be more devastating than anything else.

These tips should help you figure out what to do when you and your boyfriend have nothing in common.

Have you ever dated someone you didn’t have much or nothing in common with?

In your opinion, how important are common interests in a romantic relationship?