How to Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You

Is it possible to make your ex-boyfriend regret breaking up with you?


When love ends, fun gives way to suffering.

Love Hurts.

And it really doesn’t matter who caused the breakup, because when real emotions are involved, we can only see and feel pain and suffering.

Nobody likes a broken heart.

When it comes to love, there really are no rules.

You are currently feeling crazy, angry, probably very sad, and extremely emotional to say the least.

Maybe it’s time to take action and make your ex feel sorry for leaving you.

Here are a few tips that will help you make your ex regret having dumped you.

#1 – Don’t Contact Your Ex

After a new breakup, it is important that you never act like a doormat to your ex or that you are too needy.

Just don’t go crying to him at all.

Your best move… Just don’t contact your ex.

It is important to avoid all contact to begin the recovery and healing process.

When you do this, you will take steps to make your ex totally regret getting rid of you.

Think about it for a second and take whatever action you want.

#2 – Erase Their Number Forever!

If you take an ex seriously for leaving you, then you should erase them for good.

What that means is that you need to delete his number from all your devices.

You need to make sure you commit to never calling or texting again.

Be proud of who you are and your willpower to not give in to the urge to reconnect.

* Do not do this!

Emotions will get in the way of logic, and you need to be careful with that.

Show your ex that you don’t need him and that you are strong on your own.

You can fly alone with a smile and you’ll be just fine without it.

#3 – Take action to make changes in your life in a positive way

Think of your recent breakup as a warning.

It’s time for you to take control and find your state of bliss from the inside out.

Do you really want to sit back and wallow in depression?

But you still need to understand that what happened is real and has affected you.

This is life!

It’s sad that you lost the company of a person you loved, but sometimes that’s necessary when you need to discover yourself and life.

When you honestly reflect on this, you are reflecting on yourself that it’s important to make your ex-partner regret leaving you.

Fact – There’s a reason your ex is your ex, never forget that!

Take your physical and mental energies and bring them together to help you leave it all behind and positively move forward for bigger and better.

Why not dress a little differently?

How about going to the gym and getting in shape?

How about fixing your hair or changing the cut or hairstyle?

It’s all about the little things here and when you keep your mind busy by focusing on new changes, you’re well on your way to getting past your ex quickly.

#4 – Load your life full of fun!

When you’ve just broken up, you should focus on finding your highest status.

Try to create a new circle of friends who are trustworthy and fun.

The people who will help you focus on what’s important to you in life and not the shitty past you’re trying to forget.

The only way your ex will seriously regret breaking up with you is to see that you’re not sad and upset about the breakup.

When he sees that, there’s no chance he’ll get your attention again and that’s incredibly good.

#5 – Take a good shot when trying to make your ex crazy with jealousy

Steps need to be taken to create a strategy that works.

Make him feel sad because he just lost the most precious thing in life.

Social Media Works Wonders Here

Don’t freak out, but make sure you have enough images on Facebook and Instagram to get noticed by your ex.

A few images a week will suffice.

Truth – It’s not like he’s going to comment or anything and he won’t like your pictures, but new pictures will grab his attention and make him think about you.

In other words, this one will be jealous.

The goal here is to make him feel the bitter regret of breaking up with you as if it were a stab to his heart.

#6 – Keep the communication channels wide open

This does not mean, under any circumstances, that you are going to let your ex back, but it does mean that you are playing with him a little bit, letting him know that there is room for him to regret, change his mind, and reconnect with you.

This tip is a little dodgy, but if you really want to get past him and make him regret leaving you, then you need to leave your connection open a little, just enough not to delete him entirely.


This will open your mind to thinking about why he left you and that maybe he made a mistake.

#7 – Have confidence

This one may take a little time to develop, but when you come across your ex anyway, it is necessary to release your inner confidence.

Whether you’re really feeling self-confident or not is not the question.

Pretend If Needed

Put on your best acting gig ever and show yourself and your ex that you’re ready to move on with a confident smile.

Be happy with yourself and when you show him he will have no choice but to be saddened by the loss of an amazing person.

#8 – Don’t be afraid to post

The best platform in the world for bragging is called social networking.

You can brag about what’s going on in your life and how happy you are.

Don’t overdo it and put your happiness in his face, but you have every right to keep going.

When you dress and look perfect, take dozens of selfies and choose the perfect selfie.

From the outside, if he’s been checking you out online, he’ll see that he’s been missing you a lot.

#9 – Throw your bitterness out the window

The first thing you don’t want to do is fight with your ex about your past relationship, present, or future things.

Conflict creates stress, and if you want your ex to regret breaking up with you, it’s important that you keep communication light.

When you take the average out of the equation, it will force him to remember the good times and reflect on why he left you in the first place.

#10 – Your hair is the key

Not sure if you’ve heard about girls healing faster after a breakup, getting a new hairstyle or cut?

But apparently, there is some truth to that.

That doesn’t mean you need to go through a makeover to recreate yourself in order to make your ex drool.

Just do something for yourself that will give your self-esteem a boost.

Anything that will cheer you up a little.

When you do this, you increase the chances of making your ex regret it.

#11 – Don’t Flirt With Friends

No matter what, never flirt with your ex’s friends, with or without them.

This is unpleasant.

But when you’re talking to one of them, make sure he’s smiling happily and having a good time.

When he sees it, you can have any man you want.

This will change the power game quickly.

He’s going to realize he’s wasted a lot of time and you’re an amazing girl.

#12 – Dress to Impress

When you go out, make sure you’re dressed up in case you meet him.

That doesn’t mean you should strive to overdo it, because that’s false.

If you have men or women who are talking about how beautiful you look, this will only help reinforce the fact that your ex must be missing you terribly.

#13 – It’s all in the mind

The mind is a powerful thing and when you choose to be happy or find yourself happy, you are practically forcing your ex to regret breaking up with you.

The more fun you find in your life, the better.

Be a fun person who treats others well.

Be that person people want to have a relationship with and you will come out on top.

You don’t need your ex to be happy.

#14 – Use your friends

When you feel the need to make your ex bitterly regret it, it is important that you communicate this to him through various means.

One of which is your mutual friends.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your mutual friends after a breakup.

This means you shouldn’t avoid people close to him just because he dumped you.

When they see that you’re happy and tell your ex that you’re happy, he has no choice but to feel like he made a mistake breaking up with you.

#15 – Send him a postcard

Sure, you were probably lying in the dumps right after the breakup, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find ways to get away for a while and tell him all about it.

Take some time off with your girlfriends for a week and make sure you send him a nice postcard of you having a cocktail on the beach.

Now he has no voice to throb or control what you do, so you need to make the most of it.

It certainly won’t take you long to move on and end up forgetting about him.

#16 – Close the door to subtle invitations

It doesn’t matter if the invitations he’s sending you are subtle or get a little more serious when he’s questioning if he really doesn’t want you anymore.

Do not respond to any of his invitations.

If he’s enjoying your photos, viewing your statuses or stories, or even commenting on your content, don’t give in and go running after him because he just wants to see if he has access with minimal effort. Wait for him to get in touch with something humble and meaningful to say.

Keep your distance and you’ll show him that you don’t need him anymore.

When he sees and feels this, he will regret leaving you.

What a pity for him!

#17 – Ignore Special Days

When his birthday comes around, just ignore it.

When your birthday passes, don’t text and reflect.

And when it comes to your extended family, I’ll leave that up to you.

Your bond with them may be a little deeper.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year messages just can’t happen and whatever you do, make sure you don’t drink too much and, in a weak moment, tell him your true inner feelings.

When you refuse to pay attention to him on these special days, you are sending the message loud and clear that he is sure to miss you!

Final Words

When it comes to making your ex regret breaking up with you, there are countless expert tips, tricks, and tactics to help you on your quest.

Think carefully before you act and understand, no matter what, your ex doesn’t deserve you.

Stay strong and good luck!