How to Tell Him How You Feel Without Scaring Him

He Can Handle Your Feelings If You Share Them Correctly.

I used to spread my feelings to all my partners, making them feel good.

I thought it was my right – and that how those feelings came out of me was irrelevant.

They were feelings, after all, and feelings had to be felt, shared, right?

So what if my “feelings” were a little ugly and a little painful?

If a man loves you, shouldn’t he be there when you need to throw that emotional bucket?

Shouldn’t he care enough to put up with what you feel?

To help clean up the mess?

And why does he want to walk away, be silent and unresponsive when sharing gets good?

Can’t he handle the feelings of a real woman?

Well, not exactly.

Turns out, throwing a bucket of negative emotions at a man doesn’t make him empathize with you.

What Makes You Feel Is Fear.

He is afraid because you are making your emotions his responsibility.

It’s a great job, even a second career.

What man has time for that?

It turns out that this kind of unfiltered emotional discharge is not productive or responsible.

In fact, I can say from experience, it is quite harmful for both men and women.

A Man Wants To Be With A Woman Who Takes Responsibility For His Feelings, Who Can Be Trusted To Share Feelings In A Mature And Sensitive Way.

This means that a woman really has to be responsible for what she feels.

So she needs to be with those feelings and understand them, before she decides to share them with her man.

When she talks about feelings, it’s a good idea to do so as the rightful owner, as someone who knows those feelings well, who can offer them as a gift, as part of herself.

There is a good time to “pour out” unprocessed emotions – if you ask a man for permission and do so with the intention of venting, and you can do so in a productive way.

Doing it productively means you do it with a purpose – letting go of a story or whatever emotion is holding you hostage.

It is critical to arrive at a launch point.


But most dumps just circle around feelings, circle around productivity, and make a woman feel worse.

It can also make your man feel hopeless and worn out.

The woman a man appreciates can share feelings from a deep place, can even move him with her depth and insight – because of her connection to herself.

This can only happen when she takes responsibility, when she goes deeper to understand what she feels.

And when she knows unequivocally that her feelings are hers to feel and process.

Ultimately, feelings and judgments are very different things.

We as women have to be careful to use “I feel” as an opening to unleash all the negative judgments we have about our partners and the world, and learn to bring “I feel” with love, wisdom and sensitivity. female.

This is what makes a woman emotionally attractive to a man and inspires his admiration, support and love.