Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?

Sometimes love sucks.

Love usually starts out warm and cozy, exciting and adventurous.

A time when everyone seems to be at their best.

You truly believe that your love will only get stronger and you will be together forever.

Then suddenly…

Doubt creeps into the picture and you start to see the reasons why both of you should give up.

It’s a tough decision, but there are silent and immediate indicators that suggest you should break up.

It’s never fun to face it, but it’s better than living in a fantasy world.

You deserve to have someone who is good to you, treats you well, and loves you for you.

If you’re not with a man who lifts you up and makes you feel beautiful, then you might be with the wrong man.

Information is knowledge, and here are some telltale signs that you should break up with your boyfriend, according to relationship experts.

Sign 1: Beware of Liars

Little white lies are a part of most relationships, that’s just the way to save hurt feelings.

He might tell you he was at the gym when he was having a beer with his friends.

Or he may have skipped work to go to the beach.

That’s no big deal because maybe that’s exactly what he needed.

On the other hand, any lie that hurts you directly is not cool.

If he lies about who he was with or about not taking money out of his wallet when you know he has it, it’s a big red flag.

If you can’t mentally trust your man, you need to be with him at once.

Sign 2: Deceiver is a traitor

There is no way around a betrayal situation.

If the man you’re with, the one who supposedly loves you, has the guts to sleep with another woman, you’d better break up with him and find a better man.

You deserve a man who is faithful to you and only you.

A man who is focused on making you happy.

A guy who only has eyes for you.

On rare occasions, you may deal with an isolated episode of betrayal, but they are few and far between.

Once a traitor, always a traitor.

Stick to this rule and you will save yourself a lot of heartaches and emotional turmoil.

Sign 3: He Doesn’t Support You 100%

That doesn’t mean he has to agree with you all the time, because you’re not always right.

But a guy who can’t stand your hopes and dreams isn’t worth your time.

You must inspire the man you are with and he must do everything beyond his wildest imagination to push you to the top of his mountain.

People who really love each other support each other.

You deserve to be a cheerleader, and your partner must feel lucky just to imagine being on your side.

Sign 4: Too Much Drama

You need to run far and fast if your partner is the guy who likes to cause trouble, and likes to fight in bars every weekend.

If your man has multiple ex-girlfriends with lots of babies who call and text all the time, you need to think hard about whether this is something you want to live with for the rest of your life.

Seriously, you don’t need all that drama in your life.

Sign 5: He Likes to Fight Everyone

Being with a man who likes to incite fights over any little thing is not a good thing.

If he likes to get everyone on edge and get into an argument just for fun, he’s not serious for you.

Don’t allow yourself to stay in a relationship where you’re on a roller coaster and walking on broken glass.

That’s not a good thing for you, especially when love is about smiling and happiness and riding into the sunset to bigger and better things.

Sign 6: Master of Depression

It is normal for people to get depressed from time to time.

When the sun doesn’t come out much, it’s easy to feel a little down in the dumps for short periods of time.

But if you are with a guy who is always depressed or sad, then you need to understand that this will also make you depressed.

Negative energy gravitates towards the positive, and if you’re around a depressed man all the time, it’s also going to pull you in without your knowing it.

If he’s getting help, that’s great, but you need to take care of yourself and make sure both of you can be happy in this relationship.

If not, you need to leave now.

Sign 7: Mr. lazy

Lazy men have learned this behavior and are unlikely to change.

We are creatures of habit!

It doesn’t matter how much you want it to change; it won’t happen unless he wants it to.

Laziness reflects in everything he does, from cleaning the house and keeping a job, to do things with and for you.

It will become extra stress and a task for you if you stay with a lazy boyfriend.

Something to think about a lot.

Sign 8: Verbal Assault

Abuse at any level is unacceptable.

Love is really blind and a woman often doesn’t calculate the signs of verbal abuse.

Or, she just gets used to it and accepts it.

Note: not acceptable.

Ask your family and friends what they think and listen to what they have to say.

If you’re thinking he’s spanking you with his words, then he is.

Getting rid of him is the right thing to do.

Sign 9: Physical Assault

This is just as dangerous and totally wrong as the previous sign.

If he’s ever laid a hand on you or made you feel scared for your safety, you need to pack up now and leave.

Sign 10: You Pay

It’s wrong for your boyfriend not to use his own money to pay for things.

In fact, a true gentleman will understand that taking care of you, which includes making sure you don’t worry about money, is the right thing to do.

This is about having confidence in who you are, and if he loves you, he wants to support you financially and in any other way he can, no questions asked and no commitment!

Sign 11: Their goals don’t align

That’s a tough question, but if you and your boyfriend don’t have the same vision or long-term goals, it’s best to think about ditching him.

If you want to move to a warm climate and have lots of kids and he can’t handle the heat or the kids, it would be foolish to give up your dreams for him.

You don’t have to have the exact same wants and needs, but they mostly need to be aligned.

Sign 12: Defined Commitment

There are all kinds of levels of commitment.

Therefore, it is important that you immediately understand what kind of commitment you want.

For example, stay away from open relationships.

They are just a disaster waiting to happen.

If he wants to date you but also dates other women, that means he really doesn’t want you.

If you agree with that, no problem.

Friends with benefits rarely work, simply because emotions seem to have a mind of their own.

Sign 13: He is Evil and Nasty

Your personality is your personality, and that’s not going to change.

If he’s nasty, why would you settle for that?

You are worth more than that and you know it!

If he’s rude to people, doesn’t tip the waitress, yells at people on the phone, or whistles and looks at pretty women, send him away.

Sure, he might be nice to you, but that won’t last.

Just trust me on this.

Sign 14: Love Only Yourself

If you are dating a narcissist, you need to understand well that he will never love you, because he only loves himself.

It doesn’t matter how much money he has or how gorgeous he is, because it will always be about him and never about you.

Love is a two-way street; it’s giving and take.

If you’re with a man who can only take it and doesn’t even realize it, it will only make you sad and unhappy.

Kick it far away before getting into really deep water.

Sign 15: He’s a Needy Nerd

A little neediness can be cute, but if you’re with a guy who collects every action figure you can imagine and is always playing with his toys, you might as well reconsider being his other half.

If your boyfriend is a “mommy’s boy” and can’t do anything on his own, you’ll end up resenting it.

Asking his opinion on things is fine, but not when he needs your approval for everything.

A man who can think for himself is the way he should be.

Get rid of him if you feel like you’re his mother.

Sign 16: Your Intuition Tells You You’re Settling In

I’ve failed many times when it comes to dating, and one of my biggest mistakes was convincing myself to settle for less just because I didn’t want to hurt my boyfriend’s feelings.

This couldn’t be more wrong.

It’s easy to convince yourself to hook up with a guy just because you want to have someone there for you.

That doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

You deserve to have the man of your dreams, and if that’s not the guy you’re with then you need to give up and move on.

This is a tough question, but you need to go with your gut and look for a guy who fits you best.

If the question, “Should I break up with my boyfriend?” it’s in your brain, you should.

When you know what to look for in an unhealthy relationship before you get too deep, it’s much easier to avoid hooking up with the wrong man.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, or even worse, like you’re in danger, the best move you can make is to get out of the relationship right now.

Sign 17: He Is Overly Aggressive

There are many different forms of aggression, most of which are dangerous.

Some guys are naturally aggressive, but if you feel your boyfriend is cruel to animals or people and shows his anger by hitting or throwing objects to try to intimidate her, you need to pack your bags and leave.

If you ignore this red flag, you could find yourself in real physical danger, and it’s not worth the risk.

Sign 18: control freak

We’ve all encountered this type of person at one time or another.

When someone has an overpowering need to control every move you make, it sucks.

If your boyfriend has an unhealthy balance of control, you need to break up and move on quickly.

When someone controls a relationship, they expect you to follow suit and obey their decisions, thoughts, and demands.

That’s not how a healthy relationship works.

You shouldn’t feel inferior or if your thoughts don’t matter.

This type of man will try to convince you that he’s doing this for you because he wants you to be happy, but that sucks.

If he wanted you to be happy, he would value what you have to say and give you some decision-making power.

Sign 19: overly possessive

When a man is possessive, it means he doesn’t trust you.

He might say he’s jealous or wants to keep you just because he loves you, but that’s not true.

This type of guy might lie to you and make excuses to keep you from meeting other people.

When someone calls you and he answers, this type of man accidentally (on purpose) forgets to tell you.

Initially, you may feel flattered and accept it, but that feeling won’t take long to fade.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to move on.

Sign 20: Master Manipulator

This type of guy is ultra-smart and if you don’t pay close attention he will sink his teeth deep.

When a man manipulates, he ends up using guilt or pressuring you to do or say things you don’t really want to do.

Some of these things you know are wrong, but if you feel powerless to defend yourself, you’re dealing with an expert manipulator.

This type of guy will mentally punish you when you don’t follow his pressures, and that’s wrong.

If you suspect your boyfriend has this trait, you need to kick his ass quickly.

Sign 21: Constant Criticism

It is normal to be critical of yourself and others from time to time.

But when it becomes the norm, that’s not healthy.

A guy who is critical of you wants to hurt you or destroy you.

He will destroy your self-confidence over time and increase your need to depend on him.

A critical man will embarrass you, make you feel unwelcome, humiliate you in front of others and criticize you, and often come across as a caring person to others.

This kind of behavior is often done behind closed doors, so you might even start to wonder if it could all be true.

Never let yourself get to that point.

Break up and move on if that’s the kind of man you call a boyfriend.

Sign 22: unpredictable behavior

If your man is the type of guy who is unpredictable depending on his mood, it’s a sure sign that you need to get him out of your life.

Women are temperamental enough with a good cause because of their hormonal flow.

If you have a man who gets angry or is totally unpredictable, like he’s always walking around on chunks of ice, that’s not a good sign.

If your boyfriend is unpredictable, the best thing to do is break up with him.

Sign 23: totally irresponsible

There is no doubt that irresponsible behavior can take many different forms.

It’s really hard to recognize unless you’re aware of it, which is hard to do when emotions are involved.

If your man is not responsible with money, that is a sign that he is not the man for you.

Money makes the world go round.

Of course, everyone needs help from time to time, but if your partner creates a standard of living that he can’t maintain, and if his actions constantly let you down, you’ll seriously need to move on quickly.

In a healthy relationship, people make mistakes, but admit them and seek to gain strength by learning from them.


If you’re wondering whether to break up with your boyfriend, you probably should.

Otherwise, the thought wouldn’t even be in your head.

I think we’ve made relationships more complicated than we should.

Being with a man must be magical.

He must be someone who lifts you up and means the world to you.

He must be someone who wants to see your success and will do everything possible to make sure it happens.

Unfortunately, we are sometimes programmed to accept less than we deserve, and that’s not right.

Take a good look at all these signs, signals, and danger factors, and if you can match any of them with your boyfriend, then you need to move on.

You deserve what you want.

You deserve to have the unconditional love and support that will make you a better person.

Stay strong and be true to yourself.

Think hard about these signs and you will make the decision to break up with your boyfriend if it is the right thing to do.