6 Reasons Why the Best Relationships Are Between Equal Partners

It is often said that it is better for a relationship when the woman is more attractive than the man.

While this is probably true, as women are apparently the least selfish of the two races, there is much more that influences a relationship’s longevity.

In fact, while a comparatively better-looking woman is good for a relationship, when one party surpasses the other in the most valuable aspects of a person, the relationship is likely to fail.

People should always do their best to date their peers.

I would argue that for the most part, relationships that last have this characteristic as the case.

While there are many good reasons to only date your equal, these are the six most important ones:

The Search Is Over: 4 Signs Your Crush Is The Prince Charming You’ve Been Looking For It’s hard to treat someone as your equal when you don’t see them as one.

Love is blind – that no one disputes.

Unfortunately, as the love continues, their eyes begin to adjust.

You start to see things as less flowery and more black and white.

This is when we start to see our reality as less made up of our opinions and we see our world as more physical – more rational.

We see our partner from a distance and begin to notice things we’ve never seen before.

Anyone who has been in a serious enough relationship has experienced this phenomenon.

Waking up from this dream can come as a shock.

Fortunately, as long as you still consider your lover an equal, you’re much less likely to be disappointed in what you see in the morning.

If you don’t see your partner as your equal, you won’t treat him as an equal – if you can’t treat him as an equal, then what are the chances of that person wanting to continue in the relationship?

You don’t want to feel like you’re downgrading your partner

While it’s possible for a person to always fall below their potential, it doesn’t make much difference.

Human beings are fascinating for the same reason that they spend most of their lives looking for something bigger, better than themselves.

We can look for a god, a higher elevation, a calmer calm.

When it comes to life partners, we are always looking for someone we believe is better than we are.

We’re not looking better than we are in every way – there’s no need to feel unparalleled in every way – but we’re looking for someone who is better than us in some ways, basically making that person equal.

Possibly opposites, but equal nonetheless.

Settling for less than perfect, you’ll end up doubting your decision

Again, this could very well be something more relevant to men.

Both genders have individuals who face commitment issues.

Many people question their individual relationships and question their ongoing decision to stay and be a part of that relationship.

The greater the discrepancy between individuals in a relationship, the more excuses we have for ending the relationship.

After some time, many if not most relationships reach a point where one or both individuals start looking and finding reasons why they shouldn’t be with this person – I’m sure many of you have had similar relationships…

The more unequal the relationship appears with those within it, the more unlikely it is to last.

You can’t keep growing when you’re being “held back” by your partner

Many of you might argue that people don’t change.

This is nonsense.

It is impossible for people not to change over time.

How they change and how big the change is will vary greatly.

However, people need to change, they need to grow up to feel like they are living a purposeful and fulfilling life.

This can vary from person to person, but many will start to worry when they perceive a lack of personal development.

The more motivated a person and the hungrier they experience life, the more intense this feeling will be.

Your partner is the person you want to spend your life with – a person you are convinced will make your life better.

A person who cannot keep up is a person we will inevitably find boring.

You will have less tension due to income discrepancy

Yes, women still earn less than men.

Of course, not all women, but women who work in the same positions as their male counterparts, even today, earn significantly less money.

Also, when the family income is one-sided, the relationship can suffer.

This won’t always be the case, but it usually will.

This is the most frequent case where the woman is the main breadwinner in the relationship.

In such cases, man must learn to calm his ego.

Unfortunately, that won’t always happen.

Let’s be honest: men want to be the caregivers, or at the very least, they don’t feel like they’re being overshadowed financially by their women.

This doesn’t mean that a man should always make more money in a relationship, but it does mean that a woman should be careful dating a man who has a much thinner wallet.

You will probably get along better

Generally speaking, we get along well with those we regard as equals.

We have more respect for them and are more likely to listen and not just talk.

When two individuals feel equal, they are on an equal footing.

They feel more confident and more willing to respect their relationship.

The more you and your lover meet, the more comfortable and respectful you will be.

The more unequal the relationship, the more likely the two will make the other seem insufficient – ​​either actively or passively.

Always do your best to date your equal.

If you can’t, at least do your best to treat your partner as such.