Best Ways to Make a Guy Chase You (It Always Works!)

How do you know if a guy really likes you?

Use the tactics below to make him run after you and if he comes after you, you’ll know!

Sometimes figuring out whether or not a guy knows you exist can seem impossible.

There are times when it feels like you’re nobody special, and he doesn’t even realize you’re there, but there are times when his smile shows that you’re on his mind in a way that makes you smile from ear to ear!

How Do You Know If A Guy Has Noticed You?

Is it all in your imagination?

Chances are, if you feel a connection, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem on the outside, there’s a strong chance he likes you or is curious about you, he just doesn’t want to show it.

Guys can be weird; they can ignore you and sometimes even tease you and make you feel small when in fact they are just struggling to express their feelings for you.

Everyone has a different way of showing affection, and this can be mind-boggling.

He may even be confused about how he feels.

My golden rule is that any attention is good attention.

If he didn’t play the game, or if he had his eye on someone else, there would be nothing between you and you would know because you wouldn’t be able to feel anything.

Trust your instincts.

How to Take Back Control

Whether a guy has shown interest in you or not, you can still test the waters.

Men tend to want to chase after things that are a little out of reach because they like the challenge.

If you can tell he has a crush on you, or even if you think he treats you like you don’t exist, it could be because you’re too approachable.

He thinks that if he could have you that easily, then you wouldn’t be that special and that any man could have you that easily!

Every man wants something unique with the woman he chooses; they want something special that no other man has been able to achieve.


Who knows, it’s an attractive thing.

Maybe it makes them feel the most daring to be the winner who managed to hunt, chase and capture the object of desire.

If you’re in love with a boy and he knows it, it’s time to take back control by showing him two things…

  1. that he has competition
  2. That you’re not as easy as he thought!

How to Play Hard to Get – To Win Your Guy!

Don’t worry about sending mixed signals or messing with a guy’s feelings here.

Trust me, as soon as you two get into the game, you two will start having fun!

It all adds to the experience and romance, so don’t be afraid to play hardball.

These are the moments he will remember most – when he was fulfilling his natural instincts and allowing himself to feel desire and competitiveness.

It’s all healthy.

Here’s a foolproof step-by-step method for playing hardball so your guy gets drawn into the game and you both end up winning!

  1. Stop being thoughtful, affectionate, and wide-eyed

I don’t mean you have to keep a cool head, certainly don’t start ignoring the poor guy or glaring at him, he’ll wonder what he did to bother you!

What I mean is to focus your attention on yourself.

Put yourself at the center of the universe instead of it.

He may not notice it at first because he’s not used to paying much attention to you, but you’ll notice the difference.

You’ll have a better perspective, which is an essential foundation for getting what you want.

  • become increasingly unavailable

If before, you’d drop everything just to be around him or have a text message conversation for hours just because it’s convenient for him; despite the fact that you’re washing your dog or doing your weekly grocery shopping – it’s time to start cutting things out.

Again, you don’t have to be rude or abrupt, just show that you have a life of your own.

Don’t stay on the phone too long, tell him you need to leave.

Let’s say you call back because you’re busy at the moment.

If he wants to hang out with you because he’s bored, tell him you can’t and that you’ll tell him when you’re free.

He will start to realize that suddenly you have a lot going on and this is the point where HE will realize that he is not the center of your universe!

  • be mysterious

The more obscure you can be about how you spend your time, the more curious he will be with you because suddenly you will be a mystery!

The unpredictability is exciting and there are mysteries to be solved.

If he’s curious about you, then he’ll start making an effort to find out more about you, which means that, of his own accord, he’s paying attention – finally!

  • Show that other men find you attractive

One way to bring anyone interested in you to their knees is to introduce them to the competition.

You don’t even have to tell him that you’re interested in other men, he’ll smell them sniffing around you from miles away – even if in reality they aren’t!

All you need to do is drop a name here and there.

If he hears the same name more than once, he’ll start to wonder who this guy he’s never met is and who he is to you!

This will encourage him to start expressing his feelings and show you that he wants you, just in case he misses the opportunity and this stranger comes in first!

A great way to show a guy that other men find you attractive is to organize a night out with your girlfriends and some guys (not just his friends), dress up a bit, and let your hair down.

Seeing her in action – on the playing field, so to speak, will shake his emotions and make him take action!

  • keep him wanting more

When he starts chasing you and you’re happy with the way things are going, don’t give up and start liking him again.

Keep everything you got.

Keep it guessing.

Don’t give him everything he wants at once.

Focus on staying independent and you can keep control and have him chase you as much as you want, for as long as you want!