The One Thing That Stops Every Girl From Finding The Guy Of Their Dreams

Remember when he accidentally called you after that horrible breakup?

For a moment, his heart began to pound uncontrollably in his chest, and suddenly there was hope that maybe, just maybe, somewhere deep down, he felt bad about what he’d done.

That feeling, that glimmer of hope always seems to keep us clinging to the last possible moment.

It tugs at our heartstrings and is often the cause of our ongoing pain long after a relationship ends.

But why do we get used to being there readily available at the snap of a finger?

In fact, it’s simple: we’re a firm believer in giving things a second (or third) chance.

We always seem to think that this time things will be different; like suddenly everything that was a problem before just doesn’t matter anymore.

When we’re emotionally attached to someone, it’s hard to give up that connection and go back to pretending we don’t care.

Little things he does don’t help us either.

A “So what?” message and a Facebook post contain little things that add up to the constant reminder of what went wrong in the first place.

Someone always has the upper hand when it comes to relationships.

Generally, there is the “who likes” and the “who receives the affection ”.

The likes are usually the ones who look for a reason to start a conversation, while the ones who get the affection and attention are the ones who interact in a way that makes it impossible to guess how he or she really feels.

Too often, we’re confused by the way someone seems super into one minute and uninterested the next.

These hot and cold extremes are the biggest reasons why we hold our attention much longer than we should.

It’s understandable that sometimes guys don’t know what they want, which gives them a reason to be so cheeky, but what’s the point of keeping us waiting around?

The answer is simple: the better they are at our emotions, the more they will know that we will remain a safety net.

When we finally get the hint that we’re just the backup call, we start the trivial game of not caring.

We begin the practice of moving on and pretending that we’re completely over the fact that he cheated on us.

Then, after a great month of finally feeling good and getting on with our lives, he’ll realize we’re not thinking about him anymore.

It’s like this little notification pops up on your phone and out of nowhere, it calls you.

He starts talking about family or school or what he had for breakfast and then he drops the bombshell: “Hi, let’s meet up like old times, maybe watch a movie or something.”

And so, we got back to thinking about it.

Deep and dark hole of doom.

Girls, stop falling in love over and over again.

Instead of doing exactly what guys think we’re going to do, do the opposite.

The only reason they get away with this game of always messing with our emotions is that we let them.

I’m not saying you need to be immature about the situation; I’m just saying I can’t take it anymore.

I know this is easier said than done, but whoever cares least is usually the one having the last laugh.

Sometimes you just need to do what needs to be done.

Delete him from your contact list, block him from your news feed or unfollow him on Instagram to get the full effect.

Let’s face it: the less you worry about the constant updates in his life, the more likely you are to get over, forget and excel every time.