6 Signs of a Controlling Boyfriend to Watch Out for

We all like a man who takes charge of certain situations.

However, there is a fine line between a man taking charge and a man who wants to be in charge at all times.

If your man increasingly censors your actions or thoughts and lowers your self-esteem, you may have what is called a controlling boyfriend.

Why do these idiots act like this?

Usually, this behavior stems from their own insecurity or the fact that they were massacred by an ex-girlfriend or ex-woman they had strong feelings for and are afraid of getting hurt again.

The worst controllers grew up observing relationships where the man dominated the woman’s control, and your self-esteem can be so low that the only way to guarantee you’ll be with them is to make you feel worthless.

Whatever the reason, it’s bad news for the woman who’s had the misfortune of falling in love with them.

Here are some ways to tell if your boyfriend is a control freak:

He Puts You Down Constantly

Whatever you can do, he can do better.

He puts you down when you do something on your own and makes you feel like you can’t do anything without his help.

Everything you do, he finds faults and defects.

He does this so that you end up losing your own confidence and end up depending on him for security and assistance in everything you do.

Sooner or later, you end up feeling worthless, unattractive and lacking positive traits or abilities.

He wants you to feel worthless without him in your life.

He Hates All Your Friends

He finds what to say about all your friends, calling them a bad influence on you.

Obviously, no one will want to be your friend just because they like your personality – everyone has an ulterior motive.

He’ll start choosing who you’re friends with and tell you who you should date.

Eventually, you’ll drift away from most of your close friends, and you’ll be left alone with him to hang out.

He Hates When You Have Fun Without Him

Oh, he doesn’t say anything about seeing you having fun – as long as he’s there with you.

If you ask your friends out for a night out, he’ll sulk at home and give you the silent treatment when you get back — but he’ll never admit the real reason he’s upset.

And if you bring him with his friends, he will make no effort to get involved with anyone else and sit in the corner looking at you in an attempt to ruin your night.

Afterward, he’ll lament saying that “you ignored me” all night and didn’t “pay attention to me”.

How to deal with it?

Give him a tampon, because he’s obviously on his period.

He Makes His Own Rules

So he’s made it pretty obvious that he hates it when you hang out with your friends – but when he’s with his own friends, especially the ones you don’t like, he makes it sound like you’re the one who doesn’t understand them.

So what if some of them are ex-cons?

They are just misunderstood!

You are the only one who has a closed mind.

He hangs out with the guys anytime, but you only have two hours a week with your friends.

He makes plans for the two of you without ever checking your schedule, but he whines and whines when you do the same.

He might even flirt with other girls and accuse you of overreacting when you catch him.

He Doesn’t Respect Your Space

Everything you own is his.

Everything he owns is also his.

It’s Never His Fault

Even when he obviously messes things up, he always changes the situation so that it’s someone else’s fault – but what if you make a mistake? He reminds you of his mistake constantly.

Don’t even try to complain about something he’s done wrong – he’ll quickly turn the conversation to all the things you’ve done wrong since the beginning of the relationship.

It will resurrect anything from not emptying the dishes to that period 3 years ago when you forgot to take out the trash.

Seriously – it’s like this guy has a mental list of mistakes you’ve made in your life.

So, instead of accepting the blame, you find yourself on the defensive and in some kind of time warp.

Eventually, you’ll end up giving in and accepting the blame because you think your head is going to explode.

Women – if this sounds like your man, get rid of his chains immediately, because this man is not only difficult to deal with but has the potential to become abusive and dangerous.