My Dating Won’t Turn into Something ? 5 Types of Guys Who Never Marry

Don’t worry, Auto Help In Focus readers; we like to cover both sides of the spectrum.

Of course, there are types of men we think will never marry; this burden is not just carried by the promiscuous woman.

Just thinking about certain types of guys makes us repulse.

Here’s our list of the most repulsive types of guys out there.

The Self Obsessed Guy

This category combines many different types of men.

I can go on and on about the shit that pisses me off, but most of it falls into that category.

My mom taught me the most valuable lesson I’ve ever learned: never date a guy who looks in the mirror more than you do.

I’ve met many different types of obsessed guys and they’re all the same: horrible.

Male models and bodybuilders are on that list.

These guys are the least ideal candidates for marriage because they care less about you; they only care about themselves.

As women, we want attention.

That’s how it should be.

Pay attention to me and tell me I’m beautiful.

Don’t spend four hours at the gym working those muscles and posing in the bathroom mirror because you’re embarrassing yourself.

Only girls should do that kind of thing.

Handsome men who know this are the worst types of obsessed men.

You want to hate them for loving each other when, but you can’t because they really are beautiful.

These are the obsessed guys getting married…. but probably two or three times with multiple divorces.

A guy like that is never satisfied with what he has because he can always get something newer and younger.

The Diva Man

Biscuits basically.

If you don’t know how to fix a car, change a tire, mow the lawn, change a light bulb or fight, you’re out.

I don’t care if you’re the most handsome, the smartest man in the world; if you cannot do the tasks that men should do, you are useless.

Helplessness is never attractive.

If women are responsible for keeping the house clean, cooking, and taking care of the children, then they had better learn to be a man.


Professional social climbers.

These guys are as bad as PR girls.

His livelihood is based around looking for impressionable women who hang out in clubs and basically perform for social promotion.

Remind me again how important your work is and why it’s worth trying.

Validating yourself on how many bottles of vodka you buy and how many vans you manage to get through the ropes of a less-than-exclusive club is nothing to be proud of.

So your Hermes belt is shining and you’ve recruited a pretty young lady who claims to be a model.

Have fun charging that $30 per head fee for your efforts at texting and harassing everyone in the phone book.

Did you go to college for that?

Congratulations, you’re a shit professional.

The Creation

The guy who never grows up.

The guy who is 28 and still laughs when he hears the word ‘penis’.

This guy still wears everything his mom bought him in high school and has a 12-year-old’s sense of humor.

This is the guy who still says he’s not ready to grow up and be serious when all his friends are married with kids, while he’s still into 18-year-old girls, playing Xbox in his apartment alone with a full sink of dirty dishes.

It’s to run away from that kind of guy.