Run: The Types of Guys You Should Never Date

I’m constantly surrounded by idiots and reminders about the kind of man I never want to date.

In a way, it’s nice to surround yourself with people you’d never dream of touching because it helps you appreciate a nice guy when he finally shows up.

The Guy Who’s Like a Thirteen-Year-Old

I’m flattered that you like me but don’t tweet about me, don’t text me four times in a row before I reply, don’t call me constantly, don’t make your Facebook photo a photo of us when the photo was taken six minutes ago and don’t spend all your time telling me how much you like me.

Well, at least not right away.

If we start dating and you start acting like a 13-year-old, it’s over.

I need a man, not someone who will voluntarily watch a Nicholas Sparks movie if it was on HBO that day.

What Speaks Screaming

There’s something wrong with a guy who’s loud all the time.

To me, if a guy needs to turn up the volume of his voice to feel like he’s being noticed, he has some attention issues and insecurities.

He has to make an observation and he feels the only way to do that is if he’s half screaming.

This is the guy who never admits he’s wrong, will talk all sorts of bullshit without knowing what he’s saying and it seems like people will think he’s right if he yells for a while.

The Guy Who Is Ashamed To Be With You

This is the guy who loves you, loves spending time with you, loves talking to you, but only lets you know about it behind closed doors.

He spent the entire time telling his friends that he would be better off single, complaining about every woman within a 500-mile radius and claiming he would never settle down and marry.

When this actually happens, he’s not only surprised, but he’s also ashamed.

He thinks he can make it work differently when he’s with you, rather than displaying feelings in public.

Never make time for this guy.

The passive

No, I don’t want to choose what we’re having for dinner, where we’re going out tonight, what we’re going to do on Tuesday.

I want you to tell me.

I want you to make the plans.

If you are passive in minor aspects of your life, that means you are passive in all aspects of your life, and there are definitely some specific times when being passive doesn’t work for me.