23 Weird Signs That Prove You’re In Love

You’re not in love, right?

After all, you know the signs that mean you’re in love with him.

Whether you’ve been in love before or not, you would be able to tell if you were in love. Definitely.


Unless you’re afraid of being in love with the wrong person.

Unless you don’t know how he feels about you.

Unless he is in a relationship or terrified of commitment and loving him would be a waste of time.

Unless you are sure you are not in love with him …

When you take the time to think about it, are you sure?

Even if you’ve never said “I love you” to him, even if you’re not together, even if you swore you’d never fall in love with him…there’s a chance you did anyway.

Love Is Strange.

It’s wild, uncontrollable, and it can happen totally by accident when you least expect it.

If you read anything on this list and think, “hmm, weird…” I hate to tell you this, but you might be in love.

Are you really ready to love?

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Sign #1: You Obsessively Check Your Phone Every 10 Seconds

And no, I’m not talking about candy crush.

Maybe you are checking if you still have an internet signal.

Or if your volume is still on.

Or if you haven’t missed any calls.

Or if you haven’t missed any messages… from him… If you look at your phone all the time if the sound of your phone sends a jolt down your spine and you’re reaching for your purse… we could be talking about love.

Sign #2: Everything Reminds You Of Him

You’re walking, you see a Starbucks and wish he was there with you… Or you’re shopping at Tok & Stok and you can’t help but wish he was there picking out random pillows… no matter what, wherever you go, you think about him.

It’s a weird feeling you can’t stop having.

It just pops into your head at the most random times.

Sign #3: You Cheerfully Skip Your Appointments Without Even Thinking To Spend Time With Him

If that means being able to spend more time with him, you’re sacrificing a lot.

You drive an hour out of your way just to see him.

Or you change your entire schedule to find 30 minutes to have coffee with him.

And most importantly – you don’t care.

It doesn’t even feel like a pain to rearrange your whole life to spend an hour with him.

You don’t even think about it – you’re happy to do it.

Sign #4: You Find Yourself Always Talking About Him

You can’t help it.

Someone says or does something that reminds you of him, and before you know it, you’re talking about him.

It doesn’t matter who you’re talking to.

You could be talking to the lady who fixes your hair, or your mom, or the cashier at the supermarket and he still pops up in the conversation.

More importantly, you can’t stop talking about him with your friends.

If they’re tired of hearing about it, it’s a big revelation that you’re “guilty” of this sign…

Sign #5: You Reread His Text Messages

It’s undeniable.

You keep all the text conversations you have with him.

When he texts you, you usually smile and read a few times just to try to kill the longing.

Feeling down?

All you have to do is reread the conversation you had with him a few days ago to put a smile on your face.

Even if you are someone who regularly deletes your emails and messages, with this guy, you are the complete opposite.

The reason?

Because his messages literally light up your day and make you smile from ear to ear.

Sign #6: 2 Minutes With Him Is Worth More Than A Full Day Without Him

Have you ever received a little text from him that sends a jolt of emotion through your body and puts a smile on your face for the rest of the day?

Does your heart skip a beat when he calls you to say hi or talk about something for a few minutes?

Any tiny interaction, even if he’s not saying something romantic, makes your whole day shine.

And it can leave you smiling for days.

Sign #7: It Never Seems Like You’re Wasting Time With Him

What did you do yesterday?


I just stretched out on the couch, watched Netflix, and ate pizza.

I totally wasted my day.

Now, change one thing about this scenario:

What did you do yesterday?

It was great!

I hung out with ____, watched Netflix on the couch, and had pizza.

What a great day.

Yes, the time “wasted” with him doesn’t seem wasted.

Sign #8: You’re Infinitely Curious About Him

You literally can’t help but be interested in every little detail about him.

It’s crazy, but everything from his random stamp collection to his boy scout medals as a kid to his stories about his crazy first job makes you smile inside.

When he tells stories about his life and what he’s like as a person, you cling to every word he says.

Sign #9: Your Appetite Decreases

You know the feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you think about a guy?

Wait, before you get mad at me, I’m not saying you get butterflies when you think about him.

I’m just asking if you know the feeling.

Butterflies are a super common and easy way to tell if you’re in love – in other words, it doesn’t belong on this list.

But just because you don’t call that butterflies in your stomach, doesn’t mean you’re not feeling them.

If you’ve been feeling a lot less hungry later and you don’t know why it could be because you’re in love.

Sign #10: You Lose Track Of Time And No Amount Of Time Spent With Him Is Enough

You could spend hours and hours talking on the phone with him or cuddling with him watching movies all day, but it doesn’t matter.

At the end of the day, it still feels like you spent brief moments with him.

Even if you spent the weekend together, you still wouldn’t want to say goodbye.

It always seems like it’s never enough.

Sign #11: He Drives You Crazy, But You Still Love Being Around Him

Sometimes he says things that drive you crazy.

Every time he does something stupid, you want to grab his head and shake it until all the stupidity is gone.

He pisses you off in a way no one else can, and it makes you want to scream in frustration.

How could he provoke something so intense in you?

The answer to that question lies in this piece of wisdom: the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.

Sign #12: You Have More Energy

Throughout the day, you feel more alive and energetic, as if you have a constant adrenaline rush through you.

You feel more productive like you can face the world every day.

That weird surge of natural energy that lifts your mood and makes you excited throughout the day…where did it come from?

It’s a crazy experience, it feels like you’re on top of life.

Could it have come… from him?

Sign #13: You Get Defensive When Your Best Friend Is Negative About Him

So you know your best friend’s job is basically to offend the guy you like, right?

Well, maybe normally it doesn’t bother you and it can even be comforting to hear, but in this case, it’s the other way around.

You have an instinctive need to protect him if she dares to criticize anything about him.

Even if she’s not saying something that bad, her not being a super admirer of his amazing personality is enough to make you a little angry.

Sign #14: You Have Fun Talking With Him No Matter What You’re Talking About

No matter what the subject is, you are delighted to have a conversation with him about anything.

Even the most random and uneventful things (like the weather or the news) become exciting, engaging, and fun.

You can even talk about things you don’t like at all (like the football team he supports) and it still feels like you’re having the most interesting conversation ever.

Sign #15: You Stop Thinking About Your Ex

So you may have had an obsession with your ex-boyfriend that broke your heart and cheated on you with his ex-girlfriend (or whatever other bad thing he did).

You may have missed him or completely hated him with a burning passion.

You may have spent weeks where every morning you wake up and your first thought is whether you could put it in a blender.

And now?

In fact, now you practically don’t care anymore.

You don’t cling to your anger at the guy who screwed you over.

You almost feel a sense of indifference.

It’s a crazy experience.

You never thought you’d see the day he actually walked out of your thoughts, but now today is that day… Because someone else has taken over your thoughts.

Sign #16: You Do Boring Things With Him Just For The Chance To Spend More Time With Him

Does he have to go to the supermarket because he’s out of eggs?

Looks like fun!

Does he need to stop at the drugstore to pick up some supplements?

Count on me!

No matter how boring it is or how much you would normally hate it, you would never turn down the chance to do that to him.

Sign #17: You Can Talk to Him About Anything

And I mean anything.

You’re totally comfortable with him.

You can pee with the door open without feeling awkward.

You tell him about a nasty pimple you popped the other day, he laughs and pretends to be disgusted.

And when you have something serious to talk to him about, you know he’d give you his full attention about anything…just like you would him.

Sign #18: You Can’t Concentrate At Work And Suddenly Have Attention Deficit

So you’re at work and you’re supposed to be doing some kind of spreadsheet or paperwork or training the new killer whale in the park to jump a hoop and what are you doing?

You are dreaming about him.

Or if you are around family and friends, your mind will be elsewhere.

You are simply not present in the moment with them, because you are thinking about them.

You can’t even help it, it’s like you’re in this beautiful dream where it’s just you and him in the world.

You feel like you’re in a small world, built for two, a world you and he could understand.

You might even be shirking your responsibilities to be on WhatsApp all day with him.

And when you’re not writing, you’re sitting there obsessively checking your phone waiting for him to answer.

Sign #19: You Can’t Explain Why You’re Always Happy

You suddenly feel carefree for no apparent reason.

Things that may have bothered you or let your mood down before don’t seem to bother you.

It’s like you’re a different person.

It’s like there’s a ray of sunlight streaming through your face.

And the best part is that the smile on your face comes from an inner place.

It’s a specific kind of happiness that you’ve never experienced before.

And it’s beautiful.

You can’t even help it.

Sign #20: You’re Less Attracted To Other Guys

Caio Castro? Brad Pitt? Oh, whatever.

He is enough.

You can see your favorite actor and not even have the same heart-stopping reaction you would have before.

And if you think about being with another guy, it really doesn’t please you in the same way it used to.

You no longer feel any kind of intense attraction to them.

All you want is him.

Sign #21: You Mentally Note The Things He Likes

Quick: what’s your favorite song? Or his favorite movie? Or favorite color?

Did you respond quickly?

If he mentions specific, random things he likes, you don’t forget or write everything down.

Subconsciously or not, you want to know how to make him happy.

Sign #22: You Remember All The First Times You Had With Him

You remember the first time you met him.

The first time you kissed.

Or you can even have the first date movie ticket stub.

Whatever it is, little moments with him become special and cherished memories.

And you remember all the details.

Sign #23: He Scares You Too Much

Deep down, you know in your heart that if he wanted to hurt you, he would be able to completely destroy you.

You might not want to admit it, but he could break your heart so much that it would bring you to your knees and make tears run down your red, blotchy face.

If he tries to show his emotional side, you might try to act like it’s too soon, but secretly, deep down, you love every second of it.

If you’re really honest with yourself, you’re terrified of where this could lead with him, and yet you can’t help but want to take things further.

And you know that if you woke up tomorrow and weren’t afraid of what the future with him could mean, you’d miss it more than anything.

So, to sum it all up…

Remember, often the biggest obstacle to love is denial.

It’s scary to realize that you’re in love, and it’s easy to say, “No, I’m not, I’m not in love with him, nooooo.”

But if you read this list and realize that many of these signs apply to you…well, then I hate to say it, but you are in love.

If you are in love, first of all, congratulations, and second of all, this makes it even more important that you deal with those “either is or is not” moments that every woman experiences in her relationships with men, because if you already love him, so your potential for heartbreak is at its highest, so pay attention as this next step is vitally important.

At some point, he starts to lose interest.

He doesn’t call back or becomes emotionally closed off.

He seems to be losing interest or pulling away – do you know what to do?

If you don’t, you are putting your relationship and the future of your love life at risk.

The second pivotal moment in life in any relationship where he might leave you heartbroken and alone, or on the path to romance and happiness: at some point, he’ll ask himself, is this the woman I’m supposed to commit to for the long haul or not?

The answer he gives himself will determine everything…you know how men determine if a woman is to date (the kind of woman he commits to) or if he sees you as just an affair?

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