When Your Girlfriends Don’t Like Your Boyfriend, You Should Listen

In a perfect world, your friends and family would love every guy you liked enough to call your boyfriend.

Of course, that’s not always how it works.

Sometimes you’re really into a new guy and your friends just can’t agree.

While you might want to ignore their opinion, here’s why you should listen when your friends don’t like your boyfriend:

1 . They are just trying to help.

You might think your best friends are jealous of your newfound happiness… but then why are they your best friends?

Chances are they’re just trying to help and make sure you’re making the right decisions.

They come from a place of love and affection, even if you don’t realize it at first.

2 . They Know You Better Than You Know Yourself.

How many times did your friends pick you up when you fell?

You came to them when your boyfriend walked away and disappeared, when you had a horrible first date, when you finally met a decent guy, and when you weren’t sure how to decode a text message.

It’s safe to say they know you better than you know yourself.

So if they don’t approve of this new guy, you need to consider that.

3. They Don’t Want To Say They Hate Your Boyfriend.

If you think they want to be negative about their new relationship, you’re dead wrong.

When your friends tell you how they really feel, they’re freaking out at the idea of ​​you dating this guy.

They’d like to say the opposite: that they like him and think he’s the right guy for you.

They are seriously not enjoying this.

4. They See Things You Can’t See.

You are currently blinded by the new couple’s love bubble and nothing can stop you from obsessing over your new boyfriend.

You can’t see what your friends see… At least not now.

You should be glad they’re looking from the outside and seeing the situation for what it really is.

5. They’re Just Doing The Best Friend’s Work.

There’s no point in having best friends if you don’t want to give and receive advice about love and life.

Stop the anger and start being grateful that they are there for you.

There’s no reason to be upset with your friends when they just take care of you.

6. They Want You To Do The Same.

It’s super tempting to freak out and get really mad at your friends for not liking your boyfriend.

Instead of going down that negative path, why not think about what you would do?

The truth is, you would definitely tell them how you really feel about their relationships.

You wouldn’t feel like a good friend if you lied.

Once you see things from their perspective, you can have more clarity about the whole situation.

7. They are not obligated to love him.

You are the person who is in the relationship.

You need to feel comfortable with what’s going on and who you’re with.

It’s easy to forget that your friends don’t have to love the person you love, but it’s true.

Do you love all the guys and girls they’ve dated?

Of course.

8. They would feel bad if they kept quiet.

You might think that if you hated a friend’s boyfriend, you wouldn’t say anything, and yet that might be the worst idea ever.

Your friends would probably feel really bad if they kept quiet about this person in their life.

They would think about it all the time and it would be like the elephant in the room.

It’s not hard to imagine how strange that would be.

9. They Have Experience You Should Trust.

Your best friends are there with you, dating and trying to find someone worthy of being called a boyfriend.

It makes no sense to totally disregard their experience and knowledge.

You’re not doing yourself or them justice if you don’t listen to what they’re trying to tell you.

10. They don’t necessarily want you to break up with him.

You might think so, but that’s not always the case.

They might have a legitimate reason for not liking your boyfriend (for example, they might think he’s a little lazy and unmotivated).

Maybe you notice that your friends have identified a problem in your relationship and you can talk to your boyfriend about it and make things better.

And then you’ll be glad they pointed out his flaws or what was wrong with the relationship, right?