Does he miss me as much as I miss him?

“ He misses me, will he miss me without contact, how long before he misses me …” are common questions from those dumped and left heartbroken and longing to know answers.

Or at least they think so.

The truth is, you, as the person who got dumped, don’t want to know the truth because, as you know – the truth always hurts.

It doesn’t help you move on, nor does it help you lose hope faster.

Either way, knowing the answer (positive or negative) only makes your suffering worse.

It either gives you a ton of false hope or further destroys your self-esteem, making it difficult for you to recover what you need.

That’s why it really doesn’t make sense to know if your ex misses you.

I am aware of the fact that if your ex missed you, they would likely feel validated and worthy of your ex’s love.

It would fill you with optimism and make you think that it would still be possible for this broken relationship to work again.

Acknowledging your ex would tell you that the relationship was not a lie and that you are important to him as a person.

In other words, it would give you an ego boost.

So if you are still curious and insist on finding out if your ex misses you, this is the article for you.

Does My Ex Miss Me As Much As I Miss Him?

First of all, no person who breaks up misses the other as much as the person who dumps misses the person who broke up.

This is a fact and there is no arguing with it.

The main reason you miss your ex more than he misses you is because of the breakup.

The separation that, for lack of better words, messes up both your life and your feelings, leaves you devastated beyond the point of rational understanding.

Due to the breakup, the emotional and physical pain convinces you that you miss your ex like crazy and need him back for your happiness.

It’s a truly horrible feeling and, ironically, drugs have the same effect.

As for your ex, he’s not experiencing the same syndrome that you’re experiencing through the breakup, so he’s not as negatively affected as you are.

It was his choice to end the relationship, so your ex doesn’t miss you as much as you’d like him to.

And just to make matters worse, you also can’t deliberately make him miss you through acts of love.

You see, when a person lets go of their partner, they lose attraction, affection, love, and often even respect for that person.

So if you consider this for a second, you’ll understand why your ex doesn’t miss you after the breakup.

It’s impossible for him to miss  you because he wants to be away from you .

This is especially true if the breakup has just happened and your ex is still under the “I can do anything because I don’t feel anything” influence.

My Ex Doesn’t Miss Me!

As the person who dumped you, you don’t have the power to influence your ex directly.

So the most you can do is hope your ex develops the kind of mindset where he becomes aware of the amazing traits you have.

Even though your ex may not miss you now, it won’t necessarily be that way forever.

It really depends on what’s going on with your ex in his life.

If he’s busy with other people and various activities, he probably won’t miss you until the newness of his life turns into a boring routine.

When your ex gets tired of the new friends and he moves out of the relief and exaltation stage, he will no doubt become receptive again.

That means he can miss you as long as his life doesn’t go as he planned.

And since that usually doesn’t happen or it ends up getting boring, all you have to do is wait until your ex reaches stage three of the “grass is greener” syndrome.

Signs My Ex Misses Me

It’s not easy to say that your ex misses you while you’re not in touch – healing and recovering from the breakup.

In fact, you shouldn’t look for signs that your ex misses you, because it frankly doesn’t matter.

Not until he really misses you enough to come back.

But if you’re still looking for hope, here are some possible signs:

  • frequent text messages and calls
  • apologizing profusely
  • comparing you to his new partner/old life
  • online and offline chase
  • saying in fact that he misses you

These are just a few signs that your ex misses you.

But most of the time, you won’t know any of this happening in the background.

If your ex misses you, he will likely miss you silently, without your conscience.

That’s why I said there’s no point in knowing if he really misses you, because you won’t look for him.

He goes.

Will My Ex Miss Me No Contact?

Staying out of contact indefinitely is the best option for getting your ex to realize your value — and, essentially, make him miss you.

There’s really no better way for your ex to miss you than to let your absence do its work.

Things your ex will miss about you:

  • your personality

Things your ex won’t miss about you.

Aside from his bad personality traits, the ex doesn’t miss what you’ve done for him often…

or, he feels, are not enough for him to return because of them.

At least not right after the breakup.

These things include:

  • Cook
  • cleaning
  • purchases
  • help you in any way
  • their various skills and techniques
  • babysitting his son
  • your story
  • hobbies and joint activities
  • your pets

Your ex will initially not miss these things when the new partner doesn’t provide all of these.

He may, however, miss these things later on when he doesn’t get along with his new partner and starts comparing her to you.

But what I’m trying to say is that these things will not be the incentive for you to get back together.

Your personality yes.

And if it’s not your personality that draws your ex back, it’s his broken ego and low self-esteem.

How Do I Make My Ex Miss Me?

Please don’t think that there is something you should do personally to make your ex miss you.

All you “need to do” is stay out of touch and work on becoming the best version of yourself.

Do this primarily to ensure a smooth recovery and also for your future successful relationships.

The more you invest in yourself now, the better your relationships will be when you recover from a broken heart.

That’s why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of having no contact after a breakup.

Take this valuable time seriously as it can be the deciding factor in making your ex miss you and ultimately want you back.

See how you inadvertently make your ex miss you in the long run.

A while back, we conducted a survey and found that 90% of those dumped were contacted by their ex again.

Most of them received a contact from their ex within the first 6 months of no contact, and chances are you will receive this type of contact as well.

After your ex goes through the aforementioned “grass is greener” syndrome, your ex will contact you.

And if you’re lucky, he might even say he misses you.

But until that happens, you don’t beg, cry, or talk to your ex.

Instead, you must diligently obey the no-contact rules – which every dump person must strictly adhere to.

Learn these rules, memorize them, and make them natural, as they should be used on anyone who doesn’t respect you.

Your Ex Needs a Little Push

Have you ever noticed that you miss your ex more when something bad happens to you?

If you did this, it was because you immediately thought of the day when you felt safe.

The same goes for your ex who has the powers.

In order for him to miss you, your ex needs to go through something painful.

Here’s When Your Ex Could Miss You:

  • after the relationship peaks (the one that happens quickly right after) fails
  • when he’s having trouble in his new relationship
  • because of contests he didn’t pass or business failures
  • after a breakup
  • after a rejection
  • family death
  • because of nightmares

Of course, there are a million more reasons why your ex would miss you, but the truth is, something bad has to happen to him first.

Expecting him to wake up one day and miss you is absurd.

Theoretically, he could have a nightmare about you, but that probably won’t happen unless he’s already regretful, in doubt, or unhappy.

Breakups happen for a reason and nightmares often happen too.

Anxiety and depression are the two most common reasons why nightmares occur in adults.

How Long Until My Ex Misses Me?

It’s impossible to say how long it will be before your ex misses you and contacts you.

However, we can say that the 30-day no-contact rule is a hoax – a fairy tale.

Expecting a person to miss you in a pre-set period of days is foolish, as each person is different.

Waiting 30, 45, 60, 90, or 365 days and contacting your ex before he is ready is ridiculous and harmful to your health.

This is why you should never contact your ex and follow any kind of no contact rule other than the indeterminate contact rule.

It’s important to note that whoever ended it is not the one who got dumped.

They don’t feel the way whoever got dumped feels and never will.

For your ex to miss you, the following conditions must be met in his life.

Your ex needs:

  1. Have high hopes about the new life.
  2. Process the separation.
  3. To see those hopes dashed.
  4. Become receptive and nostalgic.
  5. Experiencing negative emotions.
  6. Look for ways to relieve anxiety

People Who Ended Who Miss You

As we discussed earlier that breakups usually get in touch, we can also say that certain types of breakup people miss you more than others.

Needless to say, the worse his self-esteem is, the sooner he’ll “miss his ex” and get in touch.

This is true because a person who doesn’t value himself very much often looks to others for validation and support.

So if your ex has self-esteem issues, low confidence, or is terrible at moving on and being able to date other people, he will get to stage 5 of a breakup much faster.

And as we mentioned earlier, you can’t speed up this process as it doesn’t involve you.

It just depends on what your ex is thinking, feeling and doing with his life, so leave him completely alone.

Otherwise, you may inadvertently give him the moral support he needs to deal with life’s difficulties and sabotage his chances.

Does your ex miss you as much as you miss him?

Has your ex given any signs that he misses you?