13 Secret Signs Your Boyfriend Didn’t Break Up With His Ex-Girlfriend

Here are 13 secret signs that he’s not over his ex-girlfriend that might help you read his mind.

Are you dating a guy who seems to have a crush on his ex-girlfriend?

If you’re worried about the quicksand of sentimental emotions your man has for his ex-girlfriend, you’re not alone.

And it’s completely acceptable to hate him for it.

Now seriously, if he’s still in love with his ex-girlfriend, what the hell is he doing with you?

If a guy tells you that he still thinks about his ex fondly, you might admire his honesty.

And then you can kick it to the curb.

But what do you do when he says he’s over his ex-girlfriend but you still don’t believe him?

Is He Over His Ex-Girlfriend?

Getting over an ex is never easy.

If you’ve ever been in a romantic relationship that had to end, you know how hard it is to get over someone special.

While it’s not easy to forget someone you’ve loved, there’s a fine line between forgetting someone and staying in love with them.

If your boyfriend still loves his ex-girlfriend, chances are he still wants to get back together with his ex.

And that’s definitely not something you should tolerate.

You’re not a rebound girl or emotional babysitter to feed his heart, just so he can pick up the broken pieces of his heart and chase his ex again when he feels better.

13 Signs He’s Not Over His Ex-Girlfriend

If you see any of these behaviors in him, it’s time to have a that serious conversation with him.

Does he love you or is he still in love with his ex-girlfriend?

Are you just a rebound or are you someone he truly loves?

After all, starting a relationship is all about passion and desire.

If he says he loves you but still gets confused when he sees his ex or spends all his time thinking about his ex-girlfriend, can he love you when all he does is dream about her?

Here are 13 signs that can help you figure out if he’s still with his ex or not.

1. He Talks About Her All the Time.

It doesn’t matter if he talks fondly about her or critically and badmouths her all the time.

If he thinks about her, he still has feelings for her.

If a guy has reached an agreement at the end of the relationship, he will not regret anything.

He will get over it.

Only a guy who is constantly annoyed by an ex-girlfriend who can’t get out of his head likes to complain about it to his current girlfriend.

If your boyfriend is constantly finding ways to bring his ex into the conversation without you initiating it, he is definitely still missing her.

2. His Cell Phone Shows.

Unless your boyfriend is a sneaky ex-lover, he will definitely leave some signs every now and then on your computer or phone.

If your boyfriend’s browser history shows that he’s been visiting his ex’s facebook or twitter account or her blog frequently, he’s definitely not over this ex.

So how much is too much?

Checking the steps an ex leaves online once a week is hardly acceptable, but if he’s been checking his ex’s profiles more often than that, you need to have a conversation with him.

3. He looks confused when he bumps into her on the street.

The next time you walk hand in hand with your boyfriend and bump into his ex, watch how he behaves.

Does he let go of your hand right away?

or does he get flustered or mumble like a clumsy preteen?

If his heart races or he breaks out in a sweat around his ex-girlfriend, she’s definitely been running marathons in his mind without you knowing.

4. He Keeps In Touch With Her.

Ex-boyfriends don’t stay friends.

There is no good reason for exes to remain, friends unless there is something that connects them.

If your new boyfriend is good friends with his ex-girlfriend and keeps in touch with her, you definitely have reason to be concerned.

5. He Gets Annoyed When He Hears She’s Dating Someone New.

He’s dating you.

Is he happy?

But if he learns she’s dating someone new and turns into an uncontrollable crybaby boy, he’s obviously annoyed that she’s sleeping with someone new.

If he’s really happy with you and has mastered whatever lingering love he has left with his ex, he shouldn’t mind if she dates someone else.

6. He’s Her Man For Fridays.

Ex-boyfriends don’t have to stay friends, but they can still keep in touch.

However, if your boyfriend behaves like her slave and is always ready to help her out of trouble or solve any little problem, he is definitely trying to stay in her memory for a reason.

Only a guy who is still in love will constantly try to help an ex in any way, be it the handyman or someone to be her chauffeur.

7. He likes to be teased by his ex.

Does your boyfriend stiffen a giggle or does he blush like a little girl when you tug on his leg with some comment about his ex-girlfriend or when his friends tease him about a romantic incident involving his ex?

Men are not ashamed.

They get irritated when they’re being teased over a bad incident with an ex.

Only lost and passionate lovers like to fantasize and talk about ex-girlfriends with a glazed look of happiness plastered on their faces.

If your boyfriend loves hearing about his ex-girlfriend, he obviously still enjoys being associated with her.

8. He still has gifts from her or keepsakes scattered around the house.

A boyfriend who still holds a stuffed toy given to him by his ex-girlfriend lying in bed is never good news for a new girlfriend.

Does your boyfriend have all of his ex-girlfriend’s gifts packed in the house?

Does he still wear the watch she gave him?

And wait a minute, is that girly toothbrush by the sink hers?

Yes, you are allowed to shove the brush up his romantic ass!

9. It’s been less than three months since he broke up with his ex-girlfriend.

Relationship breakups take time to heal.

If you’re in a relationship with a guy who broke up with his girlfriend less than three months ago, he’s definitely not over his ex.

And chances are, sigh, you’re his rebound girl, even if he doesn’t know it.

10. He Clings To His Memories.

Do you find him clinging to his memories when he thinks you’re not around?

Does he hold something of hers or visit an ex-girlfriend’s profile when he thinks you’ve left the room?

Does he look at an old message from her when you’re not around?

If you see your boyfriend staring at his ex’s face on his computer or cell phone while gently moving your fingers to view her pictures, leave his house and never come back.

11. He Hasn’t Ended The Relationship Yet.

This is a tricky place to be.

This is something you will experience if you steal a guy from his girlfriend.

Was he still in a relationship when you got with him?

He may not have broken up yet, and even though he said he ended the relationship, he can still keep in touch with her.

His excuse?

“It was such a shock for her…

I need to soften her love little by little…

You understand, don’t you, dear?”

12. He Didn’t Delete Her Messages.

Does your new boyfriend have a lot of love and lewd messages exchanged with his ex-girlfriend?

Seriously, which guy in his right mind keeps his ex-girlfriend’s old messages stored on his phone?

There can be a huge list of messages, but deleting it is the right thing and the only thing to do if he’s really gotten over it.

13. He Has Her Pictures.

Does your boyfriend have pictures of his ex on his computer or on his cell phone?

Or maybe even pictures scattered around the house?

This isn’t good, but it’s acceptable as long as he manages to delete or throw away all the photos once you express your insecurity.


If your boyfriend has been in a relationship for a while, he might even have photos and videos of his ex-girlfriend too.

Of course, he won’t talk about it.

As long as he’s thrown away all of his ex’s photos and videos, never to see them again, that’s fine.

But if he has some pictures hidden around the house (hidden but easily accessible) then he’s definitely getting a good look at his ex while you’re alone in the shower.

Sometimes we all miss our exes or think about them.

But there is a fine line between a passing thought and an obsession.

Keep an eye out for signs that he hasn’t forgotten his ex and talk to him about it.

This will clear the air and help you make up your mind.