9 Ways to Make Your Husband Happy

A man is usually the heart of the family.

He gives himself physically, mentally, and financially, so here are some tips to make your husband happy:

1. Don’t grumble.

Men often let complaints go in one ear and out the other.

If you want your husband to hear the important things you have to say, don’t constantly criticize him about the little things.

2. Choose Your Battles.

Even if your husband isn’t the cleanest guy in the world, if he leaves the house to do the heavy lifting and get dirty at work so you can put food on the table, you can do your part and have him clean and tidy his stuff…

So next time, instead of yelling and putting everyone in a bad mood because your husband left his dirty clothes on the floor, pick them up and put them in the hamper.

(Tip: Try putting a laundry basket with his name on it so he knows where to put his clothes.

This will also help you keep your muddy clothes separate from your other clothes.)

3. Cook Dinner.

Of course, every man’s dream is to have a wife like his mother.

Believe it or not, men think of their wives as security.

Cooking dinner at night, instead of ordering food over the phone, will bring back that homely feeling, as well as save you money.

4. Prepare His Bath.

Let your man know that you appreciate everything he does by making small gestures like turning on the hot water in the shower when he comes home for a shower.

5. Keep All Distractions Out Of The Bedroom.

The bedroom is strictly for you and your husband to spend time together after a long day.

Leave all distractions, including the television, phones, and argumentative conversations, and yes, even your kids out of the bedroom.

6. Let Him Be A Man.

Suggest or arrange for him and a group of friends to go out for fun.

This will make it easier for him to feel less tied to the role of a married man.

7. Increase His Self-Esteem.

Make positive comments about his appearance, and if you want him to change something about his appearance, suggest the change with a phrase like “Should we…” or “You should try…”, but again, don’t grumble, don’t complain, and don’t criticize him to make the change; leave it to him, it’s his appearance after all.

8. Speak Positively About Your Spouse.

As difficult as it is, leaves your problems at home.

Don’t tell your friends and family bad things about your husband; this will give them space to tell you how to handle their relationship and ultimately leave them with negative thoughts about their husband (Warning: If you are in an abusive relationship, seek help immediately from local authorities or a counselor).

9. Never Belittle His Family.

Even if you or your husband doesn’t approve of the way his mother does certain things, don’t speak ill of her.

Your husband will lose respect for you if you speak ill of his relatives, so simply make suggestions on how to “make things better”.

With these 9 tips, you’ll be on your way to a more stress-free, happier relationship in no time.