Is He Purposely Starting Ridiculous Fights With You?

There are some men who are very immature.

Instead of opting to have a grown-up conversation with you, they’ll instigate a stupid argument – a guy like that definitely takes the fun out of a playing date.

I’ve found that men who like to tease a lot also love to start stupid fights.

These types of fights are either to distract you from why you were really angry in the first place or to keep him from emotionally connecting with you on a deeper level.

The more fights he instigates, the greater the distance between the two of you.

Often this is done subconsciously, but either way, the end result is a failed relationship.

It’s almost like he’s trying to prove to himself that he’s not worthy of being loved.

Since you don’t know what triggers these ridiculous fights, you’ll feel like you’re constantly having pins and needles around you, anxious and afraid that a fight could break out at any moment.

It’s extremely stressful and frustrating to be with a guy that you can’t understand why he chooses the things he chooses to discuss – things most people wouldn’t even consider.

Do these ridiculous fights really bring any positive change?

For men who like to start these fights, they do – for a moment, they get to enjoy a small victory to make you join the fight too.

This is also interesting – this guy is usually the first one to label someone as being “negative”.

Seriously, he doesn’t understand the definition of negative?

This guy is so critical he probably doesn’t know the definition of negative.

A guy who starts ridiculous fights with you doesn’t believe in “picking your battles wisely”.

For him, everything can be a battle to discuss.

You sneeze, and he’ll fight over it.

If you have an opinion about anything – even if your comment is valid – he will fight for it.

You say “hi” to someone he knows – in front of him – he’ll pick a fight over it.

You want to go on a trip with your friends at the same time he is planning a trip with his friends – he will find a reason to discuss it.


Or maybe, he doesn’t like the tone of your voice, the way you walk, the way you pronounce a certain word – here comes another ridiculous fight.

Damn it!

Once stupid disagreements start, there’s no way to control them.

Your relationship will be a constant fight – which usually starts in front of your friends as well as his – raising your voice to get his point across.

I didn’t know that an argument has more validity the louder you speak.

His “point” is usually useless since most kids wouldn’t even waste their breath arguing over the things he chooses to discuss.

All you can think about when you’re with this guy is when he’s going to start stomping his feet and throwing himself on the floor in a tantrum.

When you’re dating a guy who gets excited to start stupid fights, the level of attraction you had for him drops significantly.

I can’t blame her, what grown woman wants to feel like she’s dating a two-year-old in a grown man’s body?


This need to create drama through small arguments is also due to a lack of maturity.

At first, this may seem playful, as he usually starts with pranks and amusing jokes.

But then the joke becomes a fight over little things and the “jokes” become less fun.

This guy doesn’t have a switch, so fights tend to occur more and more often until you forget what attracted you to him in the first place.

Men like this are usually bad communicators, so not only do they project their negative feelings onto you, but they also spew their verbal vomit through unnecessary drama.

I dated a guy who was a master when it came to starting stupid fights with me.

It was almost as if there wasn’t a fight for him to start, so he wouldn’t have anything to say.

The brilliance he shared had to be argumentative in order to express itself.

Well, as with most men, they don’t reveal their mysterious true selves until they feel comfortable going out with you or know you’re “into them” – which they see as a safe zone to let their guard down…

What drew me to this guy – at first – was a healthy exchange of innocent teasing.

I love a guy who knows how to play.

Done right, it can bring joy and fun energy to a relationship.

As our courtship progressed, so did the banter…

except he alternated—faster than superman at the speed of light—to small fights that went beyond childish.

What was confusing is that I hadn’t dated this guy long enough for any real or serious issues that might be worth having “intense” discussions on the subject.

Regardless, he argued about everything.

He argued about where I needed to park when I visited.

He argued about letting me into his building – in the time it took him to argue, he could have let me in sooner.

He would ask me where I wanted to eat and argue with me about which restaurant I would choose.

So why ask?

He would fight about the movie or TV shows we watched.

He fought when I cooked for him – finding some excuse about something he didn’t like.

When I went out with my friends and he had no plans, he would start an argument to make me feel guilty about leaving.

And the stupid fights have increased exponentially.

I think since I was open to pranks – because that’s what playfulness is – he assumed that stupid fights were my allies too.


This guy was so ignorant of the perception other people were having.

What he found amusing about making these little fights was actually inappropriate and inappropriate behavior seen by others – including me.

Women, why waste your energy, time, or breath on a guy who likes to find things to be upset about?

When a guy starts stupid fights with you, you have the power to walk away and not contribute.

Having a guy who turns you on in a negative way is not only controlling, selfish, and immature, but generally toxic to a relationship.

Don’t give him more satisfaction by entertaining his youthful behavior.