I want a boyfriend! 18 tricks to find you the perfect guy

Don’t want to be single anymore?

If you want a boyfriend, read these tips to find the right guy for you – right now.

While some girls want to be single, there are those who feel like they need someone to share their lives with – and their bed.

And probably the second option is you today.

That’s why you’re reading this right now, right?

If you’re thinking, I want a boyfriend, we’ve got 18 tips that can change your life.

It‘s A Natural Human Necessity To Want A Partner

Feeling lonely without someone to love is natural.

After all, we are human.

We like to belong to someone like someone belongs to us.

We yearn to love and be loved in return.

That’s how it is for you too.

So, if you feel like now is the time to hook up with some guy, here’s a list of tips on how you can get yourself a boyfriend.

#1 Wait – Are You Sure?

Before deciding whether to get a boyfriend, reconsider.

The reason is that all your friends have boyfriends and you want to fit in?

Do you think you’re emotionally ready for one?

If you’re doing great as you are, a satisfied single, do you really want a change in relationship status?

Weigh the pros and cons first and ALWAYS prepare for the worst-case scenarios.

Having a boyfriend and keeping one takes a lot of hard work too.

#2 Being Single Is Good.

Again, think about it.

You’re fine alone, you do what you want when you want.

You have friends and family that you spend a lot of time with.

Do you really want a boyfriend who is accompanying you on your night out and travels, someone who will definitely have a say in almost everything you do?

#3 Don’t Be Desperate.

So now that you’ve made up your mind – you really want a boyfriend and you think you’re ready for it.

Here’s what you should know first: don’t get desperate.

The guy you want isn’t going to fall from the skies, and neither is he going to want to date a girl who is desperately begging for any guy to unravel.

#4 Think About What You Want.

Think about what you want in a boyfriend.

This will be your pattern, which will help you sort through and weed out the guys who won’t be good for you.

Does the guy who’s going to be your boyfriend have the same values ​​as you?

Should he be older or younger?

Active and like sports?

Does he like the things you like too or is he the complete opposite of you?

Knowing these traits helps you focus on what you want while looking for a boyfriend.

#5 Spread Your Wings.

Get out of the house.

If you enjoy meeting new people who are totally different from the ones you date, this gives you wider options for a boyfriend.

Or try a new hobby or join a club, these great ideas let you not only find a potential boyfriend but also improve your own skills and widen your social circle.

#6 Don’t Look For One In Bars Or Clubs.

That is if a serious relationship is what you’re after.

Chances are, meeting guys in bars or clubs will leave you not only with a hangover but also a permanent headache because these guys are often just looking for easy women to spend the night with.

#7 Be Open to Change.

So if you want to have a boyfriend and you haven’t chosen anyone you know, then maybe you need to look further.

This means that you have to be open-minded about the people you already know because it is with these unlikely friendships that you can find your “chosen one”.

#8 Be Confident.

Now, if you want someone to notice you, go there with confidence.

Don’t be shy about meeting new people or chatting with your friends.

Being confident enough to be true to yourself gives you a better chance that someone will actually like you for who you are.

#9 Make Friends.

Don’t be afraid to make friends.

Don’t just approach someone you think could be your boyfriend right away.

Whether he’s a complete stranger or an acquaintance, you have to be open to being friends with him before you expect anything to develop into a relationship.

#10 Be the Best Version of Yourself.

Be yourself – the best version of yourself.

Nobody likes to date a negative woman.

If you don’t feel like going out, stay away from the crowd – don’t force yourself to socialize.

When you’re in a good mood, go out there and show the world the best you can be.

#11 Be Warm And Inviting.

Don’t discriminate against people you know, or your friends and acquaintances.

Be warm and friendly with everyone.

Who knows, Zé joker may be the ideal material to date you.

People are most attracted to genuinely likable and approachable individuals.

Exhale positivity and you attract it too.

#12 Get to Know Them Well.

So you have some guys that you see as potential boyfriends.

It’s not enough that you share some conversations and exchange numbers.

You have to really get to know them, and that takes time.

That’s when you learn to be your friend first.

Plus, social media also makes it easy to see what these guys are up to, so add or follow them online.

#13 Narrow Your Options.

You may have a handful of guys that you have your eye on.

They are your prospects.

Now, after learning more about them, learn which ones you like best, eliminating the idiots, the jocks, and the ones who don’t take anything seriously.

This allows you to focus your time and effort, as well as emotions, on the guys who could be your real boyfriend.

#14 Read The Signs.

Are there guys who show a special romantic interest in you?

Do they flirt or even express their attraction to you?

Has anyone asked for your number or has anyone asked you?

Or maybe there’s a shy guy who keeps staring at you?

It’s important that you keep an eye out for signs that a guy is into you too.

#15 Make Sure He’s Not In A Compromise.

A cardinal rule when it comes to looking for a boyfriend is to make sure he is not dating or married.

If you’ve never been in a relationship before, fixing drama in your life is the last thing you need right now.

There is a lot of fish in the sea, the world is your oyster, and you don’t want to get involved in a relationship with a girl.

#16 Don’t Give Up Yet.

Giving your cherry to the first guy showing interest in you doesn’t mean he’s going to commit.

If you don’t know how the world works or if you’re still a virgin, then know this: there will be guys out there who look like a prince charming – until you drop your panties.

And if you’re looking for a genuine serious relationship, chances are, you wouldn’t be able to have one anytime soon.

#17 Say No To “No-Labels”.

If you’re getting into a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to “define” the relationship, then you better think again.

You want to have a boyfriend that you present to the world as your boyfriend, right?

#18 Go Ahead, Ask Him Out!

So now that you’ve decided who you want to date, the guy you have amazing chemistry with, why not ask him out?

If he still hasn’t moved, why don’t you step out of your comfort zone and ask him out?

This is a new era and sometimes a girl needs to do what a girl needs to do.


Getting a boyfriend can be a time-consuming, frustrating, and counter-intuitive process.

However, by following our tips, you’ll find that it’s not that hard for a guy to like you.

Maybe you’ll even get the boyfriend you’ve always wanted.