Stop Running After Him! And All The Reasons To Never Run After A Boy

One of the worst types of toxic relationships is when only one party desperately runs after the other while the other party keeps running away.

Stop chasing him, this will never work!

So… You had this terrible boyfriend in high school.

Everyone knows the type.

Your mother hated him, your friends hated him… And deep down, even you hated him too.

What did everyone hate about him?

Probably because he wasn’t a good person mixed in with the fact that he did things for you to chase after him.

And why didn’t you stop chasing him?

Now, don’t get me wrong, no guy can influence you to do anything unless you let him.

However, there are individuals of the opposite gender who are experts at pushing all the right buttons to turn on madness mode.

There are those who refuse to listen to what you have to say, treat you like trash until there’s no self-esteem left and leave you running after them like a lunatic saying all kinds of things you didn’t mean and don’t even believe. I was saying.

Why Do They Run?

Why do boys do this?

Why do they create distance for you to run after them?

It’s their way of controlling you.

It’s a form of emotional abuse where they manipulate you by denying your feelings and refusing to listen to you so you keep running after them.

In the end, you end up looking like a lunatic.

And he ends up getting exactly what he wanted… you falling into the trap begging for him.

So what’s the answer to the guy who makes you run after him?

Stop running after him.

Stop Chasing Him — The 8 Top Strategies To Stop The Madness.

Maybe you’re not dating him yet, maybe you already have some time together or are even married…

… No matter the reason, the time has come to stop chasing, restore your dignity and realize that if he doesn’t want to hear from you, you’re not going to make him want to.

You are tired of damaging your emotional stability.

Yes, if you’re used to chasing it, this is one of the hardest habits to break.

The only way to get him to stop running from you is to stop chasing him.

1. Go for a Walk.

Instead of chasing him on the phone or going to the places he usually goes, go for a walk.

When you’re in a relationship where one chases and the other walks away, you’ve felt the sensation well before you let the madness exhale and start chasing.

Instead of running after him, put on sneakers and go for a walk in nature.

In addition to having space to reflect on your behavior before making a bad decision that leads to harmful consequences, you will also be exercising, calming your parasynthetic system enough to release the adrenaline you needed.

When you come back from the walk, you can either talk rationally if he follows behind, or think rationally enough to let him walk away.

2. Let Him Come To You.

Although he says he hates it when you run after him, the truth is that he prefers to see you on your knees and make you run after him.

If he didn’t like it, he would have dumped you a long time ago or stopped running like a coward.

When you run after him, he’s gained control over you, and that’s exactly what he wants.

If you want to see him stop running, then stop chasing him.

Once he sees that running away from you will result in nothing but loneliness, he’ll have to try another tactic to gain dominance and control over you, maybe even listen to you, who knows.

3. Call a Friend.

Instead of running after him, call a friend who knows you and recognizes the situation… and she’ll probably change your mind and not run after him.

Every woman has that one friend she can count on.

This friend is your rational voice.

Instead of running after him, let him go and talk about your problems with a good friend.

It will tell you exactly what you are reading here right now.

Running after a guy never ends well nor does it get you what you want.

You always end up feeling remorseful and end up thinking you’re worthless.

4. Take a deep breath and try to think rationally.

One of the reasons women chase after men are because they get so frustrated that they stop thinking rationally.

When a man is running away from you, especially if you already have fear issues in the relationship, your mind gets a little off track.

When you lose your mind, what enters your mind that takes over is the fear of losing someone or fear of fear that the person you are running away from will never come back to you.

If you take a deep breath and talk to yourself rationally, literally out loud, then you’ll soon be less likely to have the uncontrollable urge to chase after him.

Try to calm yourself by talking about your situation out loud and knowing that no matter what happens, if you don’t chase after him, you will win.

5. Write On Paper And Then Throw The Paper Away.

If he pulls away and refuses to listen to you, then the best thing to do is stop thinking that if you scream loud enough, he will.

Before he’s even prepared to run away, he’s already decided he doesn’t want to hear from you, which is why he does run away.

The next time you feel the urge to run after him and scream at full volume, sit down and write a letter on your computer or paper detailing all the things you want to say to him.

You won’t believe how purifying it is to write down your thoughts and what you want to say.

After you transfer your anger, try to calm down and go back to reading what you wrote when you feel calmer.

Then you make the decision to send it to him or not.

Chances are, if you don’t chase him, he’ll come back and apologize.

6. Now It’s Time To Come To The Conclusion That Nothing Good Happens When You Run After Him.

The next time you feel the overwhelming urge to reach for him when he’s running away, stop chasing him for a moment and think about all the other times you’ve run after him.

How did it end?

Did you get what you wanted?

Did he see you running after him and decide to come back and love you more, or did he quicken his pace to distance himself even further?

When you finally caught up with him, did you say only nice things?

If he’s running away, it’s because he doesn’t want to hear what you have to say.

Learn from your mistakes instead of being the idiot who keeps doing the same thing expecting a different result.

It just leads to insanity, literally.

7. Break up with Him.

If the guy can’t sit and listen to what you have to say and is running away from you all the time, then he’s not a good person for you.

Someone who runs from you doesn’t respect you.

It’s that simple.

Stop thinking you’re not worthy of a normal relationship where you can voice your opinions and get mad.

You don’t have to run after someone to be heard.

If he runs away, he will always run away.

And you will keep running after him.

If you can’t stop chasing him, then it’s time to take another path and find a healthy relationship to discharge your positive energy.

Again, relationships where one person chases and the other keeps running are toxic relationships and this situation rarely changes.

8. Turn off.

That’s a psychological term.

Typically this is a term used by counselors to exemplify that a woman was so demanding that she made the man “hang up”.

This gives him license not to respond.

What a therapist doesn’t mention is that hanging up is immature, disrespectful behavior and a behavior men prefer to choose.

Running away is a learned behavior used to manipulate.

And why should you turn it off too?

Well, if you want to stop chasing someone who runs away, you have to fight with the same tools.

You literally have to switch off.

That means turning off your phone, not answering calls, not answering if he knocks on your door, and not accessing your social media.

You do that and the game changes radically.


Running after a guy won’t get you anywhere.

You always end up in the same horrible place.

If all tricks fail, stop chasing him and find a healthier relationship.