10 Things You Shouldn’t Do If You Want A Man’s Respect

Respect should be high on your list of priorities and expectations of what you want in a boyfriend or husband.

But you can’t just sit back and expect respect from your partner or anyone else.

You need to earn that respect through your actions and personality.

You don’t get respect just by demanding it just because you think you deserve it.

Of course, this goes both ways, but let’s take a look at some of the things you shouldn’t do if you want a man’s respect.

1. Don’t Put Anyone First!

This is one of the main things you shouldn’t do if you want to see a man respect you.

There are so many women who put men above them for no reason.

Why shouldn’t you come first?

Why are you always last in the order of importance to your partner or everyone else?

Ask your friends and they’ll tell you hundreds of reasons to put other people above themselves: “I want to be nice”, “It’s great to be liked”, “Putting myself first is selfish”, “I’m a who cares about the feelings of others”, “I hate to see other people suffering”, etc., etc., etc.

Do you recognize any of these excuses?

None of these are reasons why you shouldn’t put yourself first.

The people you’re putting yourself above yourself—why don’t they feel as guilty as you think they would?

Do you really think they’re not cool, just like you would be if you put yourself first?

2. Don’t Wear Too Much Makeup.

As a woman, it is your right to do what you want within the freedom of the law, but you must understand that certain actions lead to certain presumptions.

Some men might think you put on too much makeup because you’re insecure.

Others might assume it’s because you’re an “easy” woman or because you’re actively looking for a man.

You may find it difficult to earn the respect of a man and other women if you overdo your makeup and go around saying it’s just the way you are.

3. Don’t Cry If You Want To Be Respected.

It’s not because crying is bad or unhealthy.

It is because this is a trait that shows weakness in the eyes of men.

Our culture still insists that only men should be strong, and weak men are seen as effeminate.

Crying is associated with weakness, except in some cases.

If the guy in a movie tries to save his girlfriend and she dies in his arms, then he’s allowed to shed a few tears.

If the guy in a movie hears his boss screaming, no one expects him to burst into tears.

Don’t cry, or at least don’t cry in front of men, as this is a sign of weakness.

Tears won’t earn you more respect.

4. Don’t Make Excuses for Your Mistakes.

This is a sign of weakness that both men and women show.

You don’t have to be proud of your mistakes, but you do have to own them.

You probably won’t proudly wear your mistakes the way you’re proud of your accomplishments, but you can certainly own up to your mistakes with integrity and honor.

5. Stop Doing Everything Your Boyfriend Says.

He is not the king of the world.

He might get grumpy and try to punish you if you don’t obey his orders, but he does it because he doesn’t respect you.

Do whatever he says and you’re not giving him any reason to respect you.

6. Don’t Wear Something Too Attractive If You’ll Get Frustrated With Men Looking At You.

Dress however you want, but if you decide to put on an overly attarctive outfit, you need to understand that immature men will look at you inappropriately.

This is the consequence of your actions as men are visual creatures and you are giving them something to look at.

Again, don’t be ashamed of your body and the way you dress.

Dress the way you want, you have the right to be that way, but don’t try to earn the respect of men by going out on the street with almost everything on display.

7. Don’t Throw a Tantrum.

Have you ever seen a woman throwing a childish tantrum?

Did you respect her for that?

Of course not.

8. Don’t Raise Your Voice To Get The Things You Want.

To get what they want, some women use manipulation, others cry, others throw a show of tantrums, and some raise their voices.

If you’re the type of woman who has to raise her voice to get what she wants, then you need to stop.

This is negative feedback that is driving you further and further away from people.

They don’t respect you in real life—they just obey to keep you quiet.

The more you scream, the fewer people will respect you, so you need to scream louder to get what you want.

If one thing you want is people’s respect, you should start by talking down, if that’s the case.

9. Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Women.

Women do this all the time.

People do it with celebrities and with friends.

The comparison involves comments such as, “I wish I had Bruna’s legs”, “Vanessa got a job above mine because she slept with her boss”, “Her shoes are much prettier than mine”, and “She’s beautiful physical, but I have intelligence”, “I would do better if I had boobs, butt, money, career, boyfriend…”.

Comparing yourself to other people is a sign of unconscious insecurity, as is trying to want to be superior to other people.

Some people won’t understand why you compare yourself to others, but those who do will see what a pathetic, insecure child you are and you’ll lose all respect that person had for you.

If you can’t admire your own qualities, you don’t deserve respect.

10. Stop Putting Yourself Down.

Some women seem to have forgotten how amazing they are.

They value themselves so little as a person that men end up losing respect for these women.

They believe that their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and personal power have little or no value.

Stop belittling yourself, especially in front of other people.

How can a man respect you if you keep showing them reasons not to?

By now, you should know that a lot of this has to do with respect for men, but also respect for women.

Also, remember that respect for others starts with the respect you have for yourself.

Do You Have The Respect Of Men?

Share in the comments what you do to have that respect.