Here’s What Makes A Man Love You Madly

Is it possible to make a man fall in love and love you?

There are a few things men are looking for in true love that you can use to your advantage.

Men begin to love women for a multitude of reasons.

But there are some key things that men tend to need and want in order to develop a love for someone.

Falling in love is much more than just physical chemistry, although that is part of the equation.

Loving is also a matter of meeting the other person’s needs and requirements, as well as a sense of being connected with them.

13 Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Him Loving You.

If you’re trying to get your man to love you the way you love him, here are some ingredients every love recipe needs.

1. Make Him Feel The Sensation Of Conquest.

If you want to see a man feel instant love and passion, tell him how much you value him.

Men want to be admired and they want to feel like they can provide everything a woman needs.

Massage his ego, but it can’t be artificial — and tell him how you feel to make him feel good too.

A man loves a woman who can make him love himself.

2. Give Unconditional Love.

The reason guys are so “tough” is that they are afraid of not being accepted.

They act like they’re so independent like they don’t need anyone.

But the truth is, they need a woman more than they care to admit.

The thing that makes him love you unconditionally is knowing that you will always love and accept him just the way he is.

3. Let Him Show His Weaknesses.

No woman likes to see a man crying desperately, but there will come a time in every man’s life when he will be more vulnerable, less strong, in the face of adversity.

Some men might cry because they lost someone special, while others might cry because of something more subtle.

The secret to making a man love you is to give him emotional support and let him show what’s in his heart, rather than just accepting the masculine exterior he displays.

4. Be His Biggest Fan.

Every man would like to have dated the high school cheerleader.

The cheerleader’s fantasy is that they’re always there to cheer the man on, and even when the man is losing, she’s there to lift him up.

Any guy wants the girl who makes him feel better and helps him become a better person.

If you want him to fall in love with you, show him all the positive side that surrounds him, and try to hide the negative side.

Show him all the possibilities of what life can be like with you.

5. Be Confident.

A guy wants a girl who is extremely self-confident and knows what she wants.

When men are ready to settle down in life and get into a serious relationship, they want a woman to be their other half.

This involves being happy and confident with who you are, so you can be happy and confident in your relationship.

6. He Wants To Know If He’s Your Priority.

If there’s one thing a man wants to feel before he starts in love, it’s that he wants to be a priority in your life.

Making him number one will help him bond and love you.

If you’re constantly putting him last on your priority list, if you’re making him feel like everyone else comes first after him, it’s going to be hard for him to feel the special connection he needs to love you.

7. Keep Him Curious Always.

The man falls in love and remains in love with the woman who remains a well of mystery.

When things start to get a little too comfortable, don’t be afraid to spice things up.

A little mystery will make him feel like he doesn’t have you whenever he wants and make him believe that you’re a blessing in his life, and he should be grateful for that.

8. Let Your Best Version Shine.

Guys like to be envied.

If you want a man to love you, be that girl all his friends want.

Turn on your charm to the max, be engaging and be open to new people.

If you come across as that thick, boring girl who never gives him the space or the freedom he wants, then his friends will probably talk bad about you, and that’s just another obstacle to getting him to love you.

The secret is to make everyone want to be with you, not away from you.

9. Be Very Friendly With His Mother.

This item can be very difficult at times.

It doesn’t matter if he’s “mommy’s boy” or not, he’s going to give extreme importance to what his mom says about you.

Even if she’s an evil witch, it’s important to smile at her and be neutral when his mother shows opinions you don’t agree with.

It’s best to let her “win”, agree with her, and do your best to hold the class in the face of a possible pessimistic mother-in-law.

10. Be Independent, But Not Too Independent.

The man wants a woman who can survive without him, but who can’t possibly survive without him at the same time.

When he feels that you are too needy, he will walk away.

When he feels that you are 100% independent or don’t need him, the same thing will happen.

Perfect balance is somewhere in between these two extremes.

Work for your own success, but don’t compete with it.

When in doubt, work with him as a team, instead of pursuing your goals in isolation.

11. Touch His Heart As No Other Woman Can.

Any guy falls in love and starts loving the girl who holds the key to his heart.

Unfortunately, this is not a very easy task.

There are some specific chemicals that a man feels for the woman he loves.

It’s like someone holds your heart in their hands and never lets go.

You can make him so angry that he wants to break up with you, but you can also make him so happy that he never wants to leave you, and also so desperate that he will do anything for you at the same time.

12. Make Him Nervous.

To make him love you, you have to have the ability to make him nervous.

It may seem stupid to recommend this, but the truth is that love is very close to hating.

You have to have strong feelings for someone if you want to have any other feelings.

The same goes for him.

There will be times when you will make him so angry that he will want to disappear from your life, never speak to you again or even move to another country not to see you again.

The difference is that he won’t do any of that in reality.

When he is in love, he will know that the comfort for his heart is in your hands, and without you, there is nothing but a deep emptiness.

Of course, there may be discord along the way, but at the end of the day, he’ll know you’re the one and he’ll want to run back.


Love is an unconditional and uncontrollable feeling.

If you want to see a man loving you unconditionally, you have to be the person who challenges him when he needs to be a better person, you have to love him at the moment you probably shouldn’t and believe he is an extremely special person to you. you.