If He Doesn’t Run After You When You Walk Away, It’s Time To End

And don’t even think about going back on your decision.

After a certain point in the relationship, you can clearly feel and see if this man is “the one.”

Now, many women often say that “when you know, you know”, and if you don’t know, you still “kind of know”, don’t you?

Confusion aside, there is yet to be a true “I saw he was my soulmate in the first five minutes” (many married women like to say that, but the reality is that no one can decide to marry a person in the first five minutes). minutes).

In real life, there are a lot of women saying, “Oh my God, I better not get this guy pregnant because I can’t stand being with him for another 18 years.”

Obviously, it’s in these moments of panic that relationships end.

While your rational side knows that breaking up with him is best for you and that there are better men out there, your emotional side is a little harder to convince.

Your emotional side wants to relive the old days and only sees the qualities you love in this man.

Your emotional side wants to show you that he’s the best you’re going to get, that you should settle down with him once and for all.

Your emotional side also wants to remind you that this man (whom you’re with) will likely let you walk away without picking a fight.

You two love each other.

Both of you would like to see the relationship work.

But you also know that deep down you would be much happier if you went your separate ways.

Even when we are being rational and listening to the logical part of our brains, there will always be that sad little part of us that wants to see that person fighting, screaming, and saying that they can’t live without you and that they will do anything to stay together with you…

You know he won’t—because he’s not the person fate has prepared for you.