How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out: 9 Smart Ways

There are many ways to ask a man out.

But to make sure you get it, you have to remember to never make it obvious that you’re in love with him.

Let a guy know that you’re interested in him, but don’t let him know that you need him.

At least as long as he isn’t reciprocating with you.

A man may want to ask you out, but when he sees that you like him a lot more than he likes you, he will start to get defensive.

And that’s one thing you won’t want.

How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out.

There are two things a girl has to do to impress a guy and get him to ask her out.

You have to give some signals.

And you have to make yourself desirable in his eyes.

The small signs are the most important.

Leave some clues for him to start seeing you as a potential girlfriend.

Sometimes the guy will assume that you wouldn’t be interested in being anything other than his friend.

And to make him see you as a potential girlfriend, here are some tips you can use.

1. Get a friend of yours to call the two of you a couple.

When you’re having a fun conversation with the guy you like, ask a trusted friend to join the conversation.

Preferably have more friends around.

Out of nowhere, your friend will drop a pre-arranged comment, something like “these two make a cute couple, don’t you think?”

You or he may be embarrassed, but the comment will generate a few laughs.

After that, it doesn’t matter how embarrassed you were, or how he behaves… That comment will stick in his head.

2. Don’t Use All These Strategies All the Time.

Only use the ones you feel comfortable wearing.

The next time you’re talking to this guy, tell your friend ahead of time to get in the middle of the conversation.

Ask your friend to tell the guy that it’s pretty obvious he likes you, and ask when he’s going to have the guts to ask you out!

Of course, she has to make it all look like a joke, even so, her pose must be serious when asking this question.

It’s a straightforward and easy strategy, so you haven’t actually asked him out, so you don’t have to be afraid of being rejected.

If he likes you, he will use this opportunity to ask you out.

3. Invite Him Out With Your Group Of Friends.

If you’ve made plans with your friends for the weekend, bring it up casually when you’re talking to him and invite him out with your group of friends.

Tell them it’s going to be fun to go out together and see this new place.

This isn’t a direct request to date him, but it’s still a big step towards getting him to like you.

4. Plans For The Weekend.

Ask him what he does on the weekends.

When he says something, pretend you’re surprised and tell him that you enjoy doing it too!

If you’re not safe in pretending that you’re happy to hear he does such an activity, you can tell him that you’ve always wanted to try it.

This only works if the two of you share some common interests.

You obviously won’t be able to lie too much here, so be careful about sharing the activities you do on weekends.

If he’s interested in you, he might invite you to join him in his activity.

And who knows, it might turn into something more romantic.

5. Let Him Know Your Routine.

If the guy has to ask you out, he has to miss you once in a while.

Do you live near?

So it would be the perfect way to get to spend more time together with him.

During one of your conversations, let him know what you do every night after work or college, especially if you have a coffee shop near your house where you like to relax after work.

If he lives close by, chances are good he’ll want to spend time with you because it’s a lot more convenient.

If you leave a clue for him to know about your routine, he might even start bumping into you on the street.

Almost every time, love emerges with more time together .

6. Ask Him for a Ride.

Are you leaving work early because you have to stop by the post office?

Send a message asking him to help you.

If the two of you go to college together and are leaving at the same time, ask if he’s heading downtown and ask for a ride.

After you finish what you had to do, call him for coffee or a snack.

Insist that it’s the least you can do for him to have helped you.

When you are on this “date” with him, show all your charming side so he will be impressed with you.

7. Play The Damsel In Distress.

Ask him for help.

This is a trick that always works.

Men can’t say no when a pretty girl is in danger and needs help.

Ask him if he can’t change the light bulb in your house that burned out or any other problems you have.

After he’s finished helping you, thank him with the sweetest smile… and try giving him a reward, like making him a snack.

8. Pretend You’re Sick And Wear Something attractive.

That’s a little dishonest, but if it’s a great way to get you on his radar, what’s the harm?

When you’re in conversation with him at the end of the day or when you’re out somewhere social, pretend you have a terrible headache.

He’ll ask you if you need help getting to the pharmacy or going home, and of course, you’ll accept that help.

Invite him in and change your outfit for a pair of pajamas that show off a lot… Letting him see how beautiful you are.

He will want to spend a lot of time with you to keep you company.

9. Let Him Know You’re Looking For Someone.

Show that you are single and ready for a relationship.

After you’ve warmed him up with plenty of time together and great pleasant conversations, he’ll see that you’re available to him if he works up the courage to ask you out.

Most of the time, the guy will like you too, but he may be afraid to invite you.

When you drop hints that you’re hoping to meet your Prince Charming, he’ll eventually work up the courage to ask you out.


All of these ways are great for building more intimacy and creating a stronger relationship between the two of you.

But you have to remember that you also need to be constantly creating the right tension between the two of you so that neither of you falls into the scary friend zone.

Try one or several of these tactics if you’re trying to figure out how to get a guy to ask you out.

Almost every time, these tips will bring you closer together.