Single Woman Rules: 17 Secrets Only Single Women Know

Don’t be ashamed of being single.

In fact, spending time single is necessary and extremely fun.

Here are 20 things that all single women agree are absolutely the truth.

These secrets are shared by women who have been single for up to a year or more — without dating any men in that period.

And being single, depending on the period, will make you bond with other single women, so you’ll have the opportunity to discuss and learn more about single life.

You will share similar things.

You will laugh and joke about many things in common.

The Truth Behind All Single Women.

They are not complex creatures.

In fact, they are simple and don’t really care about not having a boyfriend.

Everyone is pointing the finger, pressing for the single woman to get someone.

The truth is, the woman who has been single for a long time is totally happy with being single and well resolved.

Even hearing mom say you need to find a man, even with loneliness hitting you during that romantic comedy movie, there are many sides and many perks to being single.

Here are all the things single women know to be true… And women stuck in relationships may never know it.

1. Netflix Works Very Well To Replace A Boyfriend.

So what if you don’t have anyone in the middle of the week?

You have Netflix.

As long as you’re paying the monthly fee, Netflix will never break up with you!

Unlike that last boyfriend who wanted to break up with anything.

2. Anything Else In Life Can Change, But Single Woman’s Life Remains The Same.

You can graduate, change jobs, or even change cities or countries, but you’ll find peace knowing that one thing that won’t change is your singleness and the fact that you’re single.

3. Lipstick Is Now A Daily Makeup Item.

You no longer have a boyfriend complaining and refusing to kiss you with “this thing” in your mouth.

Single women know that it is mandatory to apply lipstick every day.

4. It’s Also an Obligation To Get Ready To Go Out!

You won’t have the luxury of having someone who likes you for who you really are when you’re messed up.

For the sake of your social life, it’s mandatory to dress really well for going out.

  1. It will always be uncomfortable to answer the relatives’ question “are you seeing anyone?”,

… But you will always have a ready and well-rehearsed answer.

At every family gathering, you’ll hear relatives asking about your relationship status… and you’ll always need to have a good excuse for them.

“I need to focus on my career”, and “And I’m getting to know myself better now”.

Anything to get them off your back.

6. Your Friends Who Are Dating Always Try To Get You, Someone.

All the friends who are dating want to see you dating too because “Dating is awesome!”…

… And they think it’s going to be an even better idea to get you a friend of theirs, men you wouldn’t date if they were the last ones on the planet.

7. It Never Works In Your Favor.

If you try to get involved with a suitor like that, you know you’ll regret it later.

Seriously, the couple of friends have the best intentions, but they fail to understand what a single woman really needs.

Not to mention that tidy dating is far from a recipe for a successful relationship.

8. You have to dodge your mother’s requests.

No, Mom, I’m not going to get you grandchildren anytime soon.

Stop asking.

Every woman knows how persistent a mother is and likes to get involved in her daughter’s love life.

But they should care more about their daughters’ happiness rather than worrying about wanting to be grandparents.

9. You Give All Kinds Of Relationship Advice But Wonder How Anyone Can Listen To You.

Why do all your dating friends turn to you for advice?

And only you think it’s weird because it’s impossible to be more single than you already are.

10. You have more money than your girlfriends who are dating.

That’s because you’re not spending it on someone else, going out to dinner, or buying birthday or Christmas gifts.

Your savings keep growing and you spend your money on sensational things, like a massage chair!

11. Shaving your legs is a luxury and something you don’t do very often.

If you’re going to shave, it’s because it’s a very special occasion.

12. You’ve made a habit of taking up the entire space of the bed when you go to sleep.

Who else needs space?

That’s right.


Why are you single.

13. You Have 101 Reasons Not To Want A Boyfriend, But You Know No Reason Is True.

All single women have excuses to make when someone asks why they are single or why they don’t want a boyfriend.

But everyone knows that no motive is real.

You just can’t get one.

14. You Have Your Entire Wedding Already Planned, Except The Person You’re Marrying.

From the decor to the groomsmen, you know when and where your wedding will be.

You just don’t know who you’re going to marry yet.

15. You Have A Designated Friend That You Take To All Events Where You Need To Be Seen With Someone.

And he will never be your boyfriend.

He’s just a guy willing to accompany you and doesn’t ask questions.

16. Your Friends Always Look At You With That Pity Face When You Show Up Alone.

Like you’re that stranded woman who’s already given up on love.

17. Deep down, you love being single, despite peer pressure.

As much as you complain about being single, the reality is that you love this life.

You are a strong-willed woman and would rather be single than with a man just for status.


Single women identify with other single women because they understand the struggles single women go through every day.

This list is certainly not definitive.

Do you have one more fact that is not on the list?

Write in the comments below.