How to Trust Your Boyfriend: 12 Questions to Help You Decide

Want to know how to trust your boyfriend?

Trusting someone blindly is never easy, but these 12 questions can help you decide if your man is worthy of your full trust.

Sometimes trusting someone is the hardest thing to do.

Typically, jealousy fuels insecurity and fear.

If you’re afraid of losing someone, you look for signs that it’s going to happen so you can protect yourself.

The truth is, if your boyfriend decides to cheat on you, he will do it regardless of whether you dig through his phone or follow him around town.

However, if you want to know how to trust your boyfriend, keep reading.

The only person in life you can control is yourself.

This is the purest reality of a relationship.

If you’re having trouble trusting your boyfriend, first decide if he’s giving you a reason to be distrustful.

If you feel something is not right, try to decipher your fears to see if they are rational or irrational, listen to your inner voice, and see if it is telling you something you should hear, or even if you are paranoid.

A woman’s intuition is a very valuable tool, and if you’re getting signs that your man isn’t worthy of your trust, there could be a reason.

If you look for a way to trust your boyfriend, the answer is to ask why you shouldn’t.

How to Trust Your Boyfriend — Or Not.

Ask yourself these 12 questions.

The answers will determine whether your fears are real or not.

1. Does He Hide Things From You?

Nothing will make you more anxious than realizing he’s been hiding things from you. Hiding something will make you question his loyalty or love.

Regardless of whether it’s money or problems with his family, he keeps you far away from certain matters or certain things.

If that’s true, then you probably believe he’s not being totally honest about everything.

This leads to mistrust in all areas.

It gets harder to trust someone you think isn’t honest.

The more you find affirmations that he keeps certain things away from you, the harder it is to continue the relationship with him.

If he hides things from you and you have to dig around to find the answers, he’s probably someone you can’t trust.

2. Did You Catch Him Lying?

If he lied once, who says he can’t lie again?

There are people who can lie in a relationship and there are people who just can’t.

There are people who can hear a lie and forget it and others who will never forget it.

If you caught him lying and you’re afraid to trust him again, chances are good he’ll lie again because he’s used to lying.

And you don’t want to forget all that.

These two personality types, in general, cannot live together for long.

Maybe it’s not so much because of the confidence as it is because of the composure you have with people versus the composure he has.

The two different personalities of the two of you don’t mix very well.

3. Did he change his behavior from one hour to the next?

When you are in a relationship, you notice patterns of behavior in your partner.

These patterns give a signal about the way we live or expect to live by them.

We use our past experiences to guide our future behaviors.

If he’s used to coming home and getting a drink, and you know he’s had a bad day and you want to relax, this is the behavior you expect and you already know how to react to him.

However, if your past experiences with him have completely changed, and you suddenly don’t know what’s going on, how to react, or what’s going through his head, something is obviously not right.

You probably suspect that he doesn’t feel the same way about you anymore, or suspect that he has something else in his life, like another woman.

If his behavior has completely changed, it’s hard to navigate the purpose of the relationship and know what’s going on with him.

It’s also hard to trust his honesty.

One of the two: either he was not himself before, or he is not himself now.

Anyway, he was faking it at some point.

4. Has He Cheated On Other Girlfriends In The Past?

If he cheated on his girlfriend with you, maybe you felt great that he chose you.

But honestly, it probably planted suspicion in his head that he’s capable of doing it again.

The phrase “cheated once, will cheat again” is popular because it is often true.

We all like to believe that we are so amazing that no one is able to cheat on us, which is why he cheated on his ex-girlfriend.

The truth is that if he was able to cheat once, he is capable of cheating again.

When something better comes along, he might leave you too.

Deep down, you have this in mind, which fuels your distrust.

5. Have you ever been cheated on in the past?

If you’ve ever been cheated on by an ex-boyfriend, then you may simply be looking for signs so you don’t have to go through that heartache again.

Our past experiences drive the perspective we have on what people are and what they are capable of.

You may be transferring your distrust of people in general onto your boyfriend, which isn’t fair.

6. Have You Cheated On Other Boyfriends In The Past?

If you’ve cheated on someone in the past, it’s basically the same thing.

You know you felt horrible, but you’re not a bad person.

You were able to lie to the man you were with.

You looked at this man you liked a lot in his eyes and blatantly lied.

If you’ve been able to lie, and you’re a decent person, then you might think that anyone can lie.

And that, once again, fuels your insecurity.

7. What Kind of Person Is He?

If you believe he’s a good person and completely incapable of cheating on you, you probably wouldn’t care what he’s doing.

You decide for yourself if the person you are with is someone you trust and who loves you…

…or he’s the opposite, someone you can’t trust and who isn’t worth your time giving your love.

Only you decide what kind of person you believe your boyfriend is.

Once you find the answer, direct your behavior accordingly.

When you start to get suspicious, stop and think rationally about who you think he is.

Slowing down the engagement process before he reveals his true personality is the best way to learn to trust your boyfriend.

8. Does he make you feel insecure?

Generally, when someone makes us feel insecure, we tend to feel less self-confident and start wondering if there’s something better for them out there.

An example is when he compares you to someone he likes better.

It’s hard to think that a man who isn’t happy with you or doesn’t say nice things about you, isn’t going to find someone better and drop out of the relationship.

If someone loves you, they make you feel safe, great about yourself, like they’re lucky to have you.

9. Does he stare at other women?

One of the things that make you suspicious of him is the fact that he can’t keep his eyes on you every time a beautiful woman walks by.

If he can’t even show you respect by not looking at a woman’s ass next to you, then you’re obviously going to be suspicious.

What is he able to do when you’re not around if that’s how he behaves when you’re around?

10. What Kind Of Friends Does He Have?

Does he have a gang of crooks in his life who do nothing but cheat and use women?

We tend to spend time with people we have a lot in common.

If you notice that your friends can’t be faithful, it will make you think that your own boyfriend is just like his friends.

Tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are.

It’s hard to trust someone who has a gang of friends who thinks women should be treated with the least amount of respect.

11. Does He Share His Life With You?

If he has a life with you and a life without you, it might make you question why he doesn’t have a life of his own or why he doesn’t mix the two.

If he loves and wants you in his life, you’ll probably wonder why he doesn’t want you to meet his friends, why you don’t hang out with his family, or why he doesn’t want you to show up at his work unannounced…

If he seeks to keep you away from something or someone in his life, and you think it’s intentional, then you’re likely to question his honesty and faithfulness.

12. Does He Include You In His Decisions?

If he doesn’t think about you before making decisions, then you have the right to question his loyalty.

When someone doesn’t include you in the important moments of their life, it’s like saying you don’t have space in their life.

In addition to the hurting, it makes you question your role in his life. It makes you jealous of other people he talks to or consults with on important decisions in his life.

Sometimes things in the past shape the way we interpret things and relationships in our future.

If you’re having trouble trusting your boyfriend, that difficulty comes from inner feelings or outer experiences.

Try to decipher what is causing your feelings of distrust.

First, try to know if they are real and guaranteed before asking yourself how to trust someone who may or may not be worthy of your trust.