How to Know If He Still Loves You: 21 Sure Signs!

Relationships can be difficult and fickle at times. Life can get in the way of perfectly good things, and separation for all the wrong reasons can make you regret making that decision. 

Discovering your own feelings and coming to terms with them is an important step in moving forward in life. But trying to figure out what’s going on in your former love’s mind can be confusing.

He may be dropping subtle hints to let you know that he still has deep feelings for you. 

You have to understand the details and find a correct answer to rekindle your previous relationship (if that’s what you want, of course). 

Read the list below to find out if he still loves you.

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1. He still actively follows you on social media

That means he doesn’t just follow you on social media, but he always likes or comments on every post you make and every story you post. This is a simple way for him to have an answer from you. He’s testing the situation to see whether or not you’re open to talking to him.

2. He tries to contact you from time to time

Whether it’s an event or your dog’s birthday, he’ll text you, using that as a reason to know how you’re doing. He sure as hell does it because you’re always on his mind, even if he doesn’t want to talk.

3. And when you reply, he tries to keep the conversation going

Of course, you would respond to his wishes and greetings. After all, it’s a basic kindness. But once you answer, if he tries to keep the conversation going by asking how your day was and what you’ve been up to all day, or if he completely changes the subject to talk about something you like, of course, he just wants to. keep getting your answers because he loves seeing your name on his phone screen.

4. He plays with you

After the two of you are talking, he will look for ways to tease you in a fun way or make fun of you. He may find your impression of Donald Duck completely wrong, but just as funny because of the expressions you make as you do so. This is him remembering all the good laughs you two had together. It’s clear from these conversations that he really misses being with you.

5. He gets nostalgic

This is very much related to the previous point. When he talks about all the good times the two of you had together, whether it’s during concerts, movies, or even something as mundane as shopping, he sure misses doing everything with someone he’s shared deep feelings with.

6. He sends pictures of things that remind him of you

He sends you pictures or videos of things that remind him of you. It could be the picture of that famous actress he always said looked like you. Or it could be the lyrics of a certain love song. It could even be a dress from a store you referred him to once. Whatever it is, these actions make it clear that you are always on his mind. He’s finding the most random things to connect with his memory, so he sure misses you a lot.

7. He feels hurt when you are cold towards him

Of course, this is something you can’t identify when you’re texting. But by the tone of his messages, you can tell he’s upset. After all, you know how he gets when he feels sad because of the past experiences you share with him. And for whatever reason, if he’s still upset because of your actions, of course, it’s because he still wants to be a part of your life.

8. He keeps in touch with his family or friends

Many might find this invasive, but if he has a healthy relationship with his family and friends, he might use it as an excuse to get closer to you. Sure, he might really enjoy their company, but his real focus will be on getting close to you. After all, you’re the main reason he met them — and he still wants you to be the reason he’s close to them.

9. He’s always happy to see you

If you find him somewhere, he’ll be happy to see you and won’t miss a chance to greet you. He’s always smiling, and his body language clearly says he can’t get enough of you. You can see this in the way he laughs with you and how close he is when he’s next to you. He might even try to offer you a ride or a scoop of his favorite ice cream. Anyone who doesn’t like you wouldn’t go out of their way to make him feel special by doing these actions.

10. He tries to be sensitive with you

He might offer to hug you and hold your hand a little longer if you decide to shake hands. 

He can lightly put his arm around your waist if the environment of the place is appropriate. 

Sure, he’s taking a bit of a risk doing this, but it shows that he’s still interested in you and isn’t afraid to show it.

11. He still remembers little details about you

Whenever you meet him and have a conversation, he can talk about little things he still remembers about you. It could be important things, like the fact that you love the smell of rain. 

Or it could be that specific type of shoe that you really hate. Basically, it’s all these little things he wants you to know that he still remembers you to get your attention. 

Because let’s face it, we all love hearing about ourselves, and he’s subtly teasing this to let you know he’ll never be able to forget about you or all the little things that make you unique.

12. He’s on the mend – difficult

Right after your breakup, if you notice that he’s already booed again in record time, it could be a sign that he’s trying hard to fill the void your absence has created in your life. 

Or he might be seeing more women than he normally did. Either way, it gives you a clearer indication that he might be unhappy without you and is trying to find someone to replace you.

Trying to find a replacement is something you both know won’t work. This situation generates one of two things – it completely erases your feelings for him, or you may want to reach out to him and work things out once he realizes how good things are with you. 

Both choices are completely valid. You just have to ask yourself what your heart desires.

13. He tries to make you jealous

If he has suddenly started posting Instagram stories and videos on social media more often than he used to, after your breakup, it’s a sign that he wants to get your attention. 

He might post stories of him having a great spontaneous vacation or about his crazy Friday night with some new woman he’s started dating. 

Either way, he’s waiting for you to respond so he’ll have a chance to speak with you one more time.

14. He’s Not Dating Anyone New

This point may contradict a previous point, but hey! No two men react the same way. 

If he was known for being a guy who was never single before you went out with him, and he hasn’t dated anyone for a while despite the two of you breaking up, it shows that he still hopes to work things out with you and is trying to win you back. 

This might come as a surprise to you and many people who know him personally, so don’t be surprised if one of your friends accidentally says he still misses you.

15. The thought that you could end up with someone else scares him

Of course, he might think it’s okay for him to move on with another woman quickly. But when you try to do the same and start dating other guys, things can start to get weird with him. 

He may start to get very jealous and upset that you are moving on. Always remember girls, if he didn’t love you, he wouldn’t care about you dating someone else. 

But if he shows his disapproval of any kind, be it jealousy or criticizing the guy you picked, he clearly still has unresolved feelings for you.

16. He shared his true feelings towards you with a mutual friend

If the two of you have spent a lot of time together, people around you may know about your relationship. 

If he still loves you, there’s a chance he’ll talk about his truest feelings for you with his friends to ask for advice. These friends, in turn, can share with you.

17. He is actively trying to be a better person

Nobody is perfect. There may be times in your relationship when the two of you have pointed out and realized each other’s flaws. Some aspects of his personality (or his) may even have been the reason for the breakup.

It could be things like him being lazy and inactive, which completely upset you, as you might enjoy living an active, healthy life. 

Or the fact that he smoked didn’t sit well with you. If he realizes your differences and starts to be a better person for himself (and for you), then it’s clear he’s doing his best to win you back, because he still loves you.

18. He’s trying to right wrongs he’s made with you

While dating you, he may have made big mistakes in the way he treated you. 

For example, he might have forgotten your one-year birthday or that you’ve completed two years at your job. If he correctly remembers all the important dates in his life right now and wishes and greets you without fear, he clearly wants to share all those special days with you.

19. You just have a really strong feeling about him

This goes without saying. It might even be the reason you clicked through and read this article so far. It’s because you’re looking for signs that tell you what your stomach should already know. 

Do what you want with this information. You might get the feeling that he still loves you. Who knows, it might be a fact!

20. He Said He Still Loves You

When all else fails and he accepts his deepest and truest feelings, he can reach out and stop beating around the bush. 

He is tired of living without you and wants to show you his true feelings for you. 

He may do this not only to express his love for you but also to have a proper breakup in case you decide not to get back together with him.

21. He really wants you to have a happy life – even if it’s without him

At the end, when someone truly loves you with all their heart, all they want is the best for you. 

If he realizes that the relationship doesn’t interest you, he’ll take a step back, no matter if it’s too difficult for him. 

If he has the courage to leave his most beautiful moments with you, knowing he could never recreate them with you, he truly loves you.