How to Know If Someone Doesn’t Love You Anymore: 15 Painful Signs

Do you want to find out if the person next to you doesn’t love you anymore?

Today we’ll look at 15 painful signs that he doesn’t love you anymore.

If you’re starting to realize that your relationship isn’t what it used to be despite all your efforts, and you feel like he doesn’t care anymore, maybe it’s time to reevaluate what you have together.

Lately, he may not have spoken to you like he usually does. It’s more like he’s becoming reserved; he doesn’t text or reply to your messages and whenever he does, he just replies with a one-word syllable, “ok”. 

Have you been through this situation or something similar? 

You may feel like your man is pushing you away and doesn’t want to be with you anymore, even if he hasn’t said it openly. 

Maybe you’ve noticed some changes in it that you just can’t explain. 

Do you want to know the signs that he really isn’t in love with you anymore?

It can be painful (okay, this will definitely be painful) but it sure is best to know so you can define where your relationship is. 

Ready? So here we go. 

Here are 15 Sure Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

1. Lack of communication

This is without a doubt one of the most painful signs that he doesn’t love you anymore.

Communication is the key in every relationship and whenever she is lacking or she is not good, the relationship can fall apart. Good in the sense that he’s not ignoring you, but the interest in conversation he used to have just isn’t there anymore.

Note that this includes both verbal and non-verbal communication.

When you notice this over a long period of time, even after you’ve put in the effort to fix it, you should realize that his feelings have probably changed. 

2. Making unnecessary excuses to avoid you

So normally you’d love to be together all the time, but these days, he gets irritated with every breath, not to mention hanging out together; girl, that’s definitely a bad sign. 

Also, if you’ve realized that somehow you can’t meet despite living together, you should know that it’s not a coincidence. He may just be giving an indirect signal that he wants to leave.

Sometimes, to avoid going out with you, he may make unnecessary excuses or come up with something you can obviously see in most cases. This is one of the more subtle signs that he doesn’t love you anymore.

3. Being too reserved

For example; apologizing to take a call, not allowing you to use your phone as usual, tilting your phone so you can’t see your messages when you sit next to it, leaving without telling you where you are and when you ask him about it this, he “puts you in your place.” 

A guy who loves you would tell you a lot and wouldn’t like to hide anything from you, but if that’s not the case and he doesn’t love you anymore, he’ll feel like he has no duty or obligation to let you know and you have no right to question him. 

For him, his feelings for you and the time you spent together are in the past now. This is definitely a bad sign and you should also take it seriously.

4. Getting angry for no definite reason

Maybe your man has always been a patient man, always easy to get along with people and even more so with you, but then all of a sudden you realize he’s getting angry and yelling at you for every little thing you do and may sometimes pretend to be angry in order to push you away. 

His tolerance level drops by the minute and he’s always doing things himself because, according to him, you make him angry. He’s probably trying to get out of this relationship and he’s giving you every reason to do the same.

5. He pays little or no attention to you

Another sign that he doesn’t love you anymore is that he doesn’t want to be involved in your life. Whenever you want to talk to him, he says he’s busy, and when he talks, he doesn’t even pay attention to you; he avoids your eyes, and probably picks up the phone while you “chatter and ramble”. 

Maybe he no longer asks how your day was, how you feel, or even takes you out. He prioritizes the little things over you and says no to any suggestions you make that might try to rekindle his feelings for you.

Another case is he gets really quiet when you know you’ve done something that would make him angry. But, this can be tricky. He may be holding back his anger and waiting for the perfect moment to explode, or he may simply be totally uninterested in everything you do.

6. He always forgets about special events 

Special events like your birthday, valentine’s day, anniversary, and other special days are almost never forgotten by those who love you, not to mention the person you’re dating. Also, if on your birthday he decides to spend it with friends and doesn’t give you any time throughout the day, this is a safety warning.

7. He stops saying words of love and affection

While we cannot say that all men do this because they can insist on the fact that they believe in actions rather than words, many of them do. Affirming words of love soften a partner’s heart, so people tend to use them a lot. 

The absence of loving words like “I love you” and “I miss you” for too long, with no action to take instead, is big, but sometimes subtle, sign that he doesn’t love you anymore.

8. He doesn’t care about your feelings

Regardless of what a man is going through, he would still care about his woman’s feelings. He might not be as sweet and loving as usual, but he’ll still try to find out what’s going on with you. He would comfort you and try to make you feel better. 

So here’s the sad twist: this is not the case for a man who is falling in love with his woman. He may have little or no interest in what she is feeling. Even though he knows what’s going on in her mind, he pretends not to – just indifferently. 

9. He doesn’t want to have anything in public with you

When your man doesn’t want you to be seen with him in public or doesn’t introduce you as his woman to his friends, but just wants to keep you two in private, it could be a sign that he doesn’t love you enough and is trying to end the relationship. 

Regardless of what a man likes, he’s proud of it. He must do the same for you. He should be able to be with you – as your man – in public and present you as his woman whenever he needs it, and not hide you like a secondary girl. 

10. It prevents you from contributing to decision making

Before, everything that was agreed upon was a decision of the two of you.

But lately, you’re always trying to guess what’s going on in your mind.

He doesn’t tell you about any projects, jobs, or anything about him, he just wants to do it all by himself and for himself.

Those feelings of togetherness and connection he once felt with you are all in the past now. This is definitely not a good sign. 

11. Becomes rude 

He starts using harsh words with you, not caring if he’s hurting your feelings.

He doesn’t filter his words, he just says them the way he wants to, and sometimes, he does it with intent. He may also respond to you in an unpleasant manner.

For him, all he knows is that he wants to end the relationship, but he may not know how to put it into words, so he uses this impolite behavior to show his feelings.

12. He starts comparing you to other women

With any small flaws you make, he uses it as an opportunity to compare you to other women, especially his ex.

No man who loves his girlfriend or wife is going to compare her to anyone else; instead, he would learn to accept your flaws, helping you become a better person. 

13. He looks for every opportunity to disagree with you

When he starts complaining at you on the smallest mistakes – for example, “you didn’t place the flower vase correctly” – and then explodes out of proportion, you should know that something is definitely wrong.

He may be going through a phase, but when it becomes a predicted action that usually happens, an alert pops up letting you know that something isn’t right with his feelings for you.

14. He stops apologizing for his wrong actions

Even though he knows he did something wrong, he totally ignores it and doesn’t apologize. On the other hand, he wants you to apologize quickly, and if you don’t, he might use that as a reason to end the relationship.

Any reason can become good enough to start a fight with you – which would eventually lead to a 3-day misunderstanding. Oh! Did you break his glass mug?

This makes it a 7-day fight. In short, this is yet another warning that shows he doesn’t respect your feelings or your opinion on things. 

15. He asks for a break

Each person needs their own space from time to time to think and reflect, or just “my time” and this helps a lot in many relationships.

But when one side starts looking for more alone time than usual, something is wrong and needs to be fixed. 

If your man starts behaving this way, it is because he is stressed or carrying a weight that is clearly too heavy for him to bear alone.

And for the unpleasant part, he probably wants to end the relationship as soon as possible. 

final thoughts

It’s important to remember that signs like these can be caused by many different reasons in the relationship. But what is certain is that they are very important signs that should not be forgotten. 

Remember that good communication is the key to any relationship that lasts and the lack of it would cause a lot of misunderstandings, unnecessary apologies, and keeping secrets. 

When your man starts getting angry for no reason or takes every opportunity he can to disagree with you, forgets special occasions, stops saying sweet words but uses rude language, offends you and doesn’t bother to apologize, stops you to make or contribute to decision-making, hides you from other people and starts comparing you with other women and ends up asking for a break; This is not a coincidence! Again, this is not a coincidence.

You should be able to see if it’s just a phase or if he’s really fallen in love with you – if it’s a passing moment or the beginning of the end of the relationship. It’s your decision.