Behavior of the Man Who Loves: 8 Signs of True Love!

They say men have no emotion. They can seem very cold at times…

And that may be right, but not quite.

The truth is that men do have feelings. They definitely fall in true love.

Men are indeed less expressive than women, and this can make it a little difficult to recognize your deepest feelings right away.

It was with this in mind that I wrote 8 behaviors that men show when they are really in love.

Behaviors of the Man Who Loves:

When men are truly in love, they will listen to you, and make a sacrifice for you. He is proud to have you, to fight for you, he truly loves you. He wants to hold you, loves to spend time with you, loves to hear your voice.

1. He will only listen to you

When a man really loves you, he will listen to you with ALL his HEART. It doesn’t matter if your conversation is romantic, rude, or boring. Whenever you talk to him, your only priority is listening to his conversation. And make you feel important.

2. He won’t be afraid to make sacrifices for you

Generally, we are not afraid to make a sacrifice for someone we care about. In the case of a man, he acts no more than Santa Claus. The real man sacrifices everything for a single smile from his wife.

Your happiness means a lot to him. He won’t give up if it means changing his plans just for your happiness.

Relationship comes first for a man. And he loves to stick to relationship goals romantically.

8 Behaviors Men Show When They’re With Their True Love

3. He loves the way he looks

To him, you and your soul matter more than your skin. Yes sure. Haven’t you tried to change something about her ever? To impress each other with your look. But as soon as we got closer to each other, we realized that the relationship became our priority. Not the skin.

In the case of men. He became more serious about TRUE LOVE. And not the attitude of exhibitionism.

Below are more tips on 8 behaviors men show when they are truly in love.

4. He’s proud to have you

A true and loyal man will never hesitate. To express his feeling of pride for you. He will love to speak publicly about you.

And I also love praising the real you, your habit. Your man would love to be a part of your success and failure.

Your happy loving life is a priority. If he’s proud to have you. Great, you’re a lucky girl then. Celebrate the romantic love of love life.

5. He wouldn’t be afraid to fight for you

A perfect man would never allow his wife to be sad, uncomfortable, or in pain. He wouldn’t mind fighting for her love. Your womanly smile and comfort become his first priority.

6. He wouldn’t mind fighting you

Fight between a couple is a Universal Truth. No loving couple on earth goes through life without fighting. In fact, love remains in the fight. But when it comes to saving the relationship. The man wasn’t going to fight to be afraid of his sweetheart.

He will start fighting not to lose you. But his fight means a purpose. Purpose not to lose your girl. And to save the relationship. But not to hurt your dear doll.

Initially, a man starts arguing, then he gets angry about it. Finally, he took the initiative to comfort his wife.

He wipes her tear. Give him a deep hug. And this is the sign of TRUE LOVE.

7. He treats your family and friends well.

If he treats your family and friends as his own. It means that you and things related to your matter to him. For him, you are his priority. In fact, his family and friends also mean a lot to him.

If your happiness is in your friends and family. And he keeps his happiness first. So never try to leave that kind of man ever.

8. He wants to touch or hug you

Not all physical touch means intimate relationships or physical. Sometimes when men are in love with you, he wants to get closer to you. Although he is afraid to confess his TRUE FEELING OF LOVE for you.

But he wants to express it by doing. For example, he puts his hand on your shoulder or can hold your hand on the road as he walks. Or he might try to hug you when you’re sad. And sometimes he tries to wipe away your tears.

Congratulations girl! He really loves you. This TRUE LOVE BEHAVIOR is enough to understand his romantic feelings.

9. He knows your favorite choice

He knows you like coffee and not tea, your favorite color is red, not green. He remembers that you like Hollywood movies more than Bollywood. If he remembers your taste, wow. It is enough to express true love.

10. He wants to talk to you more and more

When a man started to feel romantic about you. It’s up for him to stay away from you. He loves hearing your voice over and over again. That’s why now he started calling you more often.

And does he sometimes call you to know if you got home safely or not? But you two forget to put off calls. Sweet lady this is true love.


For men, true love means taking care of your girl’s emotions, feelings, and time. He respects you, your choice, your hobbies, and everything related to you. The man suddenly likes to talk to you all the time. He calls you to know all the details like whether you got home or not, if your health is good or not.

All that he does shows the behavior of the true love of men. Generally, men are not expressive and open by nature. That’s why sometimes it becomes difficult for women to know the behavior of true love. But men believe in actions, which is why men show love in action.