How To Make Your Ex Go Crazy To Get Back With You: 5 Steps!

So you want to know how to make your ex go crazy to get back?

You’ve been in relationships when you knew the other person wasn’t right for you, but every now and then, you leave them and realize you’ve made a huge mistake.

Alternatively, your ex may have left you, but you are confident that you still have a chance to have a happy life together.

While there are no promises that your ex is on the same page as you, there are a few things you can do to get your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend back.

You may have done everything you could to get your ex back, but chances are you did it the wrong way, as most people do when they’re desperate and emotional.

Despite why the breakup is important, just about anyone can get their ex-girlfriend or boyfriend back permanently.

It’s just a matter of being persistent – ​​but not needy or obsessive while pushing the right buttons at the same time.


Steps you can take and things to say to make your ex want to get back together

1. Give him space

Yes, you are looking for a way to win your ex back, not push him further.

But if you want to win him back, you must give distance and time for an examination of conscience. Calling him nonstop, begging for his return, crying on the phone and all the other things we do when we hurt him is a big turnoff.

If your ex broke up with you, it’s much more unpleasant. They are clearly looking for a break from their relationship. So it’s not a good idea to text and call all the time to maintain your self-respect.

Also, giving your ex some time and space also allow you to reflect on the relationship. It also allows your ex to miss you for a longer period of time as he doesn’t miss someone who won’t leave you alone.

Also, taking a step back and leaving them alone can give the impression that they are missing you. At this point, they can start to remember the positive aspects of their relationship.

And while you’re probably reading this because you’re convinced your ex is the one, chances are they aren’t — even if it was a serious relationship.

It might come as a surprise, but giving them time and space can allow you to reflect on the connection – what worked and what didn’t.

So you know you have something worth fighting for if you still miss them.

2. Apply the no contact rule (yes, even on social media)

This one can be difficult, especially if you and your ex were together for a long time before breaking up.

It’s hard to stop talking to someone who’s been by your side for months, if not years. You may have relied on them for emotional support for a long time, and giving up is hard.

This rule goes a step further than the previous one in terms of allowing people the space to reflect.

You can give your ex space and still communicate with him from time to time, but a non-contact time will ensure that you are not reminded of him.

It’s all part of the strategy to get your ex back quickly. 

This rule serves two purposes: it benefits you and your ex.

With this rule in place, you can start focusing on your life without your ex and rebuild yourself, and maybe even avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

It’s painful to lose a decent person and be reminded of them every day when they post on social media.

It also provides an opportunity for your ex to miss you.

If you’ve spent a lot of time with your ex, you may have established a split identity between two people. You may feel uncomfortable, nervous, or empty when you don’t initiate contact. You may even feel as if you have lost your identity as if a piece of yourself has disappeared.

If you want to re-establish a healthy relationship with your ex (which you obviously do), you should avoid making contact with them, but still keep their contact information.

The same can be said for social media. On social media, keep him as a friend, but hide your accounts.

3. Become a person you can be proud of

This is where most people go wrong. If you don’t try to make a constructive change in your life during this time, no contact will be of any help.

Even after a period of no contact, if you want to stay home and be sad for the next month, nothing will change.

Yes, you need to grieve after a breakup and, yes, spend some time alone, grieving and examining if your relationship can be any good.

You must, however, find a balance with the things that bring you joy.

You need to go out and live your life. You must determine what makes you happy and then go after it. You must learn to be okay with your ex’s absence.

4. Make some positive changes to your appearance

Changing your physical appearance for the better will give you a new look. You will feel brand new and you will feel much better too.

And when your ex sees you after the no contact period, he will see a completely different person!

Here are some options for you to consider.

  • Get a new haircut. Just go to a hairdresser and ask about current trends.
  • Brushing your teeth is a must. A charming smile is really attractive.
  • Make the most of your life by getting in the best shape of your life. Go to the gym and exercise. This is also good for your mental health, as exercise generates endorphins, which make you feel good.
  • Buy some new clothes. They will make you feel much better about yourself.

Whatever you do, don’t take any dramatic steps right now.

You don’t want to make major physical changes now that you’ll regret later in life (like getting a tattoo of a broken heart).

5. Make some positive changes in your mindset

When it comes to getting your ex back, being happy and confident is perhaps the most significant factor.

You must understand that satisfaction and self-confidence are something you can get by working on yourself.

Here are a few more suggestions to help you gain more self-confidence and become a happier person.

Allow yourself to suffer for a while

We understand how difficult it is to be happy after a breakup.

This time is, in a way, necessary for you. Every day, you take some time to grieve. Go ahead and feel sorry for yourself if that’s what you want to do. But be sure to take steps to feel good about yourself.

write a diary

Make a list of your thoughts and feelings.

Writing is therapeutic and will likely help you release all the feelings that are building up inside you. Expressive writing has been found in studies to help regain composure in stressful situations.

Spend time with your family and friends

Spend time with the people you care about. Your friends and family are the ones who are always willing to help you and enjoy spending time with you. Go out with them and have fun.

Make an effort to meditate

Be alert around you and try to recognize your flaws and talents.

You must be satisfied with yourself and take care of your own well-being. Accept yourself for who you are and don’t try to change. This is the essence of self-confidence.

Lack (which is quite ugly) comes from doubt. Trust, on the other hand, comes from self-awareness and acceptance. 

Make plans for a date

Go out on a few dates before breaking off all contact with your ex.

It’s critical that you gain some perspective now, and meeting new people is the best way to do that, as well as allowing you to gain more perspective on your past relationship.

Whatever you do, DO NOT contact your ex’s friends or family, also do not try to get information about your ex from mutual friends.

If they are unable to speak directly with their ex, many people fall into the trap of contacting their ex’s loved ones.

90% of the time, this does nothing but adds more fuel to the fire. You will simply piss off your ex and seem even more desperate for his attention, which is the last thing you want to do right now.

You will usually get a brief reaction from your ex if you do this; they will likely respond with an angry message asking you to “stop contacting my friend/sister/coworker etc.”

Keep a level mind and be strategic.

The only time it is appropriate to contact an ex’s family is if there is a real emergency that needs to be reported. You might be wasting your time if you tried to get their attention using your loved ones.

Ask yourself the right questions

It’s critical that you maintain some perspective throughout the process of getting back together with an ex.

You’ll need to get inside your ex’s head to find out what he’s thinking at any given moment, as well as try to figure out what went wrong and prepare properly every step of the way.

This applies to your previous relationship during any disputes or issues you may have had, as well as moving forward while trying to win their love back.

This can help you understand why the two of you felt a certain way about the main situations that caused your relationship to strain.

You will be in the best possible position to understand what went wrong and what your ex’s true and hidden expectations are if you consider your ex’s romantic past, childhood, upbringing, worries, insecurities, desires, and aspirations. , even if they can’t express it themselves!

Be self-critical

It can be hard to admit that we made a mistake or that we could have done better.

When you engage in this process, your ego takes a hit and you may feel worse before you feel better.

But reuniting with an ex will require putting your pride aside and determining exactly where you went wrong and what made him act the way he did.

The scariest thing is knowing that you have deeper difficulties that go beyond your previous relationship. You may not know where to start in trying to deal with these concerns, and you may quickly feel overwhelmed or helpless.

But don’t give in to your worries; instead, encourage yourself to address these concerns.

Once you start this process and begin to discover exactly what has been holding you back – you will feel incredibly empowered and it is a huge step towards self-improvement.

There are a number of great tools available, including books, videos, and experts like us, that can help you overcome certain profound challenges.

Were you very needy?

When you set a goal to get back with an ex, it’s critical to understand where things went wrong!

Being overly clingy is the most common mistake people make that leads to a breakup.

You are so in love with the person you are with that you lose control of your emotions and become emotionally dependent on them.

In other words, you need their attention and approval to be happy or satisfied on a daily basis.

Is it true that you have completely abandoned your social life? You don’t socialize with your friends anymore? Have you found yourself continually asking your ex for time to do specific activities together instead of alone? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you were probably very needy.

Your ex has started to feel like you are becoming a burden instead of appreciating your efforts to connect and the sacrifices you’ve made. Also, you were no longer a source of challenge to them and you began to feel unappreciated and even disposable in their eyes.

Were you too far away?

Some people are at the opposite extreme.

Their mistake wasn’t that you were too needy, it was that you completely ignored your ex and your romantic relationship.

You may have invested all your energy in your career or just be overwhelmed; you may have spent a lot of time with friends or devoted most of your energy and time to a hobby or interest.

Whatever the circumstances, you clearly didn’t give your ex the attention and care they demanded and deserved.

You’ll be better able to understand what you need to do to prove to your ex that you’ve changed after identifying the problem that caused him to lose faith in your ability to make you happy.

Remember that getting back with an ex can take time, depending on how bad things went between you and your ex, how the breakup happened, or whether you made big mistakes (like begging, crying, etc.) – in hopes of getting back together quickly!

Recover your self-esteem

Even extremely strong men and women lose all their self-esteem after a breakup.

It’s hard to deal with the disappointment of being rejected by someone you love and care about. Your whole world can be destroyed in some circumstances, especially after years of marriage, and you have to pick up the pieces.

So whenever you think, “I want my ex back because he’s the most amazing person in the world and probably my soulmate,” remember that you are amazing too!

If your ex fell in love with you for the first time, if you managed to inspire and attract him, it suggests that you have a lot to give.

Keep this in mind as you pursue your goal!

You, too, deserve to be appreciated, and it’s critical to spend lots of time with people you love and trust, and who love you back, in order to restore some comfort and security in the days and weeks following a breakup.

Be prepared to change

If you’re not willing to stretch your comfort zone and make positive progress, you won’t be able to reach your goal of being with the one you love.

It may seem obvious, but many people want to rekindle their relationship with someone they care about, doing little to improve some of their undesirable habits or behaviors.

If you haven’t resolved some of the problem behaviors from your previous relationship and why the relationship ended, there are usually no magic tricks or quick fixes that can bring the person you love back into your life.

So whenever you feel like you want to reignite things, ask yourself if you’re willing to change or evolve in a positive way to make your ex want to be with you again.

Anything is possible if you are willing to venture outside your comfort zone and, in some cases, revisit some of your thoughts or preconceived opinions about yourself and your ex.

Also, sometimes even having a serious conversation with a mental health professional can allow you to gain more clarity about your romantic relationships.

What if they left you for someone else?

Even if your ex dumped you for someone else, there are still ways to get him back!

In these situations, getting your ex back is obviously more difficult, but not impossible.

Your ability to manage your emotions is going to be one of the deciding factors. The thought of knowing that the person you love is in someone else’s arms can drive you crazy; so it’s going to be even harder than you expect.

While you’re talking to your ex, when you’re on social media (for your own sake and sanity), and even when friends and family try to bring up the fact that your ex is seeing someone else, you’re going to have to act like if that other person does not exist.

Talking about your new boyfriend or girlfriend is not going to bring you anything positive.

Instead, spend your efforts on slowly re-establishing contact with your ex.

You will need to be patient and resilient during this process if you want to get back with the person you love – the Ex Factor Guide can help with this too.

The goal will be to gradually demonstrate to your ex that you are better equipped than anyone else to make him happy.

When you’re around your ex, try to be positive and capitalize on the fact that you have a shared history: comedy, jokes about your time together, or even small talk can help you make your ex feel comfortable and want to pass. time with you.

Time will really work in your favor because chances are your ex’s new partner is nothing more than a hobby relationship; Over time, your ex will realize that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence and that you weren’t the root of his misery!

How to win back your ex? – Bottom line

The fact that you and your ex were once together is enough to indicate that you both find yourself attractive as partners and that it could happen again.

It’s also worth noting that while you may believe your ex has moved on and is ready to start a long-term relationship with someone else, it’s not only a possibility but also likely that he has strong feelings about reconnecting with you. you.

Many people hide their true feelings to avoid being exposed.

You can certainly put yourself in a wonderful position to get back together with your ex if you can be patient and smart enough to apply the proper methods and push the right buttons.

Good luck!