How to Make Him Miss Me Over Whatsapp? A Step-by-Step Guide!

If you’re on this page it’s probably because you want to know how you can make a man miss you over WhatsApp.

You may have tried many things and none of them worked.

The good news is that this is exactly what we are going to talk about here today.

How to make a man miss you on Whatsapp?

You’ve probably already been through this.. you start sending him messages on Whatsapp, and at first, he even answers you and gives you attention..

But as time goes by he seems to be more and more disinterested, and seems to no longer miss you…

What few women know is that it is possible to make him miss you by following some valuable tips:

1. Leave the Last seen active: 

There’s nothing more unpleasant than knowing that the person you’re so interested in received, opened, and read your message, but didn’t return. 

Do that and I’m sure he’ll spend all day wondering why you’re being so indifferent to him.

2. Post something on WhatsApp status that shows you are happy:

You can share images where you show yourself to be happy with life, images that show that you are doing very well without his company.

Just don’t overdo it too much, as he’ll notice that you’re doing this with the intention of making him notice. 

A few times a day is more than enough. 

3. Take longer to respond to him

It may seem like the hardest thing in the world at first, as you will want to respond to everything he says to you, however, if your goal is for him to miss you, it’s best to take the time to let him see that you don’t. is available to him at all times.

Men especially love independent women, who pose a challenge to them.

4. Do not message

This is one of the most used. Remember that those who are always there are not as valuable as when they are not. 

This is a law of life, everything that is scarce has more value. If you text him all the time, it will probably become something trivial and of lesser value.

As you may have seen in our article on man missing absence, it has been proven that if you are off his radar for a while you will attract much more of his desire to be around.

5. Show he’s not the only one in line

In a more extreme case, you can try to make him jealous.

And the simplest way to do it on WhatsApp is to post a status with a friend WhatsApp, showing how close you are to that friend. 

Most men always want what they can’t have and when they realize they’re not the only one in line then they’ll start to miss you like crazy and pay more attention to you.

6. Go Online

Rest assured, nothing will bother him more than knowing that you are online and not talking to him. I’m sure that in doing so he will set aside his pride to take the initiative and seek you out.

Keep in mind that, as I said earlier, they tend to lose interest in the women who are available to them all the time. So to make him miss you on WhatsApp, you need to reduce your messages to him. Once you stop doing that, he’ll wonder what’s going on and then he’ll be the one to send you the messages more often.


Men are complicated beings. If you really want to make him miss you over WhatsApp then you need to start making yourself a little difficult for him. 

Start giving ice little by little, letting him know he’s losing you.

If you are very nice, text him every day, talk to him directly, are overly affectionate, then stop it right now, this could probably be distancing him from you.