How to Make a Man Fall in Love on First Date: 15 Secrets!

Whoops! You’re finally going to date him!

If the idea of ​​going out with him for the first time is making your stomach churn with happiness and anxiety at the same time, you’re not alone.

It’s perfectly normal to feel that way.

After all, if you don’t shine on the first date, you can kiss your chances of dating him goodbye again.

And that last thought can give anyone sleepless nights and nights!

But luckily, you came here. And girl, don’t worry. We are with you!

So if you’re ready to make him fall in love with you on the first date…

Here are 15 tips that will make him want a second date with you like crazy.

1. Dress to impress, but leave something to your imagination

First, what you wear is critical. Because? Because we can say “don’t judge a book by its cover” all we want, but it’s a natural human tendency to do just that. So you need to manipulate the game to your advantage by dressing the right way.

So, here are some tips when it comes to dressing well for the first date.

2. You need to find the perfect balance between sweet and daring in your outfit.

That means your outfit should make you look like a woman of worth, even if you hint that there’s a lot he can find out. You got it?

It’s all about letting your imagination do most of the work for you.

Number two: highlight your best features and hide the ones that aren’t your favorites. So if you have toned legs that seem to last for miles, wear something that makes you stand out, like high-waisted shorts or tights over a more modest top. And if you don’t like your wide hips, wear dark pants with a fancy top so you can draw attention up and balance out your figure.

And number three: use what you can confidently carry.

3. Skip the coffee or dinner date and do a fun activity together instead

And skip the bar too for good measure.

Trust us on this one: Dinner and coffee are clichés, and bars are the worst. Here’s why:

First of all, first dates are always a little awkward. And you can’t help it. You’re dating someone who’s still practically a stranger.

So when you choose to meet for coffee or dinner where the two of you are facing each other, it can feel less like a romantic outing and more like an awkward interview.

Second, these dating destinations are so over-the-top that the one who suggests immediately stands out as a person with zero imagination. So if he suggests that you two meet up in that “cozy, perfect place he knows,” counter with a better idea, like a trip to the carnival, a museum, or even a paintball arena! Anything but a cafe, restaurant or bar.

In fact, while we’re at it, cross cinema off the list of potential first date destinations as well. This is best for the third or fourth date, when you feel more comfortable reaching out and lacing your fingers through his.

4. Wear a good perfume… but don’t overdo it

Here’s a secret: your scent on the first date can make a lasting impression on his mind as much as your appearance.

For better or for worse.

Because? Because your scent immediately generates a response from him.

It has to do with the fact that our sense of smell is connected to the memory center of our brain, and that’s why certain smells make us think highly of someone, while others leave us with a bad taste in our mouths.

And while there’s a small possibility that the sweet scent you love could end up choking him (because the jasmine scent reminds him of his nasty aunt), it’s always good to go on your first date with some heavenly scent spritzed over you.

It’s all about engaging all your senses. (We’ll get to the remaining three shortly.) Just make sure you don’t make a perfume faux pas while you’re at it.

Do something like spray so much perfume he can’t be around without gasping for air. Believe us, too much of a good thing is bad.

5. Give him a friendly hug when you meet

Now that we’ve gotten some of the preliminary tips out of the way, here’s a super important one: hug him when the two of you meet.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a sweet full hug or a fun side hug, just think of it as a social courtesy and do it. Trust us, this will ease the awkwardness between the two of you right away. It’s the perfect icebreaker.

Also, hugging him once will make the two of you more comfortable to reach out and touch each other during the date, like touching his arm when laughing at his jokes or holding hands when crossing the street. Nothing stimulates attraction more than touch.

Trust us, he’s just as excited about your date as you are, and this gesture will instantly warm him up to you. And then again, who doesn’t like hugs?

Just remember: when you hug him at the beginning of your date, do it casually and naturally. Don’t linger like an idiot or give a cold, formal hug. The latter can amplify the awkwardness between the two of you and make it very difficult to break the ice later on.

6. Keep in mind a list of fun questions to ask

Before you dismiss that tip and say that preparing a set of questions to ask him would take the spontaneity out of your first date, think about someone in your circle of friends who is absolutely natural at dancing and someone who has two left feet.

The former is really good at dancing improvised rhythms because he has been practicing a lot of moves since he was young and they never lose their steps even when the music is unfamiliar. The latter has never learned any steps and therefore freezes when you ask him to dance. The same goes with dating.

People who seem to know how to charm just about anyone on this planet (and go on dates more than you) already know the ropes of dating, so they never find themselves stuck in awkward silence or not knowing what to do.

They are spontaneous because they never run out of ideas.

That’s why preparing a set of fun questions the night before your date is a good thing. They will make you look smart, fun and cool to go out with your boyfriend. Plus, they’re the perfect way to show your personality, keep the conversation flowing, and judge whether or not the two of you are compatible.

7. Don’t sit facing him.

We touched on this topic lightly when we discussed why you shouldn’t go out for coffee or dinner, but it bears repeating because sometimes you might not have the luxury of a fun first date all the time.

So if you can’t escape the boring restaurant date, be sure to choose a seat that puts the two of you side by side or right next to each other at the table. Here’s why:

Number one: sitting across from each other feels distant and makes the two of you distant. It’s a perfect position if you want to make your date weirder than it already is.

Number two: when you sit next to each other, instead you give yourself the freedom to look around you or other people every now and then when there is a pause in your conversation.

Trust us, it’s a nightmare when you’re sitting opposite each other and suddenly find yourself in the midst of awkward silence, with no discreet way to take your eyes off each other!

And number three: it’s cozier when you sit next to each other. You can speak quietly, look each other in the eye better, and find the perfect excuse to fiddle with each other’s fingers or gently tap your knees under the table.

Remember to hug him when you meet him. This will make your seat choice feel more natural and not like an intrusion into your personal space.

8. Be confident and adapt if something goes wrong during your date

You cannot guarantee anything in life. So be prepared in case things go wrong during your date.

And by wrong we don’t mean that he shows up half an hour late (never wait that long, regardless of your excuses) or shows up unwashed, scruffy and poorly dressed (never date someone who’s clearly not making an effort to impress you).

By wrong, we mean accidentally dropping a glass of water on the table and your clothes, or discovering that the art gallery unexpectedly closed that day.

Because when that happens, it can really reveal the ugliest side of us, like the girl who can’t stop apologizing for the next half hour or the girl who breaks down in a crisis situation. And that’s the least attractive thing ever.

Instead, stay calm and confident when things don’t go as planned, especially if one of you ends up spraining your ankle or getting a paper cut. That way, you can adapt quickly and behave like an adult who can handle life.

And there is nothing more attractive than someone who manages to control himself with grace and efficiency when things go wrong.

Believe me, no one wants to date a helpless child trapped in an adult’s body.

9. Share some personal stories, but don’t share too much!

Know someone who can captivate an entire meeting with a story from their life? From the words they choose to the way they articulate their story to the tone, inflection and rhythm of their delivery, they have the ability to leave everyone else in shock, reeling in pain and smiling in triumph. And these people are the most attractive and unforgettable of them all.

That’s what you’re looking for when you go on your first date.

So do your homework and choose the stories from your life that you tell the most and impress him on the first date. In fact, you can prepare your questions so that the conversation naturally opens up the perfect opportunity to share a personal story.

For example, you could ask him if he likes to travel and then ask him the best human story he heard on one of his trips if he says yes. You can then share a hilarious family travel story and make the conversation richer.

If you resist trying this tip because you know you’re not a good storyteller, then good choice. But now that you know how powerful storytelling can be to delight people and create attraction, why not learn how to do it from somewhere?

Trust us, no one is a born storyteller.

10. Say “I bet it would be a lot of fun to go to […] with”

Here’s a scenario: the two of you are having a great time on your first date. You went to a “blind date with a book” event where you talked about your favorite books and bought “blind dates” in a brown paper package. And now you’ve suddenly discovered that you two are Harry Potter nerds, even the house you were sorted into on Pottermore (which is Gryffindor). Then you scream in excitement, “Oh my God, I bet it would be so much fun to go to the thirsty muggle.”

“What is the thirsty Muggle?” he asks you.

“It’s an amazing Harry Potter themed bar that I went to with my friends two months ago. They serve the best butterbeer in the world!” you answer. “Not that I’ve tried the Three Broomsticks.”

You both laugh at this and he immediately makes plans with you to meet next week for a drink at the thirsty Muggle.

bam! Because that’s the point of this catchphrase: greeting him and then subtly planting the idea of ​​a second date.

The great thing about this phrase is that you can insert it into almost any conversation. You just need to be quick on your toes when you get an opening for it.

11. Offer to pay, but don’t force him if he insists on taking the bill

Here’s the thing, ladies: allowing someone to open the door for you or pay the bill after a date doesn’t mean you’re weak.

No one in the world can make you feel weak if you know deep down in your heart that you are a strong, independent woman.

So if he insists on paying even though you say you want to split the bill, don’t force him to split it. Believe us, ever since the feminist movement fought and won for women the right to vote, work and be equal with men in all walks of life (though not in all parts of the world), men are finding it difficult to navigate. in the realm of dating and relationships as much as women. So let him foot the bill if he thinks that’s what a gentlemanly man does to treat his lady well. (Is that you!)

Getting defensive and saying you can pay your own bill will only sour the atmosphere between the two of you and make him wonder if you’re always so hostile and sensitive. And that can make him rethink all night, even if it was amazing, until the bill comes up.

12. Keep it short and sweet

Keep your date short and sweet is the most important tip when it comes to first dates. Because? Let us share it for you.

First of all, the two of you are practically strangers, so you are bound to feel some awkwardness on your first date. And if there’s anything about awkwardness, it’s that it tends to grow the longer you’re with someone.

Trust us, you don’t want to start your date on a high note and suddenly realize, after a few hours, that the frequency of awkward silences between the two of you has increased, as has the duration of each.

That, my friend, is the beginning of the end.

Second, until your date, the two of you have just texted each other on the phone or maybe chatted a bit, so you don’t exactly know each other’s likes and dislikes that well. That’s why you should schedule a short first date, say for half an hour or at most an hour, as this gives you the perfect aftermath of a bad date in case you realize you have nothing in common and can’t communicate without hair. least one of the parties gets angry or bored.

So set a time limit before going out with him, saying you have to be somewhere else afterwards. Or have a friend call you after half an hour and give you the perfect excuse to cut the date short if it’s not going well.

13. Try to get there on time

Ladies, whoever said it was fashionable to be late was either a movie star or a socialite. It makes sense for them to make a grand entrance when everyone is already in the room.

Unfortunately, most of us are neither. So respect his time and don’t be late for your first date. This can really sour the mood early on and make him think that if he ends a relationship with you, he’s probably going to have to deal with the behavior of another high-maintenance drama queen. And that immediately takes you off his list of potential girlfriends.

And while you don’t have to present yourself well when the clock strikes (unless you’re already a punctual person), make sure you’re not more than ten minutes late. Because if the roles were reversed, you wouldn’t wait for him if he was late on his first date.

Trust us, no one likes to feel like they’ve taken a beating. Because that’s exactly how you feel while you wait until you finally see him.

So if you know it takes two hours to get ready and you’ll probably need another half hour to get to the meeting place, keep some time available and start getting dressed early.

14. Keep your phone in your bag

You might be addicted to the phone and can’t bear to be away from him for even a second, but please don’t take him off when you’re on the first date. Let us explain.

First of all, we all have that friend who keeps texting someone, even when we’re talking or going out at night.

It instantly makes us feel less important, like if that friend could choose between you and the one he’s sending, he would choose the other person.

And nobody likes to feel spare. Not in friendship and definitely not on a date.

So keep your phone away…unless you get an emergency call from someone.

Second, research has shown that cell phones detract from the quality of a real-life conversation when not in use, but they are in plain sight, even if they are turned upside down. It’s a psychological thing that you know the other person is itching for you to go to the bathroom just so they can check the messages they’ve received. And while there’s a good chance you’re not eager to check your phone, you’re still going to end up giving him that impression on your date.

So keep your phone in your bag throughout the entire date. Trust us. The quality of your conversation will skyrocket because of this.

15. End the date on a high

Do you know why so many professional sports players and stars choose to retire when they are at the height of their careers? It’s because when they come out on a high, they guarantee that the public will always remember them with ardent adoration.

You need to employ the same tactic on your first date if you want him to look forward to meeting you again for a second date.

The best part is, keeping your date short and sweet gives you just the right amount of time to charm him out of your mind and then come out on a high note while your brain is just bubbling up those love chemicals. . This will make him immediately ask you to stay a little longer. After all, he doesn’t want the good times to end.

But you have to be firm (and sweet) and walk away, even if all you want to do is stay. Trust us, he won’t be able to stop thinking about you.

In fact, don’t be surprised if he calls you soon and says he loved your date and would like to know if you’d like to see us again someday. When that happens, make plans, but don’t keep texting him for too long after that. This will defeat the purpose of leaving on a high note.